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SAP user group calls for support deadline reprieve amid hospital billing worries

Sam Crawley

Balance of power

It seems to me that the balance of power between SAP and their customers is in the wrong place. SAP kindly agreed to let their customers continue to use their software?! I suppose this is what happens when a market is broken in terms of there not being many enterprise-credible alternatives. There have been several articles on here lately about the "powerful" German SAP user group being upset about the direction in terms of forcing S/4 and cloud, but I haven't seen SAP change direction in the slightest... I guess that recurring cloudy revenue stream is just too compelling?

Switch and router sales surge, with 200/400 gigabit Ethernet kit growing fastest

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Re: A glitch in the matrix

I struggle to see how this growth can be possible when it's so hard to source any kit!

Braking news: Cops slammed for spamming Waze to slow drivers down

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Re: I think Waze should .....

Unless others are treating the app like you and feeding it false information.

End of the road for biz living off free G Suite legacy edition

Sam Crawley

As someone affected by this....

The issue is not the move from free to chargeable - I think the consensus on the forums was that this had been a good thing for a while but no one was surprised they reneged on their original stated promise (free forever - or rather the price is mining your data...) but the issue was the cost proposed was pretty significant, especially for non-commercial usage. I forget the exact numbers but with a family bigger than 3-4 people involved it was ending up significantly more than a similar O365 package. Also worth noting that I suspect the majority of affected users are really just Gmail users with a vanity domain, they're not taking advantage of whatever wonderful features the wider Workspace suite provides.

Intel demands $625m in interest from Europe on overturned antitrust fine

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Re: Anti-Competitive or just stupid competitors

You're saying they just connect HAND to SHOULDER?

US must adopt USB-C charging standard like EU, senators urge

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Re: USB-C connectors suck

Slightly O/T but I never fail to be slightly excited when I plug in my Samsung phones into a USB dock to charge and the whole rig fires up with a full desktop experience... who needs laptops :)

Testing for COVID with the sound of a cough? There’s an app for that

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Re: tested on only 14 asymptomatic patients

That line made me laugh... app that works by analysing symptoms is never going to do well in cases where there are no symptoms!

Only 29% of techies truly want to stay in current job

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Re: I'm thinking about a lot more than this

That's what bothers me about the pro-office arguments around human social contact and keeping city coffee shops open - being based at home now I'm interacting far more in my local community and using local shops, and in the long run this is bound to lead to a more balanced economy even if at the short term expense of a few sandwich shops in the big cities.

LG promises to make home appliance software upgradeable to take on new tasks

Sam Crawley

What I need to know is will this allow me to interrupt the washing machine cycle without having to stand like a lemon for several minutes with the one sock I forgot to put in until the software nanny decides it's safe to unlock the door?! If it doesn't, it's no use to me!

Google sours on legacy G Suite freeloaders, demands fee or flee

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Google Home

Of course another unintended consequence the beancounters won't have modelled is that this will hit Google Home device investments, although to be honest the Home / Nest integration with GSuite services has always been a bit hit and miss. I was starting to hand out Google Displays to extended family to share photos from Google Photos but I will now look for another way to accomplish that.

Sam Crawley

I haven't been proactively notified either but go into the admin dashboard, subscriptions, there's a strapline saying something like "consider upgrading to premium" - click on "Learn more" and it will tell you that there's no "consider" about it...

Sam Crawley

Spot on, this is going to create a load of work for relatively technical users who are more likely to work in IT, and I suspect the bad blood and damage to trust will mean many consequential recommendations to drop Google Workplace in corporate environments.

Ransomware-hit law firm gets court order asking crooks not to publish the data they stole

Sam Crawley

It could strengthen protection rom future potential use of the leaked data by third parties within the UK and territories with aligned legal data laws?

NHS-backed org reacted to GitHub leak disclosure with legal threats and police call, complains IT pro

Sam Crawley

I get the impression (just from what's in the story) he held on to the copy temporarily in case they simply denied it happened and accused him of making it all up.

Cisco predicts sunlit uplands after COVID-19. For now, though, sales are flat

Sam Crawley

"revenue from software sold as subscriptions and/or cloud services continued to grow to pleasing proportions of all sales."

Well that's easy to explain - they've simply removed perpetual licences for most products!

Smart fridges are cool, but after a few short years you could be stuck with a big frosty brick in the kitchen

Sam Crawley

Broker services?

