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Brit ISPs censor Wikipedia over 'child porn' album cover

Black Helicopters

clicked the link

no problem page displays im on demon this if the article correct shows how imposible it is to censor the net polititions take note esp. australia.

Scots vote out ID cards



there are many who are prepared to take a stand and refuse to get one of these stupid cards myself oncluded. The question is have you?

Auntie Beeb's amazing, evolving, ID card stories


put it like this

The BBC has always been the mouthpiece of the Government of the day whatever political party is in power. They have lost most credibility and the will to say NO to government.


Microsoft: Windows 7 ready for Christmas 2009


It will

have to be more than good to make up for the vista c**p bur with microsofts DRM stuff on will it get me away from linux (placed on a former vista machine) dont think so!!!!!!!!!!

McCain pulls ahead in pharmaceutical spam



poli meaning one

tic blood sucking parasite

so they should be connected with trogens viruses and other net nasties

mine the one with skeptic written on the back

French Senate passes bill to disconnect filesharers



French Government obviously believe in propping up obsolete business models.

I dont believe this will work after all if the figures are to be believed ISPs wont want to lose 80 per cent of their customers.

iGoogle personalises personal pages on other people's behalf


the only thing wrong

The side bar/menu is redundent and useless fine i9f it displayed shortcuts to say you tube or blogger or other things in your account. but links to the same page is not needed.

Beeb's online music stations get rewind button



there used to be people putting BBC stations radio one through five on ixexast which would take the streams worldwide dont know if that still happens

Street View spycar prowls Inverness

Black Helicopters

whats the problem

I really cant see what the problem is with this. if someone is on the street they are in public therefore they cannot complain if some one takes there picture.perhaps better to complain on the number of CCTV spycams on our streets. The privacy people would do better complaining about Google / You Tube being forced to hand UK user details to a USA company (viacom) which is against the UKs Data protection act.

Government backs Ofcom against EU regulator plan



the spectrum covers much more than mobile phones look at the mess over TV in the UK changing from a system thats works to one that at best is flacky Digital TV and radio is not stable vision and audio break up ofcom have really made a c***e up by forcing people to change for change sake. mines the one with the transmitter in the pocket

Ofcom cracks down on London pirates


problem solved

Harmonic Harmony said.

Bandwidth of the transmitter (as a previous poster mentioned, turning the gain up to 11 which on FM means wider transmit spectrum)

and distorts to hell

everything you said i agree with surely the thing to do is to give a subband for low power 10watts should be enough unlicenced broadcasts like in the USA (theres is AM/MW) I would suggest 106 - 108

Armed police swoop on MP3-packing mechanic



see a lawyer then sue the police for wrongfull arrest then claim that you are so trumatised by the ordeal that you can no longer leave the house in fear of the police. i would

Freeview lobby cries foul on Ofcom HDTV plans



do we need HD I have a HD ready set the picture is quite good enough. as to greedy ofcom selling of broadcast spectrum to the highest mobile phone bidder really stinks. Digital is a step backwards I can see the transmitter from here still have it break up and i cant record one channel and watch another without buying another box crap. absolute c**P

Top secret UK data network goes live two years late


how long

how long before someone hacks it.mmmmmperhaps its done already knowing the UK gov. so called security when it comes to data.

Apple on the lookout for one million unlocked iPhones


MacGyver is right

if i buy something its mine il do what i want with it use it on any network if a phone. If I buy music il do what I want with it that includes sharing it if i wish either with friends or my radio shows (both over the air and internet).

It wont be long before you buy a TV but have to watch one channel all these restrictions are simply crap.

Canucks kill second attempt at 'iPod tax'


@ David

And how, exactly, do you decide which artists get what out of the ensuing glob of money?

What makes you think the right artist gets the money now most get pennies if anything from copyright most ends up in the labels pocket. with broadcasting the split is even more unfair with the major labels taking 80% of revenue. even if the station plays only indie labels so it dont matter as long as its paid. The above being a long term argument against the presant system.


seems good to me

why not it would solve the debate world wide if all recordable media was taxed and this went as copyright then the user could do exactly as they wish and download what they want share if they want without fear of the the copyright people sueing for thousands of dollers.

Western Digital drive is DRM-crippled for your safety


what next

i can see a time coming soon when a device detects who is in a room anyone other than the person who bought or hired the movie or music and it wont play. Stupid sorry if i just gave the MAFIAA any ideas.

Yahoo! Does! Adsense! In! Reverse!

Thumb Down


I block as many ads as i can if a site has advertising that interferes with what im reading i dont visit that site now Yahoo is added to that list ahh well there are many search engines.

Trade unions demand right to Facebook


I will not

1 Be dictated to as to what web site I visit. they have tryed to tell people what site is allowed even when at home.

2 Be told i cant have my Mobile phone (some try to get employees to leave them with security or not bring them to work in the first place.

3 be told well anything of a personal nature by an employer.

If they dont like it i see no point in working there.

BTW I now run my own business

TorrentSpy shuts doors to America


why bother

as i said before all copyright is theft theft of knowledge theft of enjoyment as you cant do what you want with the stuff you buy music or film. besides who the hell gave a private company the right to dictate law oh i forgot corrupt senators and congress.

Net radio grabs olive branch from royalty police


sell out

This applies to only sound exchange member companies therefore cutting the amount of indie music played talk about sellout.

Virgin Media boss in shock exit


wish we could

We had NTL until we moved now we cant connect to them the cable runs 25 metres from the house but they wont bring it down how stupid.

Info office to monitor blogs



The next thing that will happen you will post a blog criticizing Gordon and the man himself posts a comment spelling out his policy or is that spinning out. either that or you get your door kicked in and whisked off to the slammer for a little reconditioning.

