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No, BMW, petrol-engined cars don't 'give back to the environment'


There is no such thing as a zero emission electric car...

There are only cars that emit more crap than others...

1) There are factory emissions when producing it (mining for the raw materials, etc...)

2) There are emissions when producing the electricity.

3) Break pad particulates end up on the roads and in the air..

4) Tire wear particulates end up on the roads and in the air...

5) There are emissions when recycling the car..

So a EV with a 50kw battery has lower emissions than one with a 100kw battery... etc..

The EU is sooo 2016. We're all about the US now, say Brit scaleups


The Japanese and the germans did pretty well in "scaling up" in the US so far... I am not sure that somehow UK companies will suddenly scale up in the US better with Brexit... But stress can be good for you :-), you either succeed or ...

However I don't see how Not having access to the EU talent pool will help compete against US companies... or other EU companies already there...

The only ones who will benefit from Brexit will be the US, Japan, China, Russia....

The good old "divide et impera" at work...

Ted Malloch (considered by the Trump administration as ambassador to the EU) "claimed that in a former diplomatic life to have helped bring down the Soviet Union, and would quite like to do the same for the EU. “Maybe there’s another union needs a little taming,” he says." (https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/feb/03/eu-trump-ambassador-european-parliament-ted-malloch)

The Russians seem to be pretty decent at "divide and impera" as well: https://www.cnbc.com/2017/09/06/facebook-gave-special-counsel-robert-mueller-data-on-russian-ads-report-says.html

My bet is that the UK will not do better trade deals on its own simply because "There is strength in numbers"... and I don't see what leverage the UK will have when negotiating with larger economies... Also questionable of how much love China and India will show the UK considering the past... and not to mention: America first!

Outside the EU, the UK will be even more vulnerable to "divide and impera" ... and how "United" the kingdom is, will be definitely tested...

Steve Bannon wants Facebook, Google 'regulated like utilities'


Enron had more to do with the California brown-outs than regulation...


Trumping free trade: Say 'King of Bankruptcy' Ross does end up in charge of US commerce


Re: Mercantilism

Explained here :-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhiCFdWeQfA


Re: Same idiocy regardless of location

Timeless as well... and using Tariffs to "encourage" companies to create local jobs will most likely not work... The thing about Tariffs is that once somebody starts with them it will create a chain reaction that will be difficult to stop...

For fun here is an economics lesson about the Smoot–Hawley Tariff Act from the "Ferris Bueller's day off" movie:


That does not mean that trade agreements could not be improved so that companies don't do environmental, labor... law arbitrage which results in pollution export, child labor....

TV anchor says live on-air 'Alexa, order me a dollhouse' – guess what happens next


You are wrong on "cannot distinguish users"...

This can be fixed with something like Nuance voice print (http://www.nuance.com/for-business/customer-service-solutions/voice-biometrics/vocalpassword/index.htm)

The tech existed 15 years ago should be mature enough to differentiate between you, spouse, tv presenter, and your kids...

Google's big Spanner in the works for price war against AWS


Cockroach DB for the non-google world


unless Oracle ingests them before that...

Living with the Pixel XL – Google's attempt at a high-end phone


Not worth reading.

I wish the author would have mentioned "idiot tax" at the beginning of the article... I wouldn't have wasted my time reading it... reviews by google trolls... who still need to learn that "you get what you pay for"!

Oracle Java copyright war latest: Why Google's luck is about to run out


Google should have got a license.

APIs are not a trivial thing, it takes a lot of time and effort to create an API, and the creator should be able to license them as they want. Everybody should respect that...

People keep on mentioning the interoperability argument... that if google looses somehow we set a "dangerous" precedent, which is complete nonsense...

You can always get to the negotiating table and get a deal done that is beneficial to all parties...

You can get a license from Oracle, There were and are 3rd party JVM implementations, AMD licenses the X86 "api", Intel licenses the AMD64 "api"...

I am not sure how google interpret: "Don't be evil" but stealing the work done by others is pretty evil to me...

Undergrads build 12.6-TFLOPS cluster out of four nodes, 112 cores



From what I can tell Team Hamburg's system is better than No1 and No3 system by only using 2 nodes... so i would think they win @ TFLOP/$ by a significant margin...(which is what should matter)

Java API judge tells Oracle to suck it up, quit whining about the jury


Re: Dear Oracle

Re: "Honestly, Oracle are trying to make it impossible to ever use another companies public API ever again, or make anything even vaguely compatible. You can see why it might benefit a place that charges thousands of dollars per core to use a database. The rest of the industry all know that it would just destroy programming overnight."

