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Super-boffin Stephen Hawking to star in Big Bang Theory

P.W. Dragoix

Is this a sign?

Maybe it is the end of the world, after all.

Ghanaian she-devil chews off bloke's 'nad sack

P.W. Dragoix

"you can stuff your news in a sack, mr"

really, what's with all the nuts and the sacks, "lately" ?

Better ATM skimming through thermal imaging

P.W. Dragoix

I can see the title...

"Keypad heater market booms". Solution: Preheat keypads at about 37 degrees centigrade. If sick, stay home. May use cats if other heat source is unavailable.

Jeff Bezos patents retro jets, and airbags, for telephones

P.W. Dragoix

Gravity suddenly doesn't suck so much...

...or does it?

The occasional item dropping keeps one alert and fit. Take that away and who knows where it can lead to (e.g. Baron Harkonnen mofo). Still, some good might come out of it, like the fall of the phone market (about f. time if you ask me).

Martian water slides caught on camera (maybe)

P.W. Dragoix

Let's wait and see...

what Vatican has to say about this. No, srsly, mission needed.

Apathy kills Google's new-age Wave

P.W. Dragoix

how to make waves when the wind drops?

Google Earthquake. about f. time.

Google smears Chrome on 'sacred' home page

P.W. Dragoix

on a roll...

getting to the point where you can afford to make a few screw ups and not making any: fail.