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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1


For ~ that money you can get an Asus Eee Pad Transformer

and get HDMI out and and an SD card slot and it's bloody lovely.

Google's 'Instant' search engine goes mobile


I use an HTC Desire on t-mobile

Unless you download massive files it's nigh on impossible to touch the sides of 500mb in a month, even more so if you have wifi on at home and/or work.

Samsung Galaxy Tab data contracts compared


How much?

Can't I just buy an iPad for less than they want for a device on a contract?

Archos 7 Android tablet



Android 1.5 and no Market Place or Google account sign in?

For those reasons I'm OUT.

Android gets talk-tastic Froyo upgrade


Of course it needs all those permissions

so it can do the things that I ask it to...

The people who installed that Trojan installed an app from outside the app market, something you can only do if you root your phone or specifically set an option to allow the phone to do that.

The people who left their wi-fi open, er, left their wi-fi open when everyone knows that to do so risks snooping or worse and Google have not been shown to have collected anything useful or indeed to have done anything with that data.

Google are a business. They are there to make money. I use many of their services and pay for none of them. If they want to show me the odd ad based on the content of my email in return good luck to them. I don't have to buy anything and, most importantly, if I object to using their, to me, fantastically useful products because of their marketing then I DON'T HAVE TO USE ANY OF THEM.

People's paranoia when it comes to Google is absurd and bordering on the stupid.

Google Nexus One

Jobs Horns

Is this available in the UK yet?

I really want one.

Channel 4 to become Channel 3D tonight


Broadcaster does something a bit different, for free

and Reg readers moan, moan, moan. Who would have thought it? You really are a bunch of miserable gits sometimes.

Cyclists give TV chef a Wikikicking


@Top Chef #

"following the higway code and riding in single file"

No. When taking my cycling proficiency at school we were told time and time again that cyclists can ride abreast of each other up to the width of a single car.


iPhone v Pre - the celebrity smartphone deathmatch

Jobs Halo

Time for a confession

I have a T-Mobile G1. I love it. It's a great phone and does everything the iPhone does and a couple of things it can't. I'll defend it to the death and I hold out great hope for Android.

However, recently my girlfriend's crappy Nokia died a final death so I bought her an iPhone 3G S. It's amazing, a stunning handset, great app store and the browser rocks. Apps not running in the background doesn't seem to be a massive issue.

The thing that really sold me is that while there are many things that the G1 does just as well as the iPhone, the iPhone does them with way more style.

I'd quite happily own two smart phones....

Nokia N97


I nearly waited for this...

but got a G1 when I saw what a mess they made of the N96. I used to own the N95 (and I still do, it's my back up phone and also my pocket digital camera) and once I had got the version 30 firmware on it it was great.

Such a shame, because if they actually thought about things they could have made such a good phone...

Punters 'confuse' netbooks with notebooks


XP vs Linux

Right.... I own two net books. The Eee 701 (linux) and the Eee PC with the 9" screen on the 10" chasis (XP).

Guess which one I use all the time and which one stays in the drawer?

The XP one boots in 20 seconds and will run DIVX and RealPlayer and means I can actual use it for watching media, browsing the web and making docs using the Google cloud or MS Works (Which for basic stuff is more than OK).

The Linux one could barely run the installed programs and lots of them weren't sized correctly for the screen, which for a bespoke OS is just not good enough. And as for trying to customise it.. I gave up at the first hurdle. I shouldn't have to use a command line to get things done.

XP is perfect for netbooks as long as you have reasonable RAM and don't bloat it. Also it was the least bloated Windows box I have ever seen when new. Lovely.

Android set for score of handsets, but risks fragmentation

Paris Hilton


I hate to point out a mistake but the T-mobile G1 is now a cupcake device, the update was rolled out to users in the UK about a month ago, with a security update about two weeks later.

So it's not just the Vodafone Magic that is cupcaked.

Paris because I'd like to ice her cupcakes.

Deleted Tweets found living in the hereafter

Paris Hilton

I thought the porn star

thing was only of any use when you were asked to use your first pets name and your mothers maiden name.

Surely knowing someone's mothers maiden name is 100 times more useful than the pet/street combination?

My first pet was called Pussy. I have a great porn name.

Web 0.2 archivists save Geocities from deletion


So long, and thanks for all the gifs

The first website I ever built was in 1999 and was on Geocities and now it's my job. It was really quite pleasing to use in a way although I don't think I ever looked under teh hood to see what sort of codeMess it spewed out.

Love the layout of the article. Genius!

Google's email service goes down

Paris Hilton

he he

I'm laughing because as soon as my Gmail came back I opted to install the offline feature. While backing up it offered me a link: Go into Flaky Connection Mode

Damn right.

Paris, because she goes down for hours at a time

Behind IE 8's big incompatibility list

Paris Hilton

It's easy to make your site work in IE8

Several months ago we put some code in our site that makes IE8 render as if it was IE7. Microsoft provide this code and it's a simple cut and paste job.

Job done.

Paris, because even she could do it.

Virgin Media to dump neutrality and target BitTorrent users


Ha ha ha

Oh come on, hands up how many of the P2P users use it for entirely legal purposes? And yes the BBC does use P2P for the iPlayer downloads but at the last count (IIRC) they made up a tiny % of the total users. And while Virgin do say "download movies faster" I am sure if you asked their marketing dept they mean movies from legal sources such as iTunes etc.

Kids, we have to accept that the keys to the sweet shop are not a divine right.

Google: The Satan Phone cometh

Paris Hilton

On board/expandable storage?

No expansion slot, no dice, especially if it doesn't have syncing...

Paris, because (despite the above) I'd like to stroke it's smooth surfaces, and *blush* hers as well.

Epilepsy tests delay PS3 videogame launch


RE: Why?

So much wrong with your post...

1. You are NOT missing out on anything. The game will have been altered to ensure it does not contain flashing elements that could trigger a seizure. I am certain that you could play the game before and after the change and not notice any difference.

2. Photosensitive Epilepsy symptoms usually first appear during childhood or adolescence, with a peak at the beginning of puberty. So you could put all the stickers you like on a box, the individual playing may not know that they are susceptible to the condition.

3. If not exposed to triggers like flashing elements in games the 'epi sufferer' (what a lovely phrase...) may never have a seizure at all so it is well worth game producers taking the time to eliminate these scenes.

Google's IP anonymization fails to anonymize


Call me naive..

But why does it matter if they do or don't know what I've been looking at?


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