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Stonehenge finds hint at rituals far more ancient than the stones

Bob Dunlop

Flying saucer repair stand

Aliens land then ancient man stands back, draws air in through his teeth and says "I'll cost you, this is an obsolete model, you can't get the parts you know."

New 'plasma lamps' to replace fluorescent bulbs, LEDs

Bob Dunlop

The plasma lights can be dimmed

Let's hope that's more than two steps between full on and full off.

And instant on would be good too.

Hording my collection of hot wires here.

Gas bill climbed £13,000 after correct online reading given

Bob Dunlop

Plenty of time to pay

Well Southern Electrics Feed-In-Tariff meter reading page was down altogether when I tried it 6 days ago, had to email the reading in.

They give you just a 5 day window to submit the reading and then say "We aim to make your payment within 65 working days after receiving your readings" so 13 weeks.

If that's their terms when they owe you money I guess it only fair we apply the same terms when we owe them.

Arduino to add ARM board this year

Bob Dunlop

And there's always Maple

Arduino footprint, ARM cortex M3, 72MHz, 128KB flash, 20KB RAM, available now.


I have no affiliation with either company.

And to answer another question, yes you can use "native" code. I program Arduino Duemilanove in C using Gcc, don't see why you'd want to use assembler though. Gcc gives you all the special register and interrupt support you need. Wanting to use sleep modes and interrupts is the reason I didn't use C++ and "Wiring".

Power out again at Telecity

Bob Dunlop

Guess they found a couple of AAs

Looks like things are coming up again.

Starting to see email trickling in.

Educating Verity the OU way

Bob Dunlop

Open or shut?

Do they still insist M$ is the one and only true software as they did a few years ago ?

Open software didn't get a look in on my geology course. The only software support they would give me was "Well use a M$ PC at the local library". Ironic given the name of the institution.

Ofcom maps state of UK broadband

Bob Dunlop
Thumb Down

Government statistics

Just shows you can't trust them.

Sub 4M here and falling on the BT wholesale monopoly. I can remember when it was 6.5 but as it slows and it falls below the fault threshold, BT look at it and regrade the line with a lower threshold.

Deepest darkest Hampshire.

Down the pub it was suggested the quickest way to get an upgrade would be to burn down the exchange.

DARPA working on eyes-in-the-back-of-your-head hat

Bob Dunlop

Just the zoom!

What no split screen or Quantel ?

You'll be telling us the nipples don't work next.

Nokia limits N900 shipments to pre-order customers

Bob Dunlop

Pre order, what pre order ?

Ordered online Saturday, arrived Wednesday. Can't say I spotted the queue.

It's a pocket computer, not a phone. If you thought you were buying a phone then you are a fool.

We have a shell prompt, now to start porting my own code to it.

Panasonic DMR-XS350EB

Bob Dunlop

Humax all the way

Thanks for confirming my choice of Humax Foxsat HDR back in December. Been running without a hitch since then. It just works, very smooth even if a few of the operation menu steps feel a little strange, you quickly get used to them and it quickly feels natural.

It seems Panasonic still has some catch up to do, especially at that price. If I wanted a clunky interface I could build my own for less.

Private ID scans leave fetish club-goers feeling exposed

Bob Dunlop

Thanks for the warning

As others have already said, thanks for the warning guys.

Been to a few SEOne events in the past but guess I'll visit them no more.

Don't want my details associated with any sort of marketing database.

I have government photo ID, with home address verified by a physical police visit, but I'll only show that to someone for the purpose for which it was issued. That's not strictly true, I once used my shotgun certificate to gain access to a lap dancing club, bet that put a skew on the database.

Geekerati brace for Unix timestamp milestone

Bob Dunlop


Well RFC-868 uses 32 bit unsigned but set a epoch of 1900.

So it's gonna run out in 2036, two years before the Unix clock.

So Unix is gonna outlast the the Internet :-)

Netbooks and Mini-Laptops

Bob Dunlop

Size is important

A important aspect of a UMPC has to be it's size, how else does it qualify as UM? Since the EEE 701 was launched just about every announcement (with one poor exception) has been for a larger box, where are the smaller ones?

It would be so useful if that table had a column with X*Y*Z in it.

Still looking to shave about 15mm off the width :(



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