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UK.gov admits it was slow to intervene in Verify's abject failure to meet user targets


Re: Pushing the boulder up the hill

I think Labour tried to push ID cards also during the Blair era, but that also failed, I think generally both Labour and Conservatives weren't to be trusted.

AMD, Intel hate Nvidia so much they're building a laptop chip to spite it


Nvidia got the best console in the Nintendo Switch

In the end Nvidia was able to quickly take some of the console market away from AMD who were in all the consoles, and Nvidia were focusing on portable gaming with their shield and Nintendo's Switch which probably have higher margins. AMD currently are used by XBox and PlayStation, so it makes sense for AMD to fight them on have APUs, but I guess Intel wanted some action too since they missed out on console market due to their GPUs sucking, but maybe AMD needed the money and Intel the expertise.

Forget One Windows, Microsoft says it's time to modernize your apps


Re: Modernise apps?

"Programmers and admins are luddites?"

I didn't mean to generalise, but I do think as a developer sometimes things were better in command line, but since I was brought up on Windows 3.11 I knew many people using GUIs who otherwise couldn't use computers. I generally feel that Microsoft made a mistake pandering to the tastes of old users when being able to train a newer set of users would be a big deal. I got used to Windows 8 fairly quickly and actually preferred it to Windows 10 and Windows 7, because it was easier to layout items in 2 dimensions than in folder layout, compared to Windows 7 and below where you could have unlimited folders, it felt like it wasn't organised.

"How are Windows 10 and 8.1 closer to how mobile phones work?"

Windows 10 is not closer to how mobile phones work, but Windows 8/8.1 is because it behave based on swipes for right side bar, menu bars will bring up a fresh screen of icons in full screen mode. Yes I know that people who have really short memories felt that they cannot do two things at once such as remember what was previously on screen whilst searching for something in "Start" on Windows 8 but I felt that was a good thing, since it meant I wasn't constantly being distracted and also meant I had to think like I would in command line and actually remember things. In iOS, Android, Blackberry, Palm, Nintendo DS/3DS/Wii/Wii U/Switch, Nokia Symbian/Maemo, Sony Playstation, Xbox, and Android you always see a full screen of icons. Only OSX, OS/2, Windows and Linux have non full screen use, I would hope people could learn to use many different systems, but in real life most people like to have consistency among their system. Makes it easier when I have to teach my mum how to use Windows when they are already used to how iOS/Windows/Android works. As I said previously if you really wanted a custom environment Linux is much better for this.

I know i'm in the minority but that minority can grow to a majority if Microsoft had the balls to see it through. I still like going into Linux/Dos command line as I can do file manipulation much easier and faster.

I agree having an inconsistent look to apps is bad, but do you think Android was able to force older apps to use the new design aesthetics, nope they just said if you can't get up to a certain version, you just can't use the app. Microsoft doesn't have the same luxury as they aren't hip like Apple and Android and also seeing how all the other OS like Nokia, Blackberry and Palm not being backwards compatible basically meant the older user base had no reason to upgrade to the next phone since all their existing apps weren't compatible, regardless of how much better the newer operating system was compared to other systems. I am a self confessed luddite, I still use a Blackberry and Windows. But I also had used iOS, OSX, Linux, Maemo, Symbian, Nintendo, Playstation and Xbox operating system, and there seems to be a trend towards have more simpler interfaces.

"that confused a lot of people who were adept with Windows 7 and their mobile phone"

You're just being elitist by keeping people who are adept with the old system. The less time I need to train other people because the operating system gets in the way the better it is to focus on the task at hand, which is why most games run full screen and remove all that OS chrome. Windows 8 was removing more and more chrome but I guess people are happy to keep the status quo. Whether you like it or not more and more computers will be touch based, even toddler know how to work their way around a tablet but would require lots more training to learn how to operate traditional desktop environment.

