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Astronaut Twitters from orbit


I may be being pedantic but ...

If Astro_Mike is sending updates via email to Earth and a person on Earth is entering his tweet for him, then Astro_Mike isn't the first person to send a tweet from space.

He may be the first person to have a message sent from space turned into a tweet and put on Twitter, but thats not the same thing is it?

Twitter breaks Jam Festival record


James - you're being dumb :)

I believe what they are saying is out of the $4,180.50 pledged. 68%, some $2842.74, has actually been paid. Hence the "68% PAID" all being the same grey colour.


Bluetooth message saves scousers' livers


How long ...

Nice use of bluetooth but how long until someone exploits this situation? What better way could there be to get your malware on multiple phones than by masquerading as an application that the police are advertising .....

Amazon flash mob mauls Spore DRM


Just another reason

Why I won't be using my PC for games. I haven't installed a game on my PC for years (the last one that I installed was a football management game, and I can't even remember its official name). I simply got fed up getting screwed over too many times by DRM \ crappy installs or the need to upgrade all my hardware just to play the damn game.

If I want to play a game I'll use a dedicated machine such as a console, and until the PC gaming situation changes I have no intention of changing.

No-one has mentioned whether the number you have to to call to get another activation code is a premium rate number? Now that *would* be low.


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