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Reaper airborne war-droids to patrol 2012 Olympics



The CAA makes exceptions regularly... How many times have you seen the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight's Spitfires and Hurricanes flying over Buckingham Palace; not to mention the Red Arrows? Yes, the BAe Hawk is a single-engined fast-jet trainer...

Astronauts bring space-grown bugs home


Re: Traveller Analysis


That is all.

Wipe your arse less, suggests Sheryl Crow


The rule of four

1) Take one sheet.

2) Fold into quarters.

3) Tear off the corner - keep safe

4) Unfold, place finger through hole and do what's required.

5) Clean under fingernail with corner from (3) above.

That's how it's taught in the forces - easy!

Alternatively, we should all be able to save paper by using both sides...