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HP inching away from Vista's bad rep?


CEO - Who's inching from what, where!

This would seem to indicate there's not going to be a lot of R&D going on in the future...


...unless that means Redundancies and Downsizing.

Ironically I see a future where Vista begins to take back market share MS has lost. The logic being do you pay for something that's clunky and does most things consumers want and exists today or do you spend money building something that does all things consumers want elegantly and exists 1,2, 3+ years from now? Financial Armageddon, oh how we laughed :|

@jeremy - Have you seen the Dell Inspiron Mini 9? 250 squid + vat, delivered next day. Linux is not ahead, it is very, very far behind - not in its capabilities, but in the "community's" capacity to deliver a commoditized product.