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Old PS3s locked out of PlayStation Network

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Not really...

The actual problem was fixed before midnight... some forums were reporting users able to get back on from as early as 10.30pm last night.

Another NHS hospital stricken with Conficker virus

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Had the same here...

Almost similar email, comes with attachment "open.zip" Which is no doubt an exe file.

Lucky the user was savvy enough to realise not to click on it... must have learned his lesson after bringing down out network last year.

Prolific hacker releases PlayStation exploit

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lets not forget

The upcoming Heavy Rain, and last years Batman game.

But wait, the ecksbawx has mass effect 2 and bioshock 2 coming out.

And before anyone starts, I own both consoles, much prefer my ps3 as it is multi-functional out the box. No yearly subscriptions and built-in wireless and bluetooth. You also get a USB charger out the box too. I got this as a present for around £300. I also got 2 free games and 2 Bluray movies as part of the deal.

Whereas for my xbox (20gb one, bought at £150ish in 2007) I had to buy a wireless adapter (£60 at the time) x2 1 year subs to live (say another £80) plus a charging kit, which I paid around £40 for at the time. I didn't even get a game thrown in, which is my own fault.

Fanboi's do my nut in.

Top Gear's Stig prowls Loch Ness

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Is this...

Not some publicity stunt for the Top Gear "where is the stig" escapades?

Teen attacks father in Fifa 2009 fight

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Maybe he was pissed off 'cause he wasn't allowed to buy fifa 10.

World braces for Lindsay Lohan sex tape

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I cannot wait for this video. Only way to describe this, would be awesome.

Activision denies Modern Warfare 2 Russian ban

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One of the greatest openings to a Level of a game, ever. throwing grenades at people who are trying to crawl away... excellent.

Activision leaps into Modern Warfare 2 sales figure fight

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@RegisterFail... again

"No, it's an urban legend that a store can't sell to a guardian of a kid, if you think otherwise feel free to point out where in law this is actually outlined, because you wont find it."

Having worked in a Supermarket for 5 years, I can confirm that the cashier was right in refusing the sale. Had the Granny been on her own and trying to buy it, there is no reason to refuse her, but because the cashier seen the granny and child trying to buy a 18 rated, age restricted product, then she knows the game is for the child.

If she sells the game to the gran, its the same as selling alcohol to someone who is going to upply it to persons underage.

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I was going toc omment how you were wrong, but I see it's been covered already

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@AC - must have sold alot.

It's an 18 certificate, but the game offers you the option to skip levels that might cause offence, so make sure you play it first and choose to skip, as it remembers your first answer.

Play.com leaves Modern Warfare 2 buyers empty handed

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@James Halliday

I can show you at least 3 people I know that bought it fron Sainsburys, aswell as myself. As I said, £22 with staff discount from my mate.

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Play.com are terrible.

I got a copy for £22 in Sainsburys on launch day (my old work, so I got a mates discount - 15% off £25.99 is pretty good)

Another mate ordered from Amazon - Got it on the day it was due to release, as promised.

Apparently shopto.net have had issues too.

The x-texting Metrotextual comes out of the closet

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i have

been known to do it from time to time, no biggy.

Granada to start losing analog telly tomorrow

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I know what you mean. My mum and dad, being of the older generation, watch some programs on the "yesterday" channel, which gives 2 seconds of silence every so often. I have freeview in my room and i get the perfect reception. I have more stations than my parents etc.


More than half of touchphone users will go back to buttons

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or have both?

I currently use the Samsung tocco ultra touch, which has both touchscreen AND keypad options. I use both equally as much.

Firefox 3.5.4 fixes critical memory flaws

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I'm running Firefox on my laptop at home, it's never crashed, always loads up within seconds and never slows down my system, and I've only had one update in about a month.

Still, Better not say that, as it doesn't follow the Firefox bashing trend.

Reg readers take mobile makers to task

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Re: So....

