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York council gets sniffy with Street View

Mr. Wurst

abc Lesson 1 - persons <-> corporations

well, for those people that do not understand the difference

on the one side is john, a person that takes photos for private use. on the other side is corporation XXX that takes photos or makes a film on your city to earn money with it (investment, commercial interests). it is NOT the same case. first, a corporation has to ask for permission (hell, even persons that make photos for private use have to ask permission in a lot of places) and i probably would even ask money from them to get permission (google makes millions on advertising and should give some back, like the FCC with radio band authorizations).

but no, they take what they want without giving back anything because the CEO wants to have a combat jet and that is more important. and if you feel insulted like people in japan do, go fuck yourself and don't expect google to respect your culture. and that doesn't help to "build trust"

Silverlight for mobile: what's in, what's out

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Apple pursuing open standards? Good joke! No ODF support, NFS mounts on mac are a hell to setup, iChat can't be more closed.. I don't see any interest in open standards anywhere..

McAfee update classifies Vista component as a Trojan

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well done mcafee!

put windows vista on quarintine and launch a linux installer to overwrite that crap. there's no better way to give your users the security they deserve

Android comes with a kill-switch

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"I can understand the Google position on this, if anyone can distribute any applications they like the device is ripe for abuse"

Hm? That was funny! The device can be considered a computer. Would you like to use a computer that doesn't let you install some programs or that de-install them without your consent? Who owns the device? Has Nokia or any other vendor made anything similar? Apple and Android are going too far, they do not own the devices they sell and they must not control them/configure them to call home

"I was considering Android purely because I thought I would have control over a handset that I purchased. Open source, no hidden nastiness has to be a good thing. It is now tainted."

Like with Neo Freerunner?

Deloitte loses hundreds of thousands of pension details

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oh yes, put all sensitive data on laptops, but with bios password of course, and carry them around the whole time. are you going to drink coffee? take all sensitive data with you! and take with you a memory stick with a backup of all data too, in case your laptop gets lost again and you want to access it during a visit to grandpa.

no problem cos "everything is going to be all right" and well.. "don't worry be happy"

EFF reveals vastly expanded search policy at US borders

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it's very sad to see how things like schengen's no border control agreements have turned into snooping-and-sharing agreements, mandatory-biometry and dog-chip fests and all that shit

one could say ok, i will never travel/visit the us/uk/japan because i'll get fingerprinted, photograpied and abused at the border controls but it's only a matter of time until it's done where you live too..

the real terrorist that enjoys dominating the world (tm) with the fear he spreads around is the politican, the other terrorists (alquaeda and all that idiots) have already won and sit relaxed seeing how we get fucked by our own people

OpenSocial, OpenID, and Google Gears: Three technologies for history's dustbin

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@Adrian Waterworth

just to get in touch with reality:

1. most users use the same password on different sites anyway

2. that password is usually 12345678 or one of the "top 10" (my pw here is 12345678 too)

3. "sensitive confidential or financial information" doesn't apply to 99% of websites/users and openid is not targeted to those systems with sensible information anyway. we are talking about blogs, youtube, yahoo groups, posting on theregister or on the local newspaper. oh my god, if someone finds out that my password here is 12345678 he'll be able to POST MESSAGES!! that would be horrible..

openid is perfect to keep things clean, avoid having to register again and again on each website and having to remember a lot of passwords that will be something like 'blink182' anyway...

Mr. Wurst


i'm capable of handling multiple passwords with my mind and have a tired system of password generation depending on how much i trust a site too.

do you know how this system works? i use pw 12345678 like most people on most sites do and don't give a fuck if someone logs in to post messages with my name. on financial sensitive sites (1%) i use passwords like lz7I%4tp).H. openid makes it easier because i don't have to register an account on every page i visit, it's as easy as that...

Mr. Wurst

You're right..

Openid is way too complicated for you grandpa. It's easier to have to sign up on each page you want to post in, like here, instead of using a single ID. But seeing the futuristic 2.0, no, 2.5! style of this cheap 90'-moderated-comment-add-on it isn't a surprise at all that you feel distant to new technologies..

VoIP order to allow 999 calls and give caller location

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the poor child excuse

uh-uh.. the poor child died cos his parents -like anyone during emergencies- turned the PC on, logged in, checked for new torrent downloads and ran skype to call 112 for an ambulance, but they didn't knew where they live and the ambulance was sent to the wrong place.. aha, happens all the time