Try writing a program with Windows forms and another with XAML, XAML is far more easier to read and is more flexible.


Re: Modernise apps?

I think part of the issue is that Windows forms however great it was, was developed decades ago. It wasn't designed with hi resolution, designers or modern hardware. They have probably baked in hundreds of fixes which make things run slower than they could have. Many people complain why windows uses more resources and one part is that without rewriting windows forms all over and somehow making it compatible with all the business software written ever from Windows 95 onwards (over 20 years).

So the new system was designed to have a clean break yet still have backwards compatibility with the old system. They can not go fully with no backwards compatibility, just look at what happened to BB10, Palm Pre, Windows Phone OS. And they can't go the Apple iOS route of slowly yet surely killing off apps which aren't compatible.

Generally if you want to write windows forms it's much more difficult to write as XAML is much more easier to read, especially if you know how to read HTML .There's a reason why Windows form apps look mostly the same, and that's because it's really difficult to customize, but because it is the most compatible with Windows 7, we'll probably see it being used for a little longer.

Many older programmers and admins were just fine with the command line, but when GUIs became a thing many luddites hated it with a passion. And the hate was mainly because it was slower, which was true but it was much easier for people who weren't used to command line. Just because it doesn't match your tastes doesn't mean that other people liked it, I think if this matters so much to people, they should just move to Linux as it was designed for customisation. I know a few people new to computers who find Windows 8/8.1 far easier to use than Windows 7/10 since it is closer to how mobile phones work, but that could just be my sample.

BlackBerry's comeback: El Reg gets its claws on the QWERTY KEYone


Re: New internet law needed...

The reason the phone market has zero acceptance, is due to risk management. Since all companies are publicly owned they rely on funds from shareholders. If they take too many risks then shareholders will leave as many are risk adverse. The markets have created echo chambers where companies are seen to be better if you slowly trudge along, than risk going for first but ending up last. Generally all these companies are at fault for putting the same phone in front of the public.

Capitalist societies tend to duopolies for this reason, but the reason Hi-Fi companies still exist is because these companies are being run by families and partnerships and not by public shareholders who are willing to develop quality goods for discerning buyers, however when they sell them they have to sell it at a premium as they won't sell at the same quantities in order for them to re-invest for the next big research into the next project. Many people today though don't like paying over the odds because they love following the market leader because it's a safe choice which allows them to charge less than their competitors or similar to their competitors since they can win on revenue.

So as phone development becomes cheaper I presume there will be smaller companies ready to hold the flag for building new phones with more interesting features other than a touch screen. My main worry is that someone will buy all the patents and people will need to wait for those patents to run out before these companies can start to make these new phones. So we might need to wait another decade or two before these new companies are able to start building the next generation of phones from niche companies. I know my mum would love a high quality flip phone as she just wants a simple phone which won't create a hundred miscalls from her pocket, there are a few people selling them but not at the same quality.

Blackberry beats the vendors it trails, finishes Quadrooter patches


Re: You listening

The only way they'll listen is if people stop buying Samsung and start buying BlackBerry, else they won't bat an eyelid.

Air gap breached by disk drive noise


The point of funding this, is so you can build it in on the point of manufacture, so now as well as all of the above said individuals will need to screen hardware or build it themselves.

Get ready for Google's proprietary Android. It's coming – analyst


Re: Bit worrying if its true

They did bring balance to the force but like the Jedi false reasoning, balance usually implies a equal amounts. And based on the films the Jedi outnumbered the Sith by a large margin so Darth Vader balanced it by killing all the Jedi, until there was an equal amount of Sith and Jedi. In terms the number of Windows devices to Non-Window devices are much more balanced so not sure why complain about balance. Balance != Justice and sometimes anarchy is just better than organisation, however Google have opted for the latter, but like Microsoft they started off as the former.

'To read this page, please turn off your ad blocker...'