I don't think we can stem the tide of "smart" devices but these examples of obsolescence make the case for:

(a) requiring that devices are engineered so the the smart aspects fail 'cleanly' when they lose their central coordination - for example the smart fridge displaying some nice art or being able to switch off the screen completely rather than to have to live with certificate errors or code dumps etc..

(b) requiring that smart devices can be re-pointed to alternative services - perhaps a market will grow for subscription-based central services - after all the reason these things are being wound up after a few years is they cost money and are being offered out free aside from the initial capex, right?

(c) perhaps requiring that devices talk via subscription broker services to make it easier to do (b) - would also probably help with interop where sensible.

Not a Genius move after all: Apple must cough up $$$ in back pay for store staff forced to wait for bag searches

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Re: Court

If you look carefully at what is said by company spokespeople they will often stand outside the court and say they are "planning to appeal" the unfavourable judgement. I suspect a lot of these cases then never go any further after they consult lawyers. In the UK you can't appeal against a judgement just because you don't like it, you have to show that there was an error in law or some critical new evidence wasn't before the original court. As I'm not a lawyer I don't know how often that happens but suspect it is a small minority of cases. Even then the appeal court will often just push the case back to the same level court to re-hear the case with the new evidence or with the correct law.

Sam Crawley

Re: In a recent announcement

Could be the grammar police!

BBC said it'll pull radio streams from TuneIn to slurp more of your data but nobody noticed till Amazon put its foot in it

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Re: No.

On the same logic surely they should be switching off FM and DAB broadcasts as they aren't getting any data back?! Actually I shouldn't speak too soon...

Plot twist: Google's not spying on King's Cross with facial recognition tech, but its landlord is

Sam Crawley

Not central to the article, but AFAIK most larger companies or office buildings have their own postcode in London.

We checked and yup, it's no longer 2001. And yet you can pwn a Windows box via Notepad.exe

Sam Crawley

I thought the main purpose of notepad was to remove unwanted text formatting before pasting back into the 'smarter' application you are struggling with?!

Look at me. Look at me. I'm the El Capitan now: Cray to build US govt's $600m cray-cray exascale nuke app super

Sam Crawley

Which grump voted this down?! Have an up for knowledge and enthusiasm :)

UK watchdog slaps 'misleading' Voda ad: Gigafast... maybe so – but not for £23

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Re: Seems to contradict the recent CityFibre judgement?

Fair points.. and is that high horse "CanterFast" or "GallopFast" capable?! :)

Sam Crawley

Seems to contradict the recent CityFibre judgement?

So punters can cope with "Fibre" in the name meaning faster broadband even if there's no fibre, but can't cope with "Giga" meaning even faster, even if it's not gigabit?


Chemical burns, explosive fires, they all come free with Amazon power packs

Sam Crawley

Re: Made in China

Spot on - the algorithms currently suggest caring about quality is not profitable!

Beware VMware! Nutanix sprays all over Virtzilla's networking territory

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Nutanix PR

Is someone on the Reg newsdesk mates with the Nutanix PR or are they buying the Vulture the requisite quantity of ale?! They seem to get a lot of "press-release-as-news" coverage here!

As you stare at the dead British Airways website, remember the hundreds of tech staff it laid off

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Those who forget the past...

Looks like it's down again, receiving MSM coverage too, ba.com shows a 404 and according to the reports operations are affected, planes not leaving etc. Bank holiday weekend DB upgrade perchance?

Exploding femtocells: No need for a full recall, says Vodafone

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It was me quoted, definitely not an EMP cannon although it did not feel like the "safe failure" that the CEO claims I experienced!

Sam Crawley

Doesn't work on corporate tariffs because <this is what we've been told by our account team> Vodagroan haven't worked out how to charge for the service on the corporate billing engine yet. Ignoring the point that you would only be using Wifi calling when their own network is insufficient in the first place.

GoDaddy DNS has gone diddy

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Something on the mend..

Spam has started trickling through on one of my affected domains so maybe they're getting somewhere. Twitter and GD service status page are finally acknowledging the issue... maybe that's the only progress so far!

There are some really crap budget phones out there. Vodafone's Smart Ultra 7 isn't

Sam Crawley

These phones are excellent value if you're already on the network and don't want the hassle / worry of buying direct from China etc. They will be locked to Voda.

