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Dell launches perfume ad teaser site for Macbook Air rival

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Dull, dull, dull... (Re: Oddly enough...)

Not the machine - it's fine enough, for a Dell.

I mean all the flaming from non-mac owners at 'Mac fanboys'.

The only reason that guy is running Vista on his Air? He's been conditioned by the Microsoft borg over so many years, he must now be fully assimilated... does he also run a betamax video recorder and can't get the hang of his 6lb portable carphone?

Running Bootcamp is like sullying a virgin: disproportionately desirable by some weirdos, a necessity of circumstance for others. Bootcamp is for people who like to appear shiny and expensive on the outside, while being inadequate/dirty on the inside.

Paris, because...

IT departments VAT-whacked

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VAT software re-engineering work ahoy!

And I thought the contract market might be a little dry next year.

But it looks like Darling is actually stimulating the Contract IT market twice: Once on Monday, and then over the next 12 months, all those companies who realise that it's going to happen again in 2009 and cost them more moolah might actually think about the longer-term implications.

Either way: I bet a lot of the "systems" are XL spreadsheets, though...

Sergey Brin descends from Mount Sinai with Android API

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Almost SFW and I'm surprised...

...at the restraint Mr. Dzubia has shown in this article re: the language.

That's obviously why he had to use the S-word so often. He's showing consideration to the tarts who complained about the language before, and restricting himself to only one profanity per article.

It's almost reminiscent of British TV in the 70s: "You can have 5 bloodys for 1 tit".

Aside from that, it's an opinion delivered in a provocative vernacular. Otherwise, who'd read about Andriod?

Posted from work, hence the verbal restraint shown here...

French boffin: Mac Pros emit toxic fumes

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smells of Cannabis

Now, when I used to repair sound studio mixing desks, those things REALLY smelled of cannabis.

And coffee, coke, etc...

It's refreshing that Apple are engaging in a backlash against the overly-PC attitude that to live cleaner is to live better. Now, where's that BBQ and those 20 B&H (also emitters of vast benzene clouds)?

University offers one-day Jedi course

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I ....

have a bad feeling about this.

Freelancers might be taxed as employees after High Court ruling

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Anyone else leaving the country

Time to go!

Oh and @Lozzyho: You do realise that the whole reason that Gordon Brown is destroying the economy is so he can afford a huge chunk of real estate in the south of England? No Barbados for him: He's a Scot with a Scot's appreciation for real weather (i.e., rain), which England seems to have more of than Scotland these days.