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Euro PC shipments plummet into bottomless pit of DOOOOM

Stephen Soutar

Why renew anyway?

To most people outside of business, PC's are not a necessity, in that if they have one that does what they need they will stay with it. So when money is tight, as it has been for a few years, people will not renew a PC unless the one they have is broke, no matter what MS may want.

Would you trust crowd-sourced maps? Skobbler releases satnav app

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I find the real time traffic info on google maps useful. I check how well the traffic is flowing before I head somewhere. If no one was tracked, that wouldn't work.

Virgin Mobile to throttle 'unlimited' mobile broadband

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Change the plan name..

If it was called "Un-metered" instead of "unlimited" there would be less of an issue.

Photographers slam British Library's mission creep

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re: Costs

"When our 10-year contract with brightsolid expires the British Library will retain the digitised copies and be free to make them freely available online through the British Library website."

Is freely avaibale the same as available for free. LCD TVs are freely available, but cost lots of money.

British Library to scan 40m newspaper pages

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Is it really free?

So it is free if you can get to the British Library, i.e. London, but for most people in the UK without easy access to the Library, they will have to pay for it.

Filesharing laws to hit websites and newsgroups too

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The wrong approach?

With all the money that is going to be spent trying to enforce this type of regime, wouldn't it be better to invest the money into a new legal way of obtaining media, such as a flat 'all you can download' licence?

Hotmail users bitch and moan about new interface

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But its free......

Why complain about something you get for nothing. If you don't like it switch to another, or if email is critical for you, get a proper paid for email service.

UK.gov told not to subsidise superfast broadband

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The summary is....

Your stuffed unless you live in a city centre.