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Site schools world+dog in browsing history pilfering

Irate BT User

What History?

Just disabled my Firewall (only Windows Firewall active) , Ad Blocking Software & I still only get the

startpanic Website?

Mind you this Website doesn't employ any external Advertisements either does it? :)

"Layered Defenses" against Third Party Websites :)

UK fines for IP infringement to rocket

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What about ISPs

who infringe my Copyright & alter it?

When I put in a URL to go to msn dot com I expect to go to "msn dot com" not have my data "changed to go to "a dot webwise dot com"!

"THE URL request is at that point my Copyright data & it is altered!"

Sorry just told an MEP off for trying to tell me I was wrong without looking at the "relevant clauses" & then sending me Party Political Policy Blurb!

Enough said Rant over (don't often get this angry!)

BBC Click paid cybercrooks to buy botnet

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Once "Any Institution" is allowed to bend or even "break the Law" just because it might be in the Public Interest, but an Individual is pilloried & harassed by the State for a similar type of offense; where do we stop!

The BBC should have known better, news items are about properly investigating & informing the Public; this case looks like Media manipulation!

Last day for anti-snooping petition

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Last Minute Votes count just as....

early ones said the Prospective candidate whilst he was voting in order to break a Voting Tie!.. :)


EU threatens 'formal action' against UK.gov on Phorm

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About Time!

The Phorm Equipment was put on the Level Seven Switching Gear on Port 80 http Only!

Not on any of the fixed streaming media ports you notice but on the Live Private & Commercial hybrid Port containing so much Personal/Private & Commercial Information.

A Wiretap on this Communication port is inexcusable!

Online advertisers team up on privacy principles

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I thought they were already Responsible Advertisers!?!

Look where their "Responsible Marketing Methods!*!!" have already got us!

Just like the Banks etc if Proper "Legal Frameworks" as well as "Strong Industrial Practices" are not put in place the TRUST level will go even further down which does not bode well for "Any Economy" at the moment!

'Interfering' BT Vision attracts campaigner glares

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Digital transmissions are also affected by Interference!

Some common Symptoms of Radio Interference on Digital Equipment are "unwanted equipment lockup", "dropouts", "system reboots!" or "failure to connect to Service".

When more of the Radio Spectrum is used for Digital it will become more apparent in the same way that "TV Interference" was never expected to happen on the then new uhf 625 line system!

Conclusion Industry must keep it's equipments Radio Spectrums within the Alloted Radio Bandwidth!

Prosecutors gather evidence on secret BT-Phorm trials

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Since the Legality of this is Questionable...

Why are BT being allowed to Trial this Process again let alone, as they have stated follow it up with a FULL ROLLOUT of the system?

Phorm mulls incentives for ad targeting wiretaps

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I just want an Open http channel!

I don't really want an encrypted system for normal use all I want is an open & free to use Internet without my ISP "snooping" on my data!

(Although I have thought of quite a few ways around this System already!)

BT if you're snooping "again", I know you're getting miffed at what I'm reporting but Please desist from trying to ARP Poisoning my router (all I do is power recycle it & start again) or I may tell this community that you didn't switch this Profiler Off after these tests but have been trying to fine tune the subroutines on many occasions!

Just because it isn't Serving Ads doesn't mean my data is not flowing through it does it!

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It's not Just the Web User who needs to say YES!

In order for this to be "legal" every Website visited would need to give permission & I do not see the EU Websites or the US Websites agreeing to that!.

Especially as the US have just stopped ISPs on their side of the water doing it & the EU have just strengthened their Telecoms packages!

On an added note "data interception" is until changed by a Court illegal, but more importantly with the Phorm & Nebuad System, altering or changing data (which is Exactly what Phorm /Nebuad systems were doing) is akin to Intercepting Parcels & "Changing the contents" to suit the particular supplier?

In additition it may not even be enough for both the User & the Website to give permission especially on bullitin boards etc, because the material involved is effectively the Copyright of a multitude of different Users, some may be signed up for Phorm but most will not be!

That's the mess you get into when you "wiretap" & also interfere with a Two Way Conversation or Communication!

(Whew that was a mouthful) :)

Police drop BT-Phorm probe

Irate BT User

Blaming the Police when you think they are wrong IS Fair!


Blaming the Police when you think they are wrong IS Fair!


Don't rise to the Pro Phorm PR baiting, it only serves to cloud the debate, & so does blaming others who are less fortunate than you, for this situation!

Concentrate on the Right Target & the Right Issues!

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Erroneous Conclusions Lead to Strife!

"Implied Consent" was a phrase used by a BT Exec, on many E-mails concerning Web site Owners?

So who did the Police actually Speak to!

And NO DS Murray "My information is MY Copyright" & it does not in anyway imply consent to trawl or use it for other purposes especially without "MY CONSENT"

Since that Profiler was used on my connection in 2006 & 2007 & some other incidents, which I can relate rough dates to I will not "EVER" let this matter rest until BT Either admit publicly they got it wrong or they are taken to Court on the Issue!

BT's secret Phorm trials: UK.gov responds

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Just keep going until they have to Listen!!


Whilst I understand your motives in protecting privacy (& I do have quite a few ideas on how to make this profiling basically useless), do we really want a "Tower of Babel" scenario where Users have to use all sorts of different "languages" to talk to each other.

The need for clear & precise dialogue between Cultures, Nations etc has never been stronger than now & we cannot let a few greedy Companies or Power Seeking Politicians from keeping this System Open & available to All!

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How many times have they just copied this Blurb

As a BT Customer who "was" involved in the 2006 & 2007 trials, I am very dismayed at the absolute naivety of the BERR & their lack of knowledge of how this Phorm Equipment Works.

This is perfectly clear when they accept this following type of assurance from BT/Phorm without reference to any sort of Technology Experts in this field!

They are on record as stating that the User would be presented with an UNAVOIDABLE Web Page in order to get consent for Profiling the connection!

"This means in fact that the Profiler is already ON watching the connection & injecting data into the Surfers Browser.

Furthermore in order for the User to be able to turn this Adserving ON/OFF the profile would still have to be on the connection!"

Notice I did not mention the profiler itself would be turned off by the User, the opposite it would still be active & could be used to gather any statistics allowed (or un-allowed look at this companies history, given certain other events over the past 2-3 years , I personally wouldn't let them into the UK let alone run such a Service!)


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