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ID scheme plans 50,000 cards by April

Adam Osborne


I have no idea as to why the government delays so much with ID cards.

Many countries around the world have them. Either just say "as of tomorrow..." or abandon the whole thing.

Stop shilly-shamying around.

Plus, giving ID cards to non-Europeans only? What's that about? A whiff of discrimination?

"Oh, hello.... South America? Yes, sorry but you are not yet taken over by anal-retentive sods from the EU yet, so you are not welcome here... Therefore we have to track your every movements incase you are a ner'do'well...Same for you Africa (except Nigeria and Ghana for some strange reason), South Asia and East Asia..."

Sorry, but there are many "breaches" publicly known in the all new American styled "UK Borders Security Force Team" - there are many airports and ferry ports where they just look at your passport and wave you through regardless.

The only place I have seen them actually ask "are you here to falsely claim benefits and stay longer than 6 months and work with false ID and NI number?" is Heathrow...

Jaqui Smith - I think you should take note... Or just have a bitch-fight with Teresa May like you usually do when you get frustrated..

(Thats the MP, not the adult-movie star...)


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