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Naming the Palm Prē: Strategy Boutique OD's on joss-sticks

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It might have been worth the money...

...if they'd come up with Palm Trē. But I guess then they've just taken the 'o' off the other one.

BT cuts 0870 charges

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Oh dear oh dear

@David Edwards

03xx numbers are non-geographic and the caller doesn't pay any extra over an 01 or 02 number. But the owner of the number has to pay to receive the calls, so that should make you feel better about having one. Interested? No, I didn't think so.

@AC "Re: Awesome, but"

Revenue payments have not ended on 0870 numbers; they were supposed to end over a year ago I think but Ofcom keep bottling it.


You might not be getting anything from your 0845 calls but your supplier will be creaming off up to a penny or so a minute from your customers.

@AC "0800 number owners ALWAYS get your CLID"

No. Your number is never really completely withheld by 141 it's true, and some organisations can gain access to withheld numbers if they're far enough up the network pecking order, but only for billing purposes. What is not true is that this only applies to 0800 numbers or any other type of 08xx number. If a disreputable 08xx network provider is giving their customers access to this data willy-nilly then that is not on, and I think the Information Commissioners Office would have something to say about that.

Face it people, it costs money to run a phone system, let alone complex follow-the-sun routing all over the world (or even between Milton Keynes and Newcastle) so go easy on the companies making an extra couple of pence to help cover it. It's either that or having to call a zillion different numbers yourself to find the right person to speak to, and it's not their fault that Ofcom keeps messing things up.

Without typo-squatters, how far would Google fall?


@ everyone saying "no-one's losing out"

This isn't a victimless "crime" - the poor suckers paying for Google to divert users to their own website are paying for the privilege.

But maybe it is a good service Google is providing. What's worse, paying a few pence for a fat-fingered user's custom or fat-fingers thinking your company has gone bust?

Oh, and can't AdSense advertisers block their adverts from appearing on certain domains? Just program in all the typo-squatters dude!

OK, I've changed my own mind - it's the poor suckers' fault.

Did the width move for you, darling?


Let me off, I want to be sick

Good grief, there'd be fewer negative comments if they'd brought in national service for males aged 18-40 with 3 or more computers. Why don't the Anti-Fixed-Widths form a union and elect a single spokesperson? Divided you'll never conquer.

And 'doesn't work well on mobile IE'??? Show me a non-crippled, non-made-for-mobile site that does! (whatever happened to El Reg Mobile btw?) What did you think they wrote Opera for?

I think the redesign's ok, but dude - it's just a website. And what's with people saying 'the front page sucks, i'm not going to read El Reg anymore'? It must have a lot of value to you then. And I've got 3 letters for you: RSS.

I've had enough of you geeks, I'm off to become an accountant.

PS I tried posting this on Opera mobile but the submit button didn't work. lol. And it is even more screwed up on Mobile IE but seems to load much faster...

Tiny tots trial touchscreen tech



That will quickly become the most expensive work of collective graffiti in the world...


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