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BOFH: Trussssst in me

Jon Beck
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Now I know where all that cash in my "trust fund" goes to!

BOFH and PFY use it wisely and well to keep the beancounter population low enough for us technical folks to get work done!

BOFH: Taking out a contract

Jon Beck
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You HAVE to know the loopholes!

At least they're going to be getting their money's worth in repair costs!

I can't stand it when some desk jockey decides he knows how to strike a maintenance deal, and sticks us with a hefy bill for sundry items!

This is why my boss now lets me do all of the decision making when it comes to haggling for maintenance stuff, and daily refills, as well!

Well done Simon!

BOFH: The Mandelboat virus

Jon Beck
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And now for something completely different!

You have to love it when reality and imagery collide like this..

Now if we could only make some of these lusers gain a bit of humor, we'd have the best of both worlds!

My hat's off to all of you!

BOFH: Remote access malarkey

Jon Beck

Back to his old tricks...

You have to love it when the BOFH gets settled into new digs, and goes back into his comfort zone.

Deleted files, terrorizing the helldesk, and basically being the true BOFH that he can be.

Well done Simon!

BOFH: Back in the saddle

Jon Beck

He's Baack!

Well done, and glad to see that the PFY and BOFH are both back into their correct supervisory roles!

I was getting a little nervous about where they were headed, but with the new diggs, maybe we'll see new ground being broken in BOFH-dom?

Here's to hoping!


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