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IT guy answers daughter's Facebook rant by shooting her laptop

Tim Bell

Waste of bullets and technology.

What if the laptop suddenly went completely FUBAR for some puzzling reason?

Gee honey - you tell me your laptop isn't working? Maybe you need to rebuild it. You go ahead and get started, and I'll help if you have questions.

Sounds the same as households like mine (generations ago) where the television would mysteriously quit working. Parents played it dumb, until something important was on, and then - hey presto - the TV started working again. This worked brilliantly until us kids worked out how to fix the TV ourselves. I guess that backfired, didn't it (grin)

Groupon grotty grotto rage forces Santa's chief elf to quit

Tim Bell

Anything to do with Groupon turns out badly for small business in the end...

This took place on the USA side of the pond, but still a very powerful story:

Read it here:

'Groupon Was "The Single Worst Decision I Have Ever Made As A Business Owner"'


Posies Cafe ... stop in, check it out, (and pay cash) whenever you are in Portland, Oregon - we do!

GNOME 3: Shocking changes for Linux lovers

Tim Bell

Open question: which window manager sucks the least?

I got started with twm. It had some faults, but was straightforward and easy to customize.

Since then, it seems everything I try to use Does The Wrong Thing (DTWT) by default. It puts windows in the wrong place. It grabs keyboard focus. Windows pop to the front for no good reason. On and on.

That is all - the main point is that (after all these years) I do not see any real progress in usability. All I see is change for its own sake.

Grab a coat, I guess, while I go off and write my own...

Oh crap - this coat is Maximized on Top, with keyboard focus... how do I get the behavior I want so I can reach the windows underneath? I was actually using those...

Power grid scare stories a 'bunch of hooey'

Tim Bell
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Was there in NY state as a kid for that blackout!

We broke out the camping gear (coleman stove, lights, etc...) for dinner, and then sat in our car listening to the radio description of the outage. Takes me back, yes it does!

Adobe cuddles up to Linux Foundation

Tim Bell


"[...]otherwise associated with Adobe Systems apart from participating in a few beta test programs in the 1990s."

Well said, sir. That beta program was a blessed source of brand new floppies, regularly delivered by mail for years. After a quick format they were ready to go.

Open source Java SE by year end

Tim Bell

In reply to: Not just licencing issues

The Java SE source is already available for you to download and have a look (good, bad, ugly - you be the judge), over here:


If you don't like the current license terms, then you will need to wait for the Lawyers to finish hammering out the details of an 'open' source license. In the mean-time, I claim the source is out there for all interested parties to see.

So, take a look and decide for yourself.


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