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Brown backs down on expenses secrecy

Charles Crawley
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Re: Public servants?

Government has *never* seen itself as a "Public Servant", it is just a term used to mollify the masses.

Government is about power. Always has been, always will be.

French FNARRista speed-cam bomber scores own goal

Charles Crawley


Oh dear! May I just slightly change your quote?

"Anyone who thinks they are in full control of 1000kg of weaving metal at 70mph is deluding themselves"

Now then, that's a perfectly legal speed on a motorway and wouldn't be flagged by a scamera. However, do you now agree or disagree with this statement?

Speed per se is not and never has been the problem. Inappropriate speed *for the conditions* and bad driving is the problem, but this is apparently far too complex a notion for the scamera lobby and our lords and masters to get their thick noggins around.

Creative climbs down over home brew Vista drivers

Charles Crawley
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A shame...

Creative have always been let down by their drivers... I have had an AWE32, SBLive!, Nomad Jukebox and a Zen Vision:M from Creative and all are fantastic bits of kit let down by poor software and worse customer support. They even stopped providing MP3 ripping capability in their Zen software and started charging for the privilege, using some feeble excuse about 3rd party licensing IIRC!

I am voting with my wallet and will not purchase any more Creative kit, although it may be difficult when / if the new Zen Share is released.

Google snubs St George - again

Charles Crawley

Very poor show...

Still not sorted lads... With only 7.5 hours left...


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