Adverts pay for the content, people do not like the content enough to watch the ads, but are willing to the content for free. What it boils down to is that pirates want it all, they want to see the content without paying for it and expect more to content to be created by being subsidized by other users willing to watch the ads.

But as revenues fall, the amount of time and money each person is willing to put into an article decreases, thus creating the cycle of crappy content because the amount of capital used to research is reduced, making the content crappy. People complain why they should pay for content if it is this crappy, so they install ad blockers, which is how this cycle begins.

In my opinion we are spending way too much time on websites if we have to resort to ad blockers, and find time for hobbies (unless your only hobby is to continually watch TV, go on websites) which do not require watching ads. A few seconds of my life is okay because I have more interesting things to do with my life, if the websites have too many ads I just don't go to those websites anymore, as usually the more invasive ads, usually has the least capital and the most likely re-syndicated content.

The best way to punish websites which have invasive ads is to go elsewhere, they will either notice and change their ways or die off, but by using these ad blockers and continually going to their websites means they can show off to the ad companies that they are still popular enough to keep using these bad ads and thus penalising the users who are subsidizing the pirates.

'Fix these Windows 10 Horrors': Readers turn their guns on Redmond


Re: My car gets maintained for a fee.

Maintenance is one thing but cars do become discontinued and unless there are lots of third party parts then the cost of maintenance tends to go up as the car ages. Same thing with operating systems, as the software gets older you need more legacy programmers to deal with the changes and as they become more and more rare they also increase in cost.

So if Windows was on a sliding scale of higher maintenance fees after the initial 10 year support, I'm not sure everyone would pay as we're now in a world where we expect everything to be free or set price per product. The other issue is trying to make everything backward compatible and the large amounts of fragmentation means developing applications becomes painful and sometimes impossible.

Because Apple make money off hardware they factor that into the cost of their higher priced machines, but software companies just can't do this. And Apple are far worse than Windows at discontinuing operating systems, but the majority of their users don't mind change even when they take features away.

Linux makes more sense for the car analogy as it is open source and different parts can be used, you can hire a third party to maintain it. However the problem is only companies will ask for maintenance, there aren't many normal users who will pay for maintenance, as most will be developers, tinkerers or just use it for the internet, so they will do it themselves or do nothing depending on their needs. But that means there is less help for the common man who wants help with something as most Linux users will assume the user who installed Linux knows how run console command lines or install apps from the web. I guess Ubuntu tries to keep things as simple as possible, but phone support is paid for or the user has to scour the forums which a normal user wouldn't do, whereas most people know how to use Windows (which also includes phone support) or can visit an Apple store for help.

End of story, learn what is ideal for your situation, don't expect technology to wait for you (Windows/Apple/Android) unless you are willing to put the work in to maintain your own system (Linux). Vintage cars are nice but there's a reason why there aren't many left today.

Pray for AMD


Re: What if

I wonder what would happen if AMD decided not to accept the settlement and see it until the end. I doubt it would happen as Intel own shares in AMD so wouldn't happen. I see so many settlements for obvious wins, the only time laws change is when they get seen through, settling just means Intel can do it again and settle again, rather than stopping them and making it criminal.

Met Office: 2014 was fifteenth warmest on record


Insulation will keep the heat out in summer and keep the heat in during winter. Insulation is just to slow down the energy transfer, why fried ice cream works is the insulation from the crust.

NO MORE DOUBLE IRISH, thunders Dublin. Erm, from 2020 that is


I reckon it'll be impossible to tax them, so just have no corporation tax at all and charge max VAT with companies operating outside the EU, medium VAT with companies trading in the EU and low VAT for companies in the Country, thus making it more profitable to sell to your main client by operating in the same as country. Of course it might kill all the Indian call centres. Rules for operating in the country are 33% of all employees including contracted and temps. This should increase the number of jobs in the country for semi skilled, but won't affect the massive companies as much. But for small local companies it should provide a decent advantage and reduce amounts importing foreign goods(which is good and bad).

