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EFF reveals vastly expanded search policy at US borders


How about internet traffic?

Crossing the border.

Anonymous hacks Sarah Palin's Yahoo! account


Holy $#@%!!!


How 'bought you folks just forget I ever posted here. Relax, guys!!!? Look over there!

And when the next Russian/German/Jamaican bobsled team army storms Europe, for whatever self-centered reason us evangelical whacko gun nuts come running to your rescue, I won't even mention this nuclear bomb of a flameout on the ol reg as I grab 'ol betsy...

I forgive you. As I welcome our new yes I have free email and kiss my ass there's nothing on it for you Palin Overlords.

p.s. Thnx, Lee (@Ryan, RE: Peter Timon)



The smiley face because I now feel gay for even trying to reconcile with you pack of piranhas.

And because the perp will come to justice for a childish prank, which turned up nothing, yet was what his overlords demanded.

And for this post, I am disgusted by elReg and will not visit for another twenty four hours because such a consensus among the readers has to reflect upon the editors.

And, tomorrow on the roof, when I turn a nail sideways and split my finger in half, a trademark of us fundamentalists who make a living the old fashioned way, actual WORK, I shall spray in blood "The REG SUX" to be read by the crew who tears the roof off thrity years from now, under the leadership of their airborn robot overlords. And the spark of historic defiance may awaken them to a Brave New World and remind us all of our American "We will kick your ass even if you kill most of us unless we're French" roots.

Paris Hilton

Re: Anonymous Coward

"For my own sanity please tell me you're a troll.

Also, Sarah Palin is a fundie gun-nut who needs throwing in the loonie bin like all the rest of the evangelical nutters."

Who's the troll here? For your information, some seventy percent of Americans are active Christians. Whats with the hatefully sarcastic comment after comment?

Oh, I forgot, a bunch of limp wristed, sniveling, socialist europeans. Socialists are so good at sniveling.

I guess it's been enough decades for yall to forget that millions of God-fearing Americans cut from the same cloth as Palin as they gave their lives and blood to free europe from someone else who did'nt believe in God.

And thrown in the loonie bin along with all the rest of the evangelical nutters?

Perhaps you'd like to come do the throwing buddy?

Paris, because she's had what I'd give you.

Google's IP anonymization fails to anonymize

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