My Orange contract gives me 700 minutes, I'm lucky if I use 60 of them a month. It does give me unlimited texts and a decent data bundle...

Mozilla squashes critical bugs in Firefox

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@Northern Monkey

you must be the only person i've ever heard complain of this.

Flash update plugs zero-day Adobe vuln

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So this is why I was getting asked to update Adobe AIR earlier.

Guess I better do it, for all the time I use iPlayer.

Wii and PS3 sales slide

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"Nintendo's main game problem is that I hardly ever see a advertisement for Wii games vs seeing Xbox and PS3 adverts non stop. "

Wut? Seriously, every second advert is for the Wii, wether it be that annoying one where some semi-attractive female sits on a couch with her mum, animal crossing is it? Or Wii Sports resort, or wii motionplus, or raving bunnies of some sort, or pro evo when it came out, or wii fit, or mario kart with z-list celbrity family redknapp. You see my point, I think the last ps3 ad I saw was for Fallout3.

Foxconn answers critics over suicidal iPhone engineer

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He was given previous products and had lost them, despite then recovering them, he should never have been entrusted after proving to be useless and keepign a hold of stuff. Then this sorry mess would have been avoided.

Firefox laggards offered security update

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Yup, only in the one window. for home browsing purposes. at work i need to use IE, for various reason.

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I upgraded to 3.5 last week...

and lo and behold, the only two plug ins I use (adblock and noscript) were upgraded too. It is considerabley quicker loading on my vista machine, and even quicker on my xp machine. it is yet to crash or hang, even with upto 8 tabs open.

I think some people like to complain for the sake of complaining.

Watchdog bites Mattesons saucy sausage ad

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Nothing worse than...

Those god awful adverts for cider (i think - cant remember the brand, but if anyone has heard them, they will know what I mean).

Irn bru has been doin the exact same for years and years, not exactly denting sales for them.

1. think up suitable borderline advert

2. make it 1960's smutty.

3. broadcast it when children listen

4. %$^$%^$%


German cops cuff Brit potato iPod scammer

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sounds to me like...

they have been watching the real hustle and realised how easy it is to prey on peoples gullible side.

German bomber crashes on Moon Google Earth

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Greenock got hit by a blitz?

Jesus, I thought it looked like that all the time.

Toshiba to back Blu-ray Disc with player launch?

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I'm in the process of moving all of my collection over to Bluray.

Xbox 360 reverses plunging console sales trend

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Or is it...

due to the fact that the cheapeast xbox can be picked up for under £100?

California skateboard dude swipes Reg logo

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Perhaps you should read all the comments before posting.

Regulator sniffs around Live Nation, Ticketmaster merger

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Live Theatre...

seetickets are the main supplier for tickets to live shows in London are they not?

US State Dept. workers beg Clinton for Firefox

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@ Phil Koenig.

as has already been picked up on, how can you possibly blame Firefox for your own incompetency ?

Unlock your iPhone, miss your messages

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re: What about officially unlocked phones?

I assume the section where it says unlocked phones on the original operator work,

BT names more exchanges for early fibre upgrades

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Instead of rolling out fibre to areas where people already have decent service, why not upgrade crappy rural exchanges first. I cannot get any more than 2mb, due to the equipment in the exchange. The BT engineer was baffled as to why our exchange had been left to get in such a run-down manner. (we have 2 exchanges covering our town - apparently one was upgraded a few years back, as it was running the same out-of date equipment)

Add to that my area is one of the last three to be switched over to digital, i'm debating whether to move.

Firefox 3.5 set to land tomorrow

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like one of the commenters above, I use FF on my vista laptop with 4gb of Ram and it's superb. No issues at all. Only issue i have with FF on my 1gb desktop XP is adobe flash related. Ie, crashing pages that use silly amount of Flash like some bebo pages.

