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OMG! US science quangocrats surf porn at work!



They have a lot of explaining to do.

NASA probes seek remnants of lost 'Theia' planet


Third planet

The origin of the moon seems to have crept into the article. The chemical composition of the Moon is so different even if it evolved by differentiation and it did it is impossible to say that the Moon is a part broken away for the original Earth. There is no chemical similarity. As a matter of fact, lunar composition on the whole more closely resembles the Earth's upper mantle in terms of crystalline state with no water of course.


Ares I manned rocket section explodes in testing


Apollo vs Ares

I agree with Craig Matthews who say; Instead of trying to rush forward and get this new vehicle human-rated, what is wrong with resurrecting the Apollo/Saturn technology? Aside from space and size limitations, what was wrong with Apollo?