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Gordon 'to sacky' Wacky Jacqui



while this is undoubtly the best news of the day so far... please don't shout/wish for Blunkett to return... He is the architect behind the ID database not wacky and for those of you struggling to think of anyone worse I have two words...

Harriet Harman.

hah! not so smiley now are you?

Still wacky going is good... trying to defend her majority is good because it'll hammer home just home much people despise her. Let's hope she falls into the obscurity she deserves.

BBC devs Doctor Who movie script


oh come on...

how difficult is it to write a new style Dr Who Script??

here's the recipe...

30 mins - general gurning and "scene setting"

10 mins - "How wacky am I ?!?!?!"

2 mins - grimacing with sonic screwdriver

4 mins - running around shouting (monsters optional)

1 min - extra grimacing with sonic screwdriver (shouting optional)

1 min - I've got it!

2 mins - hugging kising ( same sex/different sex on alternate weeks)

Adjust time to length of required show.


Irish politico in Facebook jub-rub outrage



Good grief!

What does Councillor Kinnear have on her face!!!!!

You sir have scared me for life! hope you're happy....

Weary locals scratch Butt Hole Road

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not far from where I live is a road the revels in the name of "Adams Bottom" even more amusing is that this road is also home to one of the local parks... imagine the hilarity that ensues.

On slow news weeks, the local papers are always full of indignant "Adams Bottom" dwellers (see? hours of fun!) decrying the rest of the town for taking the piss

Airline websites forced to clean up



I stopped using any of these pirates a long time ago having concluded that the (these days quite small) added expense was more than compensated by an allocated seat, being treated as a human being rather than cattle... getting a drink... a bite to eat Oh and not having to then stump up for a 2 hour coach journey to my actual destination, on a coach company usually owned by the same airline.

Budget Airlines stopped being good value for money a long time ago.

'Della': Dell's very special site for women


Knight Of The Realm


ASBO woman cuffed over raucous rumpy-pumpy



@david re "You sure about that?" well obvioulsy she'd have to shave that beard off....

Beeb pushes major new iPlayer release


Companion Of Honour

sadly, the beeb's offline videos are the only ones that won't stream to the media player hooked up to my telly downstairs :( all other DRM'd media plays perfectly.

I've never seen the point in watching TV on my desktop PC upstairs when I could be crashed on the sofa in front of the idiot box :)

Rail union ballots for strike over fingerprints


Order of the British Empire...

@AC 08:27 I see no mention of anyone's religion so I would suggest your post says more about you than Bob Crowe

I too find myself on the same side of the room as Bob Crowe.... it's not a happy place...

if I had to clock in and out of work and that was to be done via finger print scanner, I'd probably object to it as well.

IPS misses its ID cards for foreigners target

Dead Vulture

Note To Self...

stop reading these bloody things, they are making your blood pressure go through the roof.

Budvar beats Anheuser-Busch in latest Budweiser battle


it doesn't matter...

who calls it "budweiser" cos anyone with any sense at all knows which is the correct stuff to drink and its not the chilled produce of a golden shower that our colonial cousins market...

Last call for UK liberties


@Sarah Bee

Yes, it is irritating but unfortunately its the way a good number of us see things going and we probably think its good to remind people...

here's a variation for you, variety being teh spice of blah blah blah

"Papiere gefallen!"


Dominican lad suffers six-day stiffy


@AC re it?


What part of "Dominican lad suffers six-day stiffy " contained in "Bootnotes" led you to believe it might be an IT related story....

I'm guessing you have a 6 day stiffy growing out of your forehead....

Texting peer gets prison



at the risk of inducing a torrent of abuse, I suspect that the light sentence had more to do with a lack of speed on odious lords part rather than because he's a lord, although I imagine it helps...

<flameproof suit on>

Father of ID cards moots compulsory passports instead


the tighter they draw their nets...

... the easier it will be for crims to slip through the cracks... only normal everyday, law abiding folk will be troubled by this draconian semi dictatorship...

A pox on them all!

As for Blunket, he really should be the first against the wall... perhaps at the same time as Wacky J

Romeo 419ers take Canadian women for $300k

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re: IT Tin Men

I'm with you...

And seriously, hands up everyone who's never made a mistake? Never thought to themselves afterwards.. "whoops! I was a bit of dick there..."

MP wants Welsh text on ID cards


French because...

...its one of the "official" EU languages.

EU missives and documents are always produced in both English and French.

French has long been considered the "language of Diplomacy" (No I don't get it either but hey ho) which is why your current passport has French on it.

Anywho.... re welsh on an ID card, they can stick what they like on it as far as I'm concerned cos I ain't having one of the pesky ice scrapers....

Father of Playmobil dies at 79

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Sarah Bee...

I love you... you never fail to make me smile :)

US teen clocks up 14,528 text messages

Paris Hilton

why is he bothered?

if she has an unlimited text plan ?

And its not just for kids.... I'm a long way from being a kid, well chronologically anyway, and I average around 2000 texts a months..

Mobiles finally admitted to English hospitals

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A couple of years ago, I had a mild heart attack and was rushed to hospital "blues and twos stylee"... I had one thing in my pocket that without I'd have been screwed...

My mobile.

No wallet... no cash money... no means to access cash money because I had no cards.

I live alone and had no plans to see anyone for a few days.

without my mobile no one would have known where I was... without my mobile my cats would have starved...

I switched my mobile to silent and sent a couple of text messages. sorted.

don't really see how this could be a problem for any of the other patients in my wards.... most of whom were shouting over the noise of a TV.

Council to crack down on Cracknuts Lane


Ah... town councils...

don't they make you come over all warm and cuddly?

