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Worried about the magnetic North Pole sprinting towards Russia? Don't be, boffins say, it'll be back sooner or later

Graham Cunningham

"from the northern Canadian coast, across the Bering Strait"

Uh? Has that moved too?

Nineteen mysterious invaders from another Solar System spotted hanging around the outside edge of ours

Graham Cunningham


Did anyone look at that picture and immediately think of Orichalzine mining?

GCC 10 gets security bug trap. And look what just fell into it: OpenSSL and a prod-of-death flaw in servers and apps

Graham Cunningham

Re: El Reg (or the readership) really has changed

I have no problem with acronyms being explained, even if I already know them. Unexplained acronyms needlessly put up barriers to visiting readers who may be new to the subject matter.

And now, here's Cli-Mate 9000 with the weather... Pattern-recognizing neural network tries its hand at forecasting

Graham Cunningham

Re: Model Fish?

Food for thought. Or indeed, to Ponder.

+1 for making me google the error code.

Need a special something on which to spank $3,500? HoloLens 2 is finally shipping

Graham Cunningham


Wondering where the strontium in your old CRT monitor came from? Two colliding neutron stars show us

Graham Cunningham

Re: Unique naming

And element #1 is named after the nearby Scottish Hydro, now SSE. ;)

Google: We've achieved quantum supremacy! IBM: Nope. And stop using that word, please

Graham Cunningham


53 Q*Berts is truly a mind-boggling proposition. That is all.

Two astronauts conduct a successful spacewalk, world+dog lose minds

Graham Cunningham


MyffyW, have an upvote for the phrase "ploughs a delicate line" - rofl!

Astroboffins baffled after spotting solar system with great gas giant that shouldn't exist

Graham Cunningham

Pythagoras (or was it Archimedes?)

c = s ^ -1

(Closeness = 1 / distance)

Be still, our drinking hearts: Help Reg name whisky beast conjured by Swedish distillers and AI blendbot

Graham Cunningham

Re: Valcohol (Valhalla + alcohol)....

Or make that valhalcohol?

Graham Cunningham

Four-malt proof

Big iron bru

Q.A. (Quality Azured)

Army Watchkeeper drone flopped into tree because crew were gazing backwards

Graham Cunningham

Beautifully done.

Because I love it so much, here's the Steve Lyons compilation from many years ago set to Enigma's Return to Innocence:


And one of any number of Medeira videos for anyone who likes their holiday to start with a white-knuckle ride:


Electric vehicles won't help UK meet emissions targets: Time to get out and walk, warn MPs

Graham Cunningham

50 miles???

"99 per cent of drivers in England and Wales would be within 50 miles of a charge point."

WTF? Who is going to drive 100 mile round trip detour to charge their car? And what happens if everyone within 100 mile circle want to use the charging point?

AI solves Rubik's Cube in 1.2 seconds (that's three times slower than a non-AI algorithm)

Graham Cunningham


No need to peel stickers when Lego can do it so quickly. (A few years old now, but still...)


Dutch chip-making specialist ASML rifles through pockets of rival XTAL: Nice IP. We'll be having that

Graham Cunningham

"A few dozen nanometers"

Even if "10nm", "7nm" and "5nm" are not literal channel lengths, an accuracy of "a few dozen nanometers" wouldn't seem to cut the mustard. Should that be "ångströms"?

Water big surprise: H2O found in samples of 'dry' asteroid brought to Earth over millions of miles by plucky probe

Graham Cunningham

"Kindeny bean shaped"

The "kidney bean", so named because......

Dear Britain's mast-fearing Nimbys: Do you want your phone to work or not?

Graham Cunningham

I don't get the "where people tend to be" thing. Where I "tend to be" (work/home/restaurant/etc.) is served by WiFi so a good signal is less important there. I would like a decent data connection when I am *traveling between* the places I tend to be. Kind of the essence of the "mobile" part of the name. Roads, trains, and so on.

SpaceX Crew Dragon: Launched and docked. Now, about that splashdown...

Graham Cunningham

Re: Landing


Oldest white dwarf star catches amateur's eye – and its dusty ring leaves boffins baffled

Graham Cunningham

Re: oldest white dwarfs

Science! :)

I am just a mapper: Solar drones take to the skies above Blighty

Graham Cunningham

Police drama

I hope they have those cameras I see on the police dramas that my wife watches, that can zoom in to distinguish the exact shade of nail varnish that the perp is wearing...

Japanese astronomers find tiniest Kuiper Belt object yet – using cheap 'scopes and off-the-shelf CMOS cameras

Graham Cunningham

And thanks!

For the artist's impression of a rock, without which the story would have been impenetrable!

+1 for the amateurs, though :)

Raspberry Pi Foundation says its final farewells to 40nm with release of Compute Module 3+

Graham Cunningham

"How can we find out? There's science to be done!"

