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Bungling Microsoft singlehandedly proves that golden backdoor keys are a terrible idea

Rene Schickbauer

Misplaced quotation marks

Don't write

Microsoft "Secure Boot"

when in reality it should be written as

Microsoft "Secure" Boot

Rene Schickbauer

Re: Oops

It's called "public key cryptography" for a reason ;-)

Open trucker comms lets Shodan snoops alter routes, tap CANs buses.

Rene Schickbauer

eBay: Used bus, 1 owner, free delivery,...

"We will deliver the Bus to an address of your choosing. Due to business reason, our driver hasn't been informed yet that this is his last delivery and will be fired upon arrival.

Upon payment, we will send to the relevant document by email from human resources for you to hand over to the driver on delivery of the bus."

Superfish 2.0 worsens: Dell's dodgy security certificate is an unkillable zombie

Rene Schickbauer


Added Dell to my blacklist for all current and future projects (no time limit, all product ranges).

Voyager's Golden Record now free to download

Rene Schickbauer

The interesting parts seem to be missing

The Voyager records also included pictures. Can't seem to find the audio tracks of those.

Would be kind of interesting at having a go at decoding those and see how hard it is.

Google spaffs $50 MILLION on 'get girls coding' campaign

Rene Schickbauer

A more honest way of announcing open jobs

Why not just say something like "Well, coding is a relatively future proof job. If you can write programs reasonable well, we don't care if you're female, male or a small furry creature from Alpha Centauri. As long as you look like you can get the job done, we will hire you on the spot, because we really need more people to make our stuff actually work."

Google's self-driving car breakthrough: Stop sign no longer a problem

Rene Schickbauer

Re: @JDX

> Now try checking out some of the video clips of driving in Russia or, even better, what about this traffic in India. How do you think it will cope with that?!

Now, thats easy. Here's some pseudo-code:

while(1) {

if(location == 'India') {


speed=2; // kmh

} else {




LOHAN turns up the heat on Vulture 2 motor

Rene Schickbauer

Timed pre-ignition heating

You already have some sort of timing/computing system onboard to launch the rocket at the right moment, right?

Why not let the rocket cool to whatever temperature it will go, and then a few minutes before ignition, connect the heater to, let's say, a 9 Volt block battery via a transistor or relay. That way you don't need much power, you can probably save the weight of (most) of the insulation and the complexity keeps relatively low.

In my mind, it doesn't matter if the rocket temperature drops very low during ascent, as long as you can get it to reasonable temps just before ignition. And i doubt you get it insulated enough that preheating on the ground will make any difference.

BOFH: Defiling the profile

Rene Schickbauer
Thumb Up

Smooth :-)

BOFH goes Web2.0. Guess that's the modern version of installing a hacked login script into user accounts - except getting creative with Facebook is (still) legal ;-)

But i have to admit, it doesn't beat stories like getting the user to put his pot plant ontop of his computer, connect to to the neon lights and water it real good.

Or have to user move the emergency exit signs away from the door and then turn off the lights and sound the fire alarm.

Vatican vetos 'dot god' domain

Rene Schickbauer

My future gTLD...

...will be ".shit"

This allows quite some interesting statements right in the URL like



Gas refineries at Defcon 1 as SCADA exploit goes wild

Rene Schickbauer

Impossible updates

In many cases, it's next to impossible to update production automation systems. There is always the question of how much does it cost when something brakes because of the update.

Also, production lines often run ten to fifteen years, getting support and/or replacement parts is often difficult if not next to impossible.


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