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Ericsson CMO says Wi-Fi hotspots' days are numbered


you don't have to pay monthly and it's popular

In the UK you don't have to pay every month for mobile internet.

T-mobile PAYG internet cost £1 a day only on the days you use it for 384Kbps service.

On reccent intercity train journeys in the south of England I have noticed that about three quarters of the people with laptops have a 3G internet USB dongle hanging from their computers.

Hogging the Trough: The EFF Strikes Back


I'm not convinced by the argument put forward here.

Yes, other peers will still attempt to open connections when there is packet loss. It dosn't matter. The bandwidth used by a few SYN SYN-ACK packets is insignificant.

"Packet drop applies back-pressure to conventional TCP sessions, but it does nothing to the data queued inside Comcast users' cable modems"

This is simply wrong. If there is enough packet loss the computers IP stack will send less data so there will be less in the cable modem's buffer.

Cable modem's don't have infinte upstream bandwidth. When someone on cable sends a big email the computer figures out how fast it can send by increasing the speed until it hits the limit imposed by the cable modem and packets start getting dropped.

Dropping packets to control bittorrent is just the same as setting a lower upstream limit.

The whole problem is fundametally because the cable companys in question don't want to be honest with their customers. The should just tell their customers that heavy users will have their upload speed limits set lower at peak times because of the limits of their infrastructure.

The Cloud descends over City


really free, or free with expensive gadget?

Maybe I'm being dim but this appears to be a 30 day free trial when you buy a Nokia gadget, not free to anyone who asks.

Anyone got a link for a no strigns free trial?