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VIA spins mini-mobo disk array

Phil Williams

WHS support = win

Forget the datacentre - that VIA have certified this for Windows Home Server is what gets me salivating. It's all about a big ol' home AV installation, with this at the centre. Mmm, rackmount...

Apple more closed than Microsoft

Phil Williams

Measured Response

The problem with stories like these is that it immediately descends into 'for' and 'against'. There's a middle way, you know - see http://www.jigsawnetworking.com/news--events/mac-software-not-open.aspx

Why blade servers still don't cut it, and how they might

Phil Williams

Why bother? Well...


What would you virtualise on, pray tell? Blades are a far better fit for virtualisation than traditional servers - have a look at VMotion, to name just one huge advantage.

Microsoft dumps hilarious comedy duo

Phil Williams

Axing Seinfeld?!

Ah, c'mon! Those adverts were blooming brilliant! Though, reading through the comments on youtube, it seems like the masses didn't really get it... Don't worry Billy, I'm here for you.


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