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Chewier than a slice of Pi: MIPS Creator CI20 development board

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Re: Wait a second!

Who’s we?

Send me one and I'll try it out in place of the one I have in my Pi. Will I like it better than the PiFace that you can see in the picture?

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Re: Wait a second!

It's the piFace RTC. See https://smittytone.wordpress.com/2015/02/25/review-the-piface-real-time-clock/

Hungry for humbler Pi? Check out kid-friendly LED-laden Pibrella

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Re: Decent pass through connectors aren't cheap!

Great, but what I really want is a female-to-female version that'll drop onto the Pi's GPIO pins and give be Arduino-style connectors instead. Dunno if I'm using the wrong search terms, but I'm darned if I can find one of these.

Micro Men: The story of the syntax era

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Thank you, El Reg

I love this show but knew almost nothing about its production. Thanks for actually going out and talking to people and finding out. I shall watch this again tonight.

PS. Sinclair on his electric invalid carriage being overtaken by HP, Dell, Microsoft et al at the end is a scene of pure genius.

PPS. Only criticism for me is the knowing lines in the script, eg.

Hermann Hauser: “We all want to go with the 6502 processor.”

Nick Toop: “Of course. It’s the only choice.”

Roger/Sophie Wilson: “For the moment...”

BBC, ITV gang up on YouView with 'FreeView Connect'

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Being free-to-air doesn't make the advertising-funded ITV a Public Service Broadcaster, shurely?

STRIPPED DOWN and EXPOSED: Business kit from the good old days

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Re: Gasmasks

Prefer Wilf Gasmask Grimshaw, myself.

Whatever happened to the Grumbleweeds?

Boffin dreams up smart battery gizmo for Raspberry Pi fiddlers

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Re: If a battery fails when there is no-one to see it ...

Now *that's* a fanboy admission if there ever was one, changing the battery in your gimmick record sleeve. That micturates from a mighty height on anyone buying the latest iPhone/'droid every year. Top marks.

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Re: Where's the incentive @John Bailey

So pay the man his 90% and damn his eyes. This isn't an investment, it's an advance order by another name.

The other end of the telescope: Intel’s Galileo developer board

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Re: Review or plug for intel?

What would you like? 'We hooked it up to some LEDs and sensors and it worked.'? I'm sure they did that. 'We hooked it up to something really esoteric 99.9% of you will never use'? I'm sure they didn't do that, an there probably would not be much point if they did.

Sinclair’s 1984 big shot at business: The QL is 30 years old

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Re: Those who knew Sinclair avoided QL

> Flattish keyboard

Yet, ironically, that's what we're all typing on these days, whether on laptops or (glances around the office) desktops.

In this sense the QL really was ahead of its time.

Ten top tech toys to interface with a techie’s Christmas stocking

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Yeah, like the man says, nothing worth watching.

Bet you stand up when they play the music too, you patriotic goon

El Reg Contraption Confessional No.1: The Dragon 32 micro

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The official Dragon Data assembler/disassembler cartridge was called Alldream. Dream = DRagon Editor AsseMbler, IIRC

Britain’s forgotten first home computer pioneer: John Miller-Kirkpatrick

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RTFA! It mentions the ZX80 in the previous paragraph.

PS-PHWOARRR: We review Sony’s next-gen PlayStation 4

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Re: In short

Been reading El Reg for longer than that, and I don't recall any particular PS3 bashing. More from commentards grumbling about missing Linux support.

Ah, but then you're 'barry shitpeas', aren't you? Wondered when you'd pop up.

BBC's 3D blunder BLASTED OUR BRAINS – Doctor Who fans

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Re: "Tax" - really?

iPlayer is free and doesn't require a tax payment if you promise not to watch live streams.

I only pay the licence fee because I have to. If it goes, I'll buy Doctor Who on disc - I do anyway. I've given up on Radio 4 and will only go back if they promise to consult a dictionary and learn what the word 'comedy' actually means.