For the people who are still alive?

SpaceX enjoys three whole seconds of fire and fury on Pad 39A

Graham Cunningham

The fact on if

"The fact SpaceX has been tightlipped on if this indicates something was amiss."

Sentences? We've heard of them.

Chinese rover pootles about... on the far side of the friggin' MOON

Graham Cunningham

Re: I can just imagine the timeline

Dark side of the moon is where you find crazy diamonds, if I am not mistaken.

Guess who's back, back again? China's back, hacking your friends: Beijing targets American biz amid tech tariff tiff

Graham Cunningham

Beer for

a sub-head with a sting! ;)

Bomb squad descends on suspicious package to find something much more dangerous – a Journey cassette

Graham Cunningham

Re: Harmless

You do know which century we're in now, right? ;)

It's over 9,000! Boffin-baffling microquasar has power that makes the LHC look like a kid's toy

Graham Cunningham

Re: 25 TeV vs 14 TeV

Sorry for downvote, but this is the wrong usage of "pitched" with respect to a cricket ball ;)

Bombing raids during WWII sent out shockwaves powerful enough to alter the Earth's ionosphere

Graham Cunningham

Re: Approx

621 miles +/- "about"

Lo and behold, Earth's special chemical cocktail for life seems to be pretty common

Graham Cunningham

Re: So, why don't we still have dinosaurs?

Isn't it pretty well established that we do?


Google Spectre whizz kicked out of Caesars, blocked from DEF CON over hack 'attack' tweet

Graham Cunningham

Re: Hum

Is there an APP for that? ;)

Shatner's solar-powered Bitcoin gambit wouldn't power a deflector shield

Graham Cunningham


Is the Reg Units dept. asleep at the wheel?

We demand appropriate units!

SW - Switzerwatts?

In defence of online ads: The 'net ain't free and you ain't paying

Graham Cunningham


Upvote for the Genesis video, even if it's the wrong track and won't expand to fullscreen ;)

Oh, Lenovo! 1,000 staff strapped to redundancy cannon

Graham Cunningham


Down-Sizing Labo(u)r Resources

Graham Cunningham

"Resource Action"

Well it used to be "Rightsizing"...

UK data watchdog swots automated marketing call pest with £260k fine

Graham Cunningham



Intel stuffs extra cores into latest mobile Series U Core i5 and i7 chips

Graham Cunningham

"Up to..."

There should be a law against quoting "Up to.." without also quoting "Down to..."

Toshiba invests $1.76bn in flash fab production line, WD kinda peeved

Graham Cunningham

Sorry also confused...

Is that: "(If I had a penny for) the number of times they were 6 months behind...." ?

PC, Ethernet and tablet computer pioneer 'Chuck' Thacker passes

Graham Cunningham

Re: I first met him at Stanford ...

Um ,a downvote? For this??

Presumably by someone whose neighbours won't miss him/her?

Goodbye, cruel world! NASA's Cassini preps for kamikaze Saturn dive

Graham Cunningham

Re: Inevitable 2001 reference

But second law trumps third law, no?

Boffins name 12 new types of cloud in first Cloud Atlas since 1986

Graham Cunningham

Cloudy McCloudface.

Online name polls are done, forever.

UK.gov confirms it won't be buying V-22 Ospreys for new aircraft carriers

Graham Cunningham


Like the nuclear deterrent, it is the threat that it *could* be equipped with aircraft that will deter enemy aggression ...

Disney plotting 15 more years of Star Wars

Graham Cunningham

Getting old ...

And forgetful? Same plot and cast as previously: Baddies have death star, goodies fly in an bomb death star.

Why change a winning formula?

AT&T CEO clambers up Trump's tower, explains why he should shower gold for Time Warner

Graham Cunningham

But why picture Trump Hotel on Central Park West rather than Trump Tower on 5th Ave, a few blocks away? Laziness? Or because it is across the road from Time Warner Center?

Terry Pratchett's self-written documentary to be broadcast in 2017

Graham Cunningham

... Again.

Qualcomm, Microsoft plot ARM Snapdragon-powered Windows 10 PCs, tablets, phones

Graham Cunningham

Companies mentioned above: Microsoft, Microsoft :)

England OUT (of Euro 2016, not the EU) tops Twitter year

Graham Cunningham


Gavin, "Britain" does not have a team, it has three; the UK has four, the British Isles has five. I think you are referring to "England". Wales did better. Scotland didn't.

Brit upstart releases free air traffic app for drone operators

Graham Cunningham

Has research been done on what effect a drone strike would have on a commercial aircraft?

Arkivum's new CEO gets £3m cash boost to play with – now what?

Graham Cunningham


What should the Red Arrows' new aircraft be?

Graham Cunningham

Come on guys, too retro...

Contemporary J-20 stealth fighters. I bet they'd be on time and on budget, too.




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