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Google I/O conference sells out in 20 minutes

Patrick Weber

Re: $900 ticket + flight

Not if your boss is paying for your travel and conf fees !

Microsoft builds Kinect into Asus laptops

Patrick Weber
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3d Video Conferences?

One obvious application would be to improve video conferencing, by isolating the person in front of the camera from the background (trivial once you have depth information), and assemble a virtual meeting room with several participants.

ALK CoPilot Live Premium HD

Patrick Weber
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Navdroyd does OSM

Navdroyd is completely offline, uses OSM data, and its like a fiver from what I can remember. But dont expect all the bells and whistles from CoPilot

Online sync'n'store services

Patrick Weber
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Teamdrive ?

TeamDrive claims to do this exactly, replicate Dropbox functionality but you provide the serverspace !


Patrick Weber
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They do offer a 20gb paid version !

Driver follows satnav to his doom

Patrick Weber

Is this the road? Still on Google Maps as well!


Cheers TeleAltas !

Group Test: smartphone satnav apps

Patrick Weber
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I would hardly call that a review!

Altough based on the same dataset, its a completely separate application and approach (offline, vs online) than Skobbler....

Patrick Weber

You missed out NavDroyd on Android!

It's based on OSM, which makes it a good thing in my view as its only 4 pounds on the market. Been out now for a couple of months, there are constant updates and its made by Germans!

Simple, but gets the job done and the best bit its completely offline, ie. you download the map data on your phone, and then you can use it without needing data transfers. Perfect for when your roaming, which is when you most probably will need navigation!

Show geo-data some respect, don't rely on Web2.0 data

Patrick Weber

OSM is not a service!

It's a dataset, a dynamic one, but still only a dataset. You have to build your own service, be it spatial database, tileserver, wms server to host and disseminate the data. Relying on the mapnik tile layer should only be a development option if you want to have a serious application/service at the end.

Academics gripe about Windows 7 promo collapse

Patrick Weber

download went fine for me !

A question someone here might be able to answer:

I have got at the moment Windows7 RTM installed on my Home PC, which is nagging me to activate the copy. Can I now just plugin the serial number I have got from the student offer, and activate my copy? Or do I need to reinstall Windows 7?

Google G1 successor spied in video?

Patrick Weber

this is a real phone, but not the G1 successor

Have a look at this Engadget Posting: from the beginning of this week!! Old news:


Finally launched: Nokia's iPhone beater

Patrick Weber
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No multitouch

Its a resistive touchscreen, so no multitouch unfortunately. I really dont understand why they cant put in a capacitive touchscreen to enable multitouch.

Capacitive touchscreens also mean that they can be covered by a protective glass, much like in the Iphone. Instead, we have to push hard and worry about the sensitive plasticky? screen.

Chrysler plans electric car production model

Patrick Weber
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Chunky monkey?

That study looks anything but aerodynamic to me. More like big and heavy.

Sky drops download limit and tops satisfaction poll

Patrick Weber

Where's Be?

Actually, Be was specifically excluded because of insufficient sample size.


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