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Struggling Acer pulls out Wang too late, then calls Wong number

Terry Pears

Reminded me of that classic advert...

Wang Cares.

(brilliant article title btw).

ISP redesign unites the web in nausea

Terry Pears

Bad attempt at looking retro

Also, the colour 'scheme' brings back memories of old games using CGA graphics, bluerghhh... that was headache inducing enough (added to the dodgy CRT monitors that had your local opticians rubbing their hands with glee).

Also a quick search on Brand Republic (http://www.campaignlive.co.uk/news/922278/Broadband-kicks-off-integrated-review/?DCMP=ILC-SEARCH) shows that they're after a new design agency to handle their integrated account (which may include the site, I'm not sure) and as quoted "The company has selected three agencies to pitch for the business. The incumbent, My Agency, was not invited to defend the account.". Coincidence, shurely not?

Faux Foreign Secretary dupes UK press with Jackson Tweet

Terry Pears
Paris Hilton


You can add BBC News 24 to that list, I remember hearing about it on there and thought it a bit weird for a politician like Miliband to come out with such rubbish... but then again he is in the cabinet.

Paris, 'cos when she "tweets" it usually involves a nightvision camera and lots of personal "company".

Fox terminates The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Terry Pears
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Fox'ed again

And yet they're giving Dollhouse another year, citing allegedly strong "future" DVD sales, Hulu views (also owned by News Corp)... maybe Fox are just wanting to avoid completely pissing off Joss Whedon and avoid another repeat of the Firefly effect.

Thank the gods Fox didn't do BSG, now they would have constantly tinkered, shifted the timeslots and axed it after 1 season because they didn't like it anymore.


Archaeologists unearth oldest known 3D pornography

Terry Pears
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Oooh, someone tell those wacky neocons, quick!

They believe the Earth was created 6000 years ago... yet this might be the Flintstones version of a page 3 girl! Ooooh, porn and evolution in one. It might be enough to make their heads explode!

Ballmer disses Oracle's decision to buy Sun

Terry Pears
Gates Horns


The only hardware Mr Ballmer is interested in are chairs, lots of them.

BT chief: People don't need fibre to the home

Terry Pears
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History repeating?

Didn't they say the same thing about broadband? Look where that got them.

BBC Trust moots new licence laws to cope with net

Terry Pears

More powers for the License Gestapo

Oh great. On my uni placement year I didn't have a TV (let alone aerial socket) and can attest to the sheer amount of badgering and "we're going to get you" love from the TV Licensing "people". All I had was my computer and an internet connection (the break away from TV was bliss), and this was before broadband (so no streaming, etc).

I can almost imagine they've been gunning for people with big TV's running media centres/computers, now if this goes through then anyone with a net connection is a viable target. They won't bother with the "well I can't get iPlayer" excuse or anything else. My only thought is instead of continually penalising people who validly don't have licenses, is to have people who do use their license code tied to a username/email so they can access the iPlayer (would help to be able to watch abroad too), but somehow I don't see that happening.

I tell you what though, after my placement I have a much bigger dislike for the TV License in general, this really does take the biscuit.

OMFG, what have you done?

Terry Pears
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Bloody hell

And to think I usually check El Reg on a Sunday... it certainly gave me a shock with this new look, although I'm surprised you don't link this story on the front page.

Shocking, but, you know what? I think it's a nicer, cleaner design.

Good job guys.


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