Course i'm sure they'll be moaners, especially drug traffickers complaining why everything has got expensive. Whereas people with jobs should have much less income tax and so be able to handle the VAT differences. Governments should also hate it as they won't understand how much it will reduce trade but it'll get locals on board and blow up trying to guess what the outcome will be.

Vulture takes BlackBerry's Passport through customs


Are you using it right?

"It's quite handy to tip the device 45 degrees when reading a web page, and use the QWERTY area for scrolling"

Shouldn't that be rotate it by 90 degrees?

Also not sure why the Paratek antenna would change the volume of the phone? Can't you just increase the volume if it sounding a "little quiet", or is the Z30 speaker better quality?

I have the passport myself, I too wish it had the function 4 line of keyboard, but it's still much better than virtual keyboards, as I don't have to keep lifting my fingers off the screen to see the keyboard, or even look at the phone when typing and talking to someone. Took a week but now quite used to the keyboard, I miss inputting numbers via keyboard and the virtual keyboard for that is on the wrong side imo.

Samsung Z Tizen OS mobe is post-phoned – this time for good?


Looks like Google has been putting pressure of Samsung to delay the hell out of Tizen to make it into another Nokia N9 Meego phone, alternatively Google has put another Elop wannabe trojan in charge.

Maplin Electronics sold for £85m to Rutland Partners


Re: I knew that had got expensive... but not THAT expensive!

That's just supply and demand, they probably already sold a ton of VGA cables to free up space, and kept a few for people using old monitors or projectors. You came in the store because you couldn't be asked to wait for delivery for said VGA cable = demand. Next time when stuff goes on clearance sale just buy some spares. To be honest they take too many risks selling so many different items which fail to get sold, which is why their margins are so high. If they sold only stuff that sold they could keep prices down but predicting demand is fairly difficult.

Judge could bin $325m wage-fixing settlement in Silicon Valley


Re: Add another 3 Zero's!!!!!!!

I've never thought it was a good deal, and now that I know most of the money will go to the attorneys, it makes it even worse. I don't think they should even settle, even for another few zeroes as this needs to be put into the public eye and they will obviously lose.

Meaning the lawyers were probably in collusion with the companies, and the only way to stop this happening in the near future, is to follow it to the end. If the companies win(e.g. either win or get less money than settlement), then at least they know where they stand with the companies and will create their own start ups instead of waiting for promotion or change companies.

ROBONAUT to find feet after Monday ISS supply mission


Re: I always wondered why...

Basically a Tachikoma from Ghost in the Shell series

Google Glass will SELF-DESTRUCT if flogged on eBay


Re: Once I've bought it, it's mine.

Actually its more like this

When you buy a car from the manufacturer they take your bank account details, and when you go to get special petrol to use your car you have to pay with said credit card which is linked to your bank account. If you don't use the same bank account then petrol will not be provided.

This does not stop someone from hacking the car engine from using standard petrol which may not be as efficient but still works. Also this does not stop someone from giving the car to another person with the bank account selling the car and also giving the new owner the bank card, however making so many bank accounts will eventually put you into having bad credit, which would probably be the main dissuading practice (but not for the poorest of the poor) of black market resellers.

It's one way of dissuading middle men buying in bulk and selling at greater cost, however it cannot stop the practice, as it just increases the time taken/effort/risk to resell it, a china man living off £1 a week with £1500 savings would probably risk giving someone his Google wallet, with time and effort to sell it at £3000 for instance.

Now Apple wants Samsung S III, Galaxy Notes off the shelves too


Re: Apply this logic to cars

Are you willing to wait ~20 years to compete for every patent? and what do you do with kids who made stuff and have no clue about patent law, all these laws are just to benefit lawyers at the end of the day, doesn't really promote improvement and research, good competition is the best way to improve evolution of anything.

