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Gov backs campaign to save Scott's Antarctic hut

John Johnson
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Nice of them to jump to fund a tent...

...when they were so miserly about Bletchley Park. In a few hundred years which of those (Scott or Bletchley Park) would be seen to have most changed the world?

Netbooks and Mini-Laptops

John Johnson

Maplin Miniboot == Elonex OneT == Alpha 400

They're all the same (as are others available around the world) so you can fill in the blanks in the Maplin spec. Not that it matters because you wouldn't want to buy one. I got a OneT+ for my seven year old and she likes the drawing software and the fact that it's pink and the keyboard suits her fingers but the implementation of Flash won't run Cbeebies games so it doesn't score highly in her view. The wordprocessor and spreadsheet aren't too bad but the rest of the Linos UI is dreadful, the advertised games aren't there and you have to go hacking around in the console to allow it to install a printer. If I hadn't got a free upgrade from an early Elonex One order I'd have sent it back and bought an Eee 701 instead. In fact I still might.