This isn't all that new TBH... they've been trying to get the of a road called "Adams Bottom" changed for years in my town... I'm pleased to say its a change that has been firmly resisted by the local populace... well except for one or two idiots that actually live in "Adams Bottom"

fnar fnar .... he he he

Closing the gap between development and operations

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the company I work for have solved this problem by employing me... my background is in DEV but I have experience of Tech OPs from a couple of the places I worked at previously and so here I sit with a foot in each camp.

I give the dev team an understanding of how the tech ops stuff work and I give the tech ops team an understanding of how the dev environment works.

I handle deploymenst and the more technical aspects of application support, leaving the tech ops people to look after the day to day ops stuff.

so far its all working very well.

Perhaps its the way forward?

Hutton robs forces, pours MoD cash into UK arms biz

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Spot on about the

... the need for carriers and what useful chaps they. In times past it hs to be said, simply rocking up off the coast with a carrier group was enough to avoid hostilities.. of course that probably wouldn't be the case now.

I'm also inclined to agree with points about buying off the shelf kit but freely admit if my job were on the line as a result I'd probably feel different.

Junk science and booze tax - a study in spin

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....the mythical "acoholic unit" which as we all know what a figure plucked out of the air....

Leeds Council loses kids details


re Laughable security

Fine them? why should the good people of leeds have to cover the cost of their incompetance via increased council tax bills...

just sack the person who lost the stick... sack the head of IT and then sack a randomly selected member of any other team.

Instantly. No ifs. no Buts. Just clear your desk and leave.

See how quickly this kind of stuff stops then.

Apple prepping $99 Wal-Mart iPhone?



Ah... my mistake... obvioulsy I am indeed a retard.... :-)

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Re You're all retarded, and therefore belong on slashdot.


I admit I'm only a Dev but I'm fairly sure that £900 is MORE than your "almost £800 a year" blackberry contract...

But hey.. don't let lucidity get in the way of a good rant :)

Human rights court rules UK DNA grab illegal

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... a sensible decision from the European court... and a predictable retort from Smith as the mouth peice of the gov. They really don't give a stuff about our rights at all.

If only I believed that getting rid of this lot and replacing them with the other lot would make one jot of difference :(

Vista SP2 to land in April 2009-ish?


Does every article...

... about Vista have to have a bunch of comments telling us how carp Vista is ? Ok we get it... some of you have a problem with Vista... fine. now please give it a rest it became tedious months ago...

For the record, I don't work for MS BUT my Vista 64bit has proved to be solid and reliable.

I use my vista based machine for all of the following tasks...

Dev stuff (my day job)...

I play games both off and online...

I do my officey type stuff...

I do my internety type stuff...

Its all done with more than adequate performance and as previously noted with rock solid reliability; the only problem I have is with dodgy ATI HD drivers, can't really blame MS for that.

So will someone PLEASE explain to me EXACTLY what problem I'm supposed to be having... or just Shut The F*** Up the lot of you because I've heard this bollocks every time MS have released an OS and its getting pretty boring now.

Thank you.

Windows 7, June 2009 and the technologies of antitrust


I love the video...

... sorry only kidding... can't be arsed to watch a video of people talking... I'd rather read a transcript... so I can't comment on this article directly.

AVG slaps Trojan label on core Windows file

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re Has AVG lost its way?

yes... :-(

my full fat version stopped working in an automatic way.. no updates, no scans no nothing... it all worked manually but not automatically. My support request remains unanswered some 6 weeks down the line... I decided to uninstall and reinstall the application... copied my licence key using their "Copy licence Key" utility only to find that when I tried to use said key the utility hadn't copied it all (it missed the last few characters) and so I was unable to reinstall the app because it wouldn't accept my key was valid.... ho ho ho.... they managed to respond to that support request in under a week so thats an improvement....

LG Renoir eight-megapixel cameraphone

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I, for one will be getting ..

... one of these to replace my excellent Viewty... a phone that I've had no trouble with whatsoever (well I did break the screen) some of the limtations are bit bizzarre... like only 300 texts messages can be stored at anyone time. But I'd have to say that the firmware is currently on revision G which rather gives the lie to the "being rushed out and forgotton" comment.

The renoir is a good loking phone and the demo model I played with the other day was excellent.

Sony Ericsson to reduce handset range by 20 per cent



I think you are all missing the point about the range of phones available.

To the vast majority of users their mobey is a statement about "who they are" and not just about a device that does some stuff.

mobile phones are fashion.

'U-turn' West: MI5 watching 'great' terror plot right now

Black Helicopters

I may be but if...

He says...

"However, another great plot is building up again, which we are monitoring ... the threat is building — the complex plots are building."

It's hard to see how this can be considered a threat then really, after all if they're monitring it, then it stands to reason that they can prevent it in good time to avoid any attrocities.

So any way you slice this it doesn't do his cause any favours at all.

IP addresses in server logs not personal data: Ruling

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I guess an IP address isn't personal

in the same way that [42 + <postcode>] isn't personal... both can still be used to bring you to my door.

UK asks to buy next-gen spy planes from US



I suspect "Damn Yank" is one of our American cousins and of course the word Nimrod is used in a scathing manner.. a worse type of nerd if you will....

Captain Cyborg to chew the fat with Ultra Hal


I've just read the...

... two conversations and I think they've got the participants labels the wrong way round.

Tories promise to kill off kids database



I think you're mixing the tories up with the shower of cretins currently in power...

Dick Smith pr0n mobe heads for eBay



could they not use the well known ruse of comparing the pictures with their various members of staff?

So the student isa little disgrunteld eh? I guess the compo wasn't forthcoming then...