Xperia Play gets UK debut date


Win for gaming

AWSD only works with a full size keyboard, but with a small phone keyboard, where your controlling a game character, you might be mishitting the wrong key as you should be looking at the screen and not the keyboard. Keyboards just suck for simplifying the layout of a system in a hand held.

Nintendo discovered that less is more with their original gameboy systems, directional pad and 2 quality buttons. They could have had more lower quality buttons, but they didn't 2 buttons with high quality micro-switches beneath each key. Thus making it more responsive, i'll take a few more easily distinguished buttons than many indistinguishable keys for playing games.

But for typing i'd prefer a keyboard of course, ideally i'd wish there was a snap on system for different systems or raised buttons to clearly distinguish buttons from each other. I have a Nokia N900, and it has a decent keyboard maybe not good as the blackberry keyboards, but better than most. However playing action oriented games was a pain, I kept miss hitting the wrong key during games, even though i can text fairly competently.

Hopefully some operators can give this phone a low price to make it worth while

Monster iPad Case Test: Folios

Paris Hilton

Tuff-Luv's Bi-Axis?

How come the Tuff-Luv's Bi-Axis isn't there?

I use it daily, works as a stand in portrait and landscape modes and mine has nice green leather material


Microsoft warns over rogue Security Essentials


Re: Bundle it

If they included it then the EU would force them into another ballot box for internet security or charge them for something else.

Ex-AMD exec called own company 'pathetic'


AMD just has really bad marketing

AMD has always had a component to match Intel's at a price point, not everyone buys the top CPU. AMD is only beginning to realise the marketing potential using their dragon and spider branding of system.

The problem really lies with marketting, Intel has their logo, their tune, their men in toxic suits. AMD has had ... their logo? and that's it, they've had sponsorship sure, but sponsors don't really work unless its for gaming, since sports don't really correlate with PCs.

The main issue is Mr Richards and all his marketing and sales has probably sunk the ship by doing near ineffective marketing. If AMD spent more cash into supporting TV adverts and radio adverts like Intel has bombarding geek and non-geek alike with how they're computer is so great then yes, AMD would at least be known as a competitor to Intel, I can ask my mum and she would know that Intel has something to do with computers, the same can't be said of AMD and my parents watch lots of TV.

Now that TV is starting to go out of fashion, and more people are becoming knowledgeable about computers AMD is more widely recognised than before, but it is too late for that. The marketing department at the end of the day is what sells products, how many countless times when companies with sure fire good products get shot down because they didn't market their product effectively, look at sega dreamcast vs sony (sony were just too strong with their marketing muscle), psion, cherry keyboards, olympus, etc. Most of these companies just didn't have the marketing nous or the power, thus relying on simple niche features which aren't provided by the opposition, or lower price points.

With smarter buyers lower price points work, but really how many of these are there really? it is a growing population, but most people will go with tried and tested, for every good ipod there's 100 competitors, there is no real competitor on tv? maybe sony but they had an inferior products and music system, and they marketted too many different products.

At the end of the day it was probably Richard's fault that AMD did so poorly, hardly any coverage of AMD in the UK, maybe a sponsored football game, where you will hardly ever see the bill boards.

Also Richard's an executive of course he wants the latest and greatest, not all of us are so lucky to afford the stuff he can afford. He probably marketted all AMD products at really glitzy events with the people least interested in AMD because they weren't well known and also weren't known to be good

Germans and Swiss snub DAB


@charles 9

Aren't all things Digital "a solution looking for a problem". The thing with digital is to increase quality with in a limited bandwidth. Look at cd players, that was a solution to better quality music, people with tape players thought it was unnecessary and some still use tapes today, but if you can get more consistant quality was the reasoning.

Digital radio is the same in this case, the problem is FM radio makes it more difficult for smaller radio stations to compete as the bandwidth and power needed to produce the same signal is greater than digital. So with DAB you get more channels within the same spectrum delivering more or less very similar consistent quality. Some channels like "absolute radio" and "bbc radio" is good but the rest are very inconsistent.