OnePlus One equals 'killer' new mobe running CyanogenMod

Sam Crawley

3G frequency support

If you're going to buy one of these watch out for the 3G frequency support - most phones from China use 850Mhz vs some of the UK operators like Voda use 900Mhz. Quick web search brings up plenty more information on this issue.

Galaxy S4 radiant, but has black holes

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Re: FFS, when will they "get it"?

@TeeCee that is the perfect solution. Honestly I read this review thinking that it's a shame that I just won't even consider what is obviously a nice bit of tin because of the Samsung crapware that gets loaded on (and I can't be doing with the faff of rooting and applying custom roms). I hope someone in Samsung is getting this feedback - "Wake up! You are actually losing customers because of this"!

Inside the BBC's R&D Labs

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Good work

When you think of the amount of money squandered on rubbish "prime time" shows and overpaid star presenters to compete with commercial TV on a Saturday evening, it's only things like this that restore my confidence in the Beeb. Up the funding I say!

Ice Cream Sandwich phone a no-show on Vodafone

Sam Crawley

Network problems..

..on Vodafone? That doesn't sound familiar at all! Maybe it's not the new handset, maybe it's their creaking shoddy network, have they considered this? Don't try to test data on the handset between 4pm and 7pm around King's Cross, you might get connectivity, but there will be ZERO THROUGHPUT!

And lol at all the comments above, why oh why do Vodafone feel the need to frig about with the stock build - anyone who has a modicum of techie in them will just then have to go to the hassle of reverting anyway - who wants to wait a year for each Google update rollup just so Vodafone can "evaluate" it - can they demonstrate one single time ever when this has been beneficial for customers?

NASA releases stunning new moon-landing snaps

Sam Crawley

Tracks from delivery bikes?

Domino's Pizzeria must be just off-camera?


Boris-Bike firm penalised by £5m over system hiccups

Sam Crawley

About time..

Love the scheme, try to use it every day subject to a bike being available at King's Cross at about 08:30 (answer if sunny = no, if rainy or cold = yes), but the implementation has been poor - as just a regular user I have repeatedly suffered ghost journeys, random charges on my accounts, dock consoles always crashing, entire docks malfunctioning repeatedly, and the latest I've noticed is the on-site staff during rush hours are slowly being withdrawn earlier and earlier in the evening leaving full docks, clearly just a cost-cutting measure. As I thought the scheme was modelled on Montreal I would have thought most of this would have been avoided. If this is largely Serco's responsibility then they are right to withhold payments.

Transport for London gobbles up Oyster

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So does this mean...

..the squabbling between National Rail and TFL about the cut of the revenue will finally end such that we will be able to use Oystercard everywhere?

Call me a cynic... but I suspect not.

LINX failure slows UK net traffic

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"LINX acts as a main peering point for UK ISPs, allowing them to exchange traffic directly, which is cheaper than sending it over the public internet."

I'm no network person, but surely ISPs peering *is* the public internet??

Microsoft apes Spotify with ad-stuffed tune streaming

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Ads every half an hour?

Me smells someone who hasn't used Spotify for a while...

"Hi, this is Robert from Spotify

Hi, this is Ro...

Hi, this is R



Doro PhoneEasy 338gsm

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Excellent albeit pricy

Great idea, and this would have been perfect for my Grandfather (RIP) who used to struggle even with a basic Nokia. I remember when my Grandmother had had a mobile for several months, she rang us (on landline) to complain that it didn't seem to work any more. Have you charged it, we asked? What do you mean 'charge"?, she replied! That's low usage for you, eh?!

Google sued for 'stealing' Android name

Sam Crawley


The patent troll guy (and that's precisely what he is) seems to have trademarked "Android Data" not "Android".. does this mean that any component of trademarks is also restricted? Gillette have "The Best a Man Can Get".. no more using "Best" for any shaving gear anyone else?? Ridiculous...

HTC's second Android phone coming 1 May

Sam Crawley

Nice advert..

..for Voda!

"Buy now and save..."!

Obama chopper plans leaked on file-sharing nets

Sam Crawley

Discovered on an IP address in Tehran?

Am I the only one to smell a rat here.. Presumably once files are swarming their way about on the P2P networks they are almost everywhere - interesting that they chose to highlight Iran of all the countries where presumably the files ended up - I'll lay a pint on the odds that they ended up in Moscow too, but no mention of that, eh? Dammit with those fast internet connections those pesky Persians could potentially upload this Weapon of Mass Download to Europe in 45 minutes.. Generals, we have that excuse we've been looking for...!