Who'll win the webcasting war?


you what

James said "you offshore pirates can continue going about your business ". Not everyone lives in the USA just because we don't live their does not make us pirates. Though having said that I started in broadcasting many years ago. On a ship. So I guess it does. Strange to think now that the station that defied the British government is still on air the government that tried to stop it has long gone. think about it.

You don't seriously think this is about artists do you it is to stop Internet radio particularly the smaller stations. How can it be about artists when the major labels tie the artists down in contracts so they keep the copyright money that the artist should rightly receive. Where I do agree with you is that all forms of broadcasting is a promotional vehicle weather that is Radio or Streaming. What also escapes you is that if the RIAA get their way in America then they will start to force the same on the rest of the world.

ISPs hijack BBC in tiered services push


back door charges

As the BBC in the UK is paid for by a license charged to all who have a TV, It is in their charter that ALL services should be free and available to the citizens of the UK free of charge hence the argument with open source operating systems.

Some commercial tv companies ITV and Channel 4 are already public with their players but the ISPs have not said a word about them. I and many others will NOT pay extra to receive a BBC service.

either to the BBC or a third party. It is ours as a right granted by government, ISPs can get ready for several court actions if this goes ahead.

Pirate Party invades Utah



copyright is theft!!!

Cameraman drops first YouTube suit to join class action


The foot ball scam

Did I not read a few weeks ago that the American Baseball or NFL could not claim copyright of their games or of films of their games taken by supporters watching.

Therefore the same applies to English and Flemish football league which I have said for the last 3 months.

Patientline backs down on price rises


patientline charge everyone

They even charge Hospital Radio and TV stations £1500 per year double in the first year. bear in mind both these are charities. Not sure who is worse them or the IRAA.

Music industry rebuffed across Europe on file-sharing identifications


RIAA do have a right to exist

What they dont have a right to do is poke their nose into other countries which they appear to be doing. they can only operate in the USA sorry people in the USA your stuck with them.

The rest can legitimately give them the finger.

Worm eats music on infected PCs


my money is on

The RIAA, sound exchange. BPI, NAB. and EMI, Viacom scatch any one connected with the major record industry

YouTube video-fingerprinting due in September



I cant see this working unless google has every film on its data base ever made and even some not yet released dont think the film comps would agree to that.

As too the league I still say if the film was taken from the stands then it is not INFRINGEMENT OF COPYRIGHT, Only if it is taken of the TV .The person who takes the film owns the copyright and the football league can stick it.

BBC iPlayer launches, but with limited viewer reach



Forget it beeb why the """" cant you just do what the radio does with listen again.

While you play with that malware and spywear I dont wasnt to know.

Net radio saved from certain death



Broadcast radio don't even pay this royalty

Cloak and dagger Chinese firm tells Google to change its name


they still aint got it

The Chinese government love their censorship. Even to the extent of jamming Voice of America and the BBC radio. whats this got to do with the internet you ask I run a 24/7 rolling news internet station we get loads of hits from China even though we talk about what they are trying to stop their people knowing like Taiwan for example.

BBC, ITV, Channel 4 plot single broadband TV player



this is bound to include \drm of some kind as the existing DRM digital rights mistake that wont even let me copy stuff i own the rights too they can forget it.

Internet radio stations rebuff pigopolists' 'compromise'



Its time for a showdown I know a number of stations that will stay on no matter what Ive said it before and il say iyt again the internet was once free for the people lets take it back from government controls.

US seeks to criminalize 'attempted' piracy


not again

strange how digital appears to be the same criminal state as murder.

the US should spend more time on real criminals not DRM

michael you will be welcome

Virgin faces customer exodus over Sky battle


it sucks

VM 10 meters from our door cant get it. My wife is blind she has audio description don't know if VM supply it Sky Do. Freeview do. The new recently published throttling of bandwidth my wife is a computer programmer Myself a archaeologist we both spend hours on line researching for various projects. The measly amount allowed wouldn't last 5 minutes when we have a video conference. maybe even 2 separate conference going on at the same time in different rooms Work that out vermin sorry virgin. by the way virgin is described in some dictionaries as a female who is inexperienced so they have the right name.

Russian teacher fined for MS piracy


damn them

I feel for the guy why did microdoller bother as for their system well i refuse to allow their genuine advantage on my machine. It is no more than spyware.

Why Last.fm isn't sweating the RIAA's royalty hike


your right

the IrAA will charge for non members material and keep the money.

through their soundexchange personally i think that the record companies should pay the radio stations for the free plugs they have had over the years all copyright is theft to either the end user who hands are tied with DRM or the radio stations. They cant tell me that the artists receive the money paid as they pay it to record companies the artists are tied up with contracts that do not give the artist money bands make money from gigs not records they just get the band known and liked. and fleesed by the record companies


have last thought

The IRAA may ask that the ISPs or similer stop the stations outside the US from being heard!! unless they pay sound exchange could happen

Home Secretary bigs up fingerprint-activated iPods


finger print then what

so you buy your ipod you put your finger print into it then you connect to your computer unknown to you your fingerprint is then sent to a government site stored on a data base then acessed by anyone with a internet connection. Brillant oh and yes MI5 call to arrest you for the MP3 you downloaded from a peer to peer site six years ago and you get questioned about an email you sent to your girlfriend who was touring the world and was in Iran at the time. I could go on but theres a knock at the door.

Teachers demand Wi-Fi health investigation



the mobile mast ten meters above ground will radiate outwards to the sides very little signal getting straight so devide your figure by 30db 3db 1/2s the signal 8out of ten for effort


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