Little devil: Electric Imp is an Internet of Things Wi-Fi PC-ON-AN-SD-CARD

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Re: A solution looking for a problem

Based on the size of Powerline Ethernet adaptors, I'm not sure it would be a good alternative to something like this for IoT applications.

FWIW, Imp seems a good idea spoiled by the proprietary IDE and web server tech - if Electric Imp dies, all that kit will be useless. Still, it's nice having someone to manage the server security for you, so I'd give it a whirl rather than be truly DIY.

Hot digital dog: A man’s best friend is still his... K-9

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Re: Bleh

Hmmm. Never had a robot that shat on the living room carpet, or yielded belches straight from the devil's rear end. Not sure I want a robot mutt, but a real one you can keep.

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Re: Robots of renown

Blimey, this thread is turning into Twikipedia

Dear-ly beloved: Apple’s costly iPad Mini with Retina Display

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No, still doesn't work, even under Mavericks and iOS 7 - just tried it.

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Does Mac-to-iDevice AirDrop work now? Last time I tried it - pre Mavericks - it didn't.

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Dropbox doesn't sync on iOS, it just lists what you have stored in the cloud and provides access to it. So it only pulls down files when you need them. Download speeds aside, it's a good way to get files onto an iDevice. But you're right 32GB should be the baseline.

What a plot of nonsense: Ten Master master plan FAILS

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Re: A send-off just like Darth Vader’s?

See http://www.theregister.co.uk/2013/11/11/feature_how_doctor_who_plundered_sf_film_and_literature/

Fukushima fearmongers: It's your fault Japan dumped CO2 targets

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The missing 'W' word

849 words of reasonable analysis - BUT not one of them was 'waste'.

The micro YOU used in school: The story of the Research Machines 380Z

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Re: Great Nostalgia

A lot of those other machines have been covered - you can find them here:


RETRO-GASM: The Fuze electronics kit for the Raspberry Pi

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Re: Scrumpi

Even allowing for inflation for the past 35-odd years, I don't think the £56 Scrumpi could ever be described as "scarily expensive".

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Re: A Blast from the Past

Nascom? You'll be wanting to take a look at this, then: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2013/08/21/unsung_heroes_dr_chris_shelton/

El Reg interviews the bloke who designed it.

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Re: Really really basic computers


If we can do real-time voice recognition, we can certainly make compilers that can understand and cope with syntax errors in code and such. The Python interpreter on my Pi still gets regularly baffled by indentation levels.

Doctor Who nicked my plot and all I got was a mention in this lousy feature

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Re: However ... "Logopolis"

Ah, Bidmead's got a new pseudonym, I see

Staying power: The small screen spans of the eleven Doctor Whos

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Re: Worst infographic EVER

If I can figure out what's going on here without a key, I'm sure you can, FH

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active: The mobe for CHUCK NORRIS TYPES

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Re: Ticks a lot of my boxes

It's the BBC's English, actually - or would be if the Corporation hadn't embraced regional accents, moi durr

Knocking China with shocking phones and mocking tones

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Re: Mostly true

It's irrelevant whether they're paid less (or more) than a Western living wage. What matters is whether their standard of living, however much they are paid, matches ours (which is pretty good, all told). Chinese folks' desire for consumer goods and their ability to satisfy that desire implies many are not badly off at all, even on wages we consider tiny.

Mind you, that's urban China. It's a very different matter out in China's sticks, of course.

Smartwatch makers: You need apps to beat Apple

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Re: Well..

Indeed. I rather not take my phone out at all. Stop me being seen as one of the herd, all wandering about, mobiles in hand on the off-chance it might ring or beep. Smartwatch is a nicely discreet way of picking up incoming email and SMSes.

MSX: The Japanese are coming! The Japanese are coming!

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Re: This article would have been...

You'll be wanting the 'print this article' view, then...

Is the next-gen console war already One?

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Not impressed

Even more fugly than previous Xboxes and full of extra crap I don't want or need.

More to the point, Destiny, the only game I'm looking forward to playing, will run on my 360 anyway.