The main issue here is though DAB standard, unlike america european countries all like to do their own thing, if there is one standard then mass production and risk associated with new devices becomes easier to manage. I have no idea about costs for radio companies, but if radio transmitters can share the bandwidth then DAB can be cost efficient, but like all new technologies new tech costs much more money and also people need to be trained to use new gear whereas i'm sure there are many more competent FM admin people.

New technologies will always come and go, with better codecs all the time, unless you plan to make Digital radios upgradable or backward compatible then your just adding unnecessary complexity, think about all the owners of blu-ray devices that don't work with new systems, yes the ps3 can be upgraded but not everyone can afford that. A standard should stay standard, and any major changes should be done in batches.

If one or two countries decide to go do their own thing that may be their gain (in cost/quality) but also their loss (mass production, cost and compatibility). Of couse the problem with standards is that they restrict innovation, but that is a small cost compared to the risk of the whole idea going to ruin.

Apple ogles location-based iPhone ads

Jobs Horns

Docomo's had this out for years now

Localized ads, the only differences is that the ads paid for local services such local wireless services. Without needing the cost of wifi/wap. This seems almost as similar, other companies have tried and failed, but in japan it has worked and is still thriving as the youth rely so much on their mobiles.


2001 ... but then i guess if intel and dell can screw psion on their trademark i guess apple can probably do so once it becomes "generic" enough.


Dell claims 'fraud' on Psion's netbook claim

Dead Vulture

read the great article on Psion by Reg?

Cos if you did you would know that all the great people from Psion left a long time ago, the strange thing is Psion still own the rights to the machine and no one has offered to buy the rights to their PDA/Netbook patents/license for such a long time.

In my opinion netbook is not generic enough yet, iPod, Hoover and Tomtom is more generic nowadays than netbook, but you don't see those company's losing their rights to the name.

Netbooks just has not been popular enough to become defacto standard yet. I don't understand why it is so difficult for marketting people to just call it a laptop because at the end of the day thats what it is. There is no real difference between laptops of old and these system, with the exception that they are more smaller and don't come with an optical drive. Old laptops didn't even have the same performance of these atom systems. Sony's been building tiny laptops for ages it just was not economically viable to buy them for normal consumers then, but due to price drops and miniturisation and downspecing they become much more viable.

The real reason the so called Netbook is so popular today is not because of the branding of the word netbook to create its own division, but actually good marketting like the beach towl lady and the lower costs and the social aspect of the world to be "online" for as much as possible and also the smaller size making it more stylish. To me its more of a "Lifestyle Laptop" rather than a "Netbook".

I still hope that the Psion crew get back together and bring out a new 5mx or new netbook with an atom cpu and show how a really portable OS should work (instant on, touch screen tabbing, multitasking of the old EPOC OS). I doubt that but I will still be using my 5mx which still remarkably works well with 2 AA batteries running for an entire days usage.

Memo to Microsoft: Enough with the SKUed Windows


Businesses want the business edition

As it forces the users to use it for business only, businesses do not want people to play with their machines and thats why it does not contain the same features, and fun stuff is crippleware even if it has to be installed afterwards.

The consumers real options were home basic, home premium and ultimate. I agree with users that it should really be fewer SKUs, probably three main versions home, business and professional. Where home and business have their own sub set of features and professional combining the both of them.

This way we get two options for consumers (home and professional) and two for business(business and professional). But the main issue is windows ultimate was wildly overpriced for the features it provided if it cost a little more or the same as the business edition people wouldn't have complained as much.

Texting worse for drivers than drink or drugs


Would you admit it?

"Don't believe it? How many road deaths last year were put down to one driver texting and how many were down to one driver being pissed as arseholes?"

How many people would readily admit to crashing due to texting, thats even dumber than texting while driving


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