El Reg commentards offered extra iconography

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@ jona100

"By Jona100 Posted Wednesday 24th June 2009 11:42 GMT

FAIL icon? its 2009 people not 2006 who the hell uses that word any more?"

You'll probably find that FAIL is very popular amongst web culture at the moment.

Nine-ball attack splits security researchers

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" "A Securty Consultant"

I do hope this isn't indicative of the qualifications needed to become an IT security consultant... "

Perfect chance to use the new "pedantic grammar nazi alert" icon...

People just not that into Blu-ray

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Life span

So, the DVD in the same point in it's development was suffering the exact same problems. the discs were over-prices, blah blah blah.

Dvd has been in my household for the last 10 years... in those ten years, we've seen prices of DVD discs drop from £20 to circa £7.99 for alot of new releases, Bluray will go exactly the same.

As for loading times - Theres almost no difference between the last dvd I bought and the last Bluray I bought - I'm playing both through my PS3.

I must be in the minority that enjoy the Bluray experience.

Surrey schoolkids whip out 12ft todger

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Either trolling at its finest, or being a bit daft.

MP 'devastated' over Facebook profile hack

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Is this...

the same sort of thing Bebo suffers from? as in "omg look at this picture of us so wasted last night" Only, I recieved this from someone I've not seen in 6 years and dont go out etween monday-friday drinking.


Yahoo! shuts! failed! social! networking! site!!

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Shock! Horror!

I use yahoo quite often, mostly for pool etc. No-one that uses the games bothers to fill out their profiles as it is, 90% of activity in the rooms is bots spamming some cam whore site.

Bring back the days of circa 2000-2003/4 when yahoo was good for pool.

Leaked memo says Conficker pwns Parliament

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No title required.

Judging by this article, they just allow people to use un-authorised USB equipment and PC's? Bizarre!

Google Street View hits UK streets

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Cannot acces it...

Oh well... would have been good to see. But I'm unable to get access :(

Brit nuke subs exposed on Google Earth

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crop circles

I'm shocked it took nearly 40 comments, before someone pointed out the were the compass.

Epic fail from most, getting their pants wetter than someone taking a bath fully clothed.

Teen sacked for 'boring' job Facebook comment

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I hope

she takes them the whol way and sues them for everything they have

Intel sues Psion over 'netbook' trademark

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"Of course, if they still actually made PDAs, netbooks and smartphones, there'd still be a large Psion community out there to help with the evangelising of their legal efforts"

My employers currently have 60+ Psion Workabout Pro's out in the field, getting used regularly. Fantastic pieces of kit.

Home Office acts to kick out Iceland's hate preachers

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Only threaten to throw out countries with vastly smaller Armys with little or no nuclear threat. Yes, lets leave people like Omar Bakri to preach hated against all things non muslim.

that dozy bint-a-tron needs to grow a set and deal with the important or get the hell out of decision making power.

Woman cuffed for deleting virtual husband

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I have ZERO sympathy for him, thats what you can expect to happen to you, when you go about giving out your password to people you have never met.

It's not the womans fault.

Speed cams ditched in Wiltshire

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@ the person who said...

something like "i like the stat that >50% of drivers think they are better than average,

Guess I'm in that percentage then. I KNOW my driving is better than that vast percentage of people on the roads. This is because I recently undertook an advanced drivers course, and I passed the test with flying colours. I am know a member of the Institute of advanced drivers, and therefor can rightly claim I AM better than most.

I'm only 21, have 4 years no claims, however, I have 3 points from earlier this year. I got caught doing 84 on a 70mph dual carriageway @ just before midnight, with the road empty, other than the trailing traffic cop.

Sony Ericsson to reduce handset range by 20 per cent

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After the travesty of what I know like to call the fail phone (w910i - breaks every week - im on my third.) its no shock

Microsoft rushes out emergency Windows update

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"I make that teatime across Europe, peak traffic and a roll-out from MS on top"

America are behind us, so I make it the middle fo the night for us.