I'll pass, I think.

Smartwatch face off: Pebble, MetaWatch and new hi-tech timepieces

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Re: Research fail

No, it's LCD. Described as "e-paper", yes, but not E Ink. I know, I have one in front of me now.

'Ultimate nerd chick’ prompts C64 clone cancellation

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Re: It takes a scammer to see another scammer

I dunno. I like old computers - I love El Reg's line in retro tech - and I have nearly bought various old Speccys, Beebs and such... and then realised I'd have a quick play and never touch them again. If it's games you want, you can do that in emulation, and are really going to sit there and hack out code in Basic? Especially with no internet and all the modern stuff we all take for granted? I think I'd rather code on a Pi, and actually be able to do interesting and possibly useful things.

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No she isn't, she got fired earlier this year, according to her own Tweet.

ZX Spectrum cassette player lost? There's an app for that

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Same here, but I use an old MP3 player I had at the back of a drawer. Don't need an app for this.

Star Trek: The original computer game

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Re: Never played it but I got a flashback to "4K computing on passive LCDs" .... urrrrhhh!

Lets start a campaign to BRING BACK LINE NUMBERS

PEAK iPHONE? Apple mobe growth slumps to ‘lowest in its history’

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Re: As ever ...

As ever... you haven't noticed that the word 'sales' isn't even used.

May I suggest you try - radical notion, I know - reading through to the end before commenting?

British bookworms deem Amazon 'evil'

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Re: What sort of cretin buys a Amazon Swindle anyway?

Or... er... their Kobo breaks and they want to replace it with a Kindle.

Kindle DRM is at least - cough, cough - easy to remove - cough.

Oh S**T, here comes a robot to take my job

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Re: bad example

Yes, stuff still needs to be typed, but none of it's done in rooms full of rows and rows of desks, each with a PC and a lady behind it typing away.

That's what the old typing pool was like. You wanted something typed, it went to the pool and came back when they got to it, not before.

The ten SEXIEST computers of ALL TIME

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Cute... but not so very different from a thousand and one other mini-towers.

Review: Intel Next Unit of Computing barebones desktop PC

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Re: Is there any reason ...?

Eh? You reckon that's the case even though all Macs ship with Python pre-installed and Apple's (good) IDE, Xcode, is a free download? You have to cough up if you want to distribute applications through the App Store, but it's easy enough to distribute through other channels for nowt. Plenty of other options/languages out there too.

Ten serious sci-fi films for the sentient fan

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Re: SF is not just about "big ideas", it only looks that way...

If Star Wars is the "penultimate science fiction" movie, what's the ultimate science fiction movie?

Please next time ask a bit more sentient fan to write this stuff, someone whose knows what words mean :-)

Ten smartphones with tablet ambitions...

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Re: Name Change

Or vaguely like Swiss confectionery?

MasterCard tries to zap PayPal with own-brand mobe wallet

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Re: Consumer Credit Act 1974

PayPal and Google don't (yet) need to be. It's the card they're acting as a proxy for that's covered by the Act, leaving you with the opportunity to sue the card issuer - or, better, get them to sort it all out - if neither the seller nor PayPal/Google can address your complaint.

Tablets aren't killing ereaders, it's clog-popping wrinklies - analyst

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Re: Outdoors

Location, location, location.

I mostly read in my local, which is not known for its bright lighting (thank god), so a backlit screen is essential. Nexus 7s and pints of ale all round.

PS. Bought Nexus before Amazon Paperwhite came out. No desire to swap.

Have Brits fallen for Netflix, or do they still LoveFilm?

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Black Helicopters

Re: Don't have a Tv Licence... Love Netflix

>> anonymous because I dont want the TV licence people thinking I watch broadcast tv.

Ahem. Still supposed to have one, but I won't tell.

Samsung, LG 'lose confidence' in OLED TV tech

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Damn right - mine's going into a deposit on a house. I have any left, THEN I'll decide whether I buy a TV to put in it (probably not given the current broadcast output).