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XP? Thanks for the memories


New OS & hardware or a night out?

After using XP for some years I wanted something more up-to-date & some new software too, the problem is I'd probably need to upgrade my 2gig cpu & 1gig memory system.

So with Windows 7 & new hardware around £350 at least! it wasnt looking good Then I found Linux Mint for free! (the software for its up-to-date & free as well) - and now my oldish system works & looks better the my brothers brand new Win 7 system.

A potential saving of £349.80 as I download it at work then wrote to DVD - just think how many pints that could buy ( 120 & half pints of Guinness!)

Facebook bug spills name and pic for all 500 million users


who can you trust theses days anyway?

Surely if you dont want anyone knowing something just dont put it on there.

I've 2 email address, 1 for logging into things (including facebook) that I never give out & 1 I give out to people (a msn one) & I set my profile to 'friends only'.

After puting my msn email address on facebook a day later someone had tried hacking into it - nice to know what my 'friends' get up to in their spare time :-)

Besides which theres other ways to find things out - I once came across a loop hole on ebay were you could use someones email address to see the things they had bought & bidded on.

Microsoft slams nails in Windows Vista, XP SP2, 2000


Upgrade windows completely - to Ubuntu

Ok ubuntu isn't perfect but I like it - it reminds me why I got into computers in the 1st place because I want to experiment & see what they do not have Microsoft tell me your machine will do this or that.

I like xp dont get me wrong, but upgrading to windows 7 will cost me (software & some new hardware whereas Ubuntu wont (well 10p for a cd)) - & I doubt my old(ish) laptop will get along with it - hence I'm switching now that way by the time by xp is no longer supported Ubuntu really will be a much better replacement & I'll already know how to use it.

& by-the-way the whole Linux can only use about 5% of all hardware myth - total crap its about 99.9% (and without installing 3rd party drivers)

HP breaks Japanese excessive packaging record

Paris Hilton

a misunderstanding?

I wounder if this came about when the bloke rung HP for replacement memory - the (not so) tech' bloke seemd lost with the term DIMM & was told 'the small memory card type thing, well I need something bigger" - oh thought the tech' bigger now I've got it.

Although I'm sure the company would use the line 'its to prevent damage'

Homework late? Blame Russian hackers


New back-up solution

Never mind super DAT tapes, off-site storage in an advanced usb external 100TB hard drive, high encyptions auto backup systems & all that, want a home work back up system thats easy to use & cheap? pen & paper (under a quid) - surely this just shows that the youth of today is simply lazy.

Besides is letting them do 'home work' on the PC a good idea? - I've used some remote desktop type software to spy on my 15yr old doing her home work & found her chating in MSN & playing MS-Hearts (so I crash her system)

Why no c*nt and paste for the iPhone?

Paris Hilton

isnt that what waps for?

This can be added to any phone that has wap, just google key porn words & thats it ;-)

I were going to suggest another version of getting c**t & paste involving putting your phone to vibrate & slipping it into a ........ no wrong time & place.... bysides that c**t paste not c**t AND paste - oh yes it is.... never mind.

Royal Society of Chemistry requests 'Italian Job' ending



I like the "The Benny Hill character turns up with a bus load of fat women. Next, they .... Oh, hell, you get the idea." thing (what happened to his character anyway?)

Anyway how did this challenge even come to be? - the result of a some top egg-heads drinking down the pub talking about films when one says "Itallian job - great film! but what happens after the credits roll at the end?" & the others reply "erm......" or did it come about after one of them made the same mistake I did of watching the film while their 14 daughter was there & triying to answer her "but what happen to them?" nagging

Prison officers slam EDS data loss


Which lost do they mean?

Not going in to details but based on my what I know about EDS & some of the tech's that work there chances are the drive was "lost" (as in the four finger discount version of lost), wiped & stuck in someones home PC. Now I know thats no justification for EDS (as the company) "losing" the data as well as the drive. -Why was the data not encypted (or at the very least in a password protected ZIP file) & why was there no other copies of these files?

Maybe all presonel data should be downgrade-ed on to paper then locked in a big metal underground bunker somewere so it cant get lost...... although theres the problem of hiding the key to the door...... erm......


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