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Robotic High Noon in Colorado

Andre Labuschagne

Damned if you do damned if you don't ...

Well you cannot really fault them for their behaviour: if they did not respond and this ended up being an actual attempt at a terrorist act the wolves would be at the door baying for the blood of whoever decided not to investigate as if the toy was an actual explosive device

Michael Crichton dead at 66

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State of Fear

@all who made comments re: Crichton's skepticism around Global Warming;

Actually Michael Crichton at the epilogue to State of Fear did not deny global warming as a threat. He made the point that we should be careful of research commissioned by entities with a vested interest in the outcome of the research.

Feds raid Miley Cyrus hack suspect

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Paris Hilton

Does this remind anyone ...

... of a stunt pulled by another famous celebrity. Hint, hint, look at the attached icon ....

'Water bears' survive in outer space

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Dead Vulture

Rushing to meet a deadline maybe?

Did the author of this piece rush to meet a deadline and in doing so neglect checking for grammar and completeness? WTF is the following supposed to mean: "Joensson suspects even the survivors suffered DNA damage from radiation, but were able to genetic material"?

Were able to what genetic material - rematerialise, devour, mutate, fornicate with?

This is pretty much the point of the experiment by all indications, so why not read the article again before publishing to make sure that the sentence makes sense?