This is complete Nonsense!

I don't remember having issues using the Java API and keeping my code private (classpath exemption).... ever... I can even implement the java API without being sued by Oracle if I RESPECT the GPL license!

Anyone should be able to create APIs and license them as they wish!

I hear all this nonsense about interoperability and how innovation will stop... Complete NONSENSE... News flash! Apis can be licensed! (AMD licenses x86 and Intel is licensing AMD64 and the world is not going under...) Theft was NEVER good for innovation...

Creating the Java API was a herculean effort, a lot of investment to develop, support, market... Why should Google be allowed to violate the Java license?

Why Oracle will win its Java copyright case – and why you'll be glad when it does


Re: A bit surprised...

The individuals saying things like API is 'nothing' cannot be called developers...

Just like the ones who say that concurrency is easy...

Actually these are good interview questions, you can easily dismiss a candidate who ways stupid things like this...


Re: anoco

Disclosure: I am the author of an open source library which I license with LGPL.

I do not think copying an API and disrespecting the API license should be allowed!

A good API is a lot of work and it should not be excluded from copyright! Just like the implementation!

If you don't like the license of my library, don't copy my API and replace the license!, create your own API! work hard to get users learn your API! market your API! do not STEAL my work! APIs are not something trivial!

What Google did in this case amounts to stealing, plain and simple.

SAP agrees to pay Oracle $120m over 'industrial espionage'

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Well Oracle attitude towards their customers already came out of this ...

from blomberg news:

“Let the bastards dream of reducing their maintenance fees,” the Oracle executive wrote, according to an Aug. 5 SAP filing citing a deposition. “I just finished telling Toyota that we’re not going to reduce their bill. Not only that, but they need to buy more software from us!”

SAP said in the filing, “That attitude contributes to customers leaving plaintiffs’ support.”

Now if I am IBM sales, I would be knocking on Toyota's door...

Next Solaris prepped for 2011


linux will be replaced by solaris in the exadata systems


fix for a "solexadata_demo"

Oracle shows off M9000s for data warehousing

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expect more benchmarks after further solaris optimizations


Sun's surviving staff hit with 'motivation' missive


IBM acted unethicaly and damaged Sun

from http://www.sec.gov/litigation/complaints/2009/comp21255.pdf:

H. Insider Trading in SUN

84. Moffat, IBM's Senior Vice President and Group Executive, Systems and

Technology Group, conveyed to Chiesi material nonpublic information about SUN's Q2

2009 results in advance of SUN's January 27,2009 earnings release.

85. In January 2009, IBM was conducting due diligence on SUN in

contemplation of a possible acquisition by IBM ofSUN. Pursuant to a confidentiality

agreement between IBM and SUN entered into as part of that process, SUN provided

IBM with its Q2 2009 earnings results in advance of the January 27, 2009 announcement.

Moffat was involved in IBM's due diligence of SUN, and as a result had access to SUN's

.earnings results.

86. Chiesi and Moffat, who are friends, contacted each other repeatedly during

January 2009, with the frequency of contact between the two increasing significantly just

prior to the SUN earnings release.

87. Moffat was one of a group ofIBM executives on the preliminary due

diligence team arriving at a designated location to conduct due diligence on SUN on

January 19, 2009. Moffat contacted Chiesi at home that evening, and had several

conversations with her over the next several days. In the course of one or more of these

conversations, Moffat provided Chiesi with material nonpublic information concerning

SUN's Q2 2009 earnings.

88. On Monday, January 26, New Castle began acquiring a substantial long

position in SUN. On January 27,2009, after the market close, SUN reported its Q2 2009


earnings information. SUN's performance substantially exceeded consensus estimates,

including higher revenue and margins, posting a $0.02 per share profit whereas consensus

estimates called for a loss of $0.09/0.1 0 per share. SUN's shares rallied on the news,

rising 21 %, from a January 27 close of$3.99 per share to a January 28 close of $4.86 per

share, generating profits of nearly $1 million for New Castle.

89. On January 28,2009, Moffat transmitted to SUN, on behalf of IBM, a

preliminary proposal to acquire SUN.

90. Moffat also tipped Chiesi to material nonpublic information about IBM's

quarters ending December 2008 and March 2009 that he obtained by virtue of his

position at IBM, and Chiesi traded on the information she received from Moffat on behalf

ofNew Castle. Finally, Moffat tipped Chiesi to material nonpublic infoITIlation about the

AMD Transactions described immediately below that Moffat obtained by virtue of IBM's

participation in the deal, and Chiesi traded on the information she received from Moffat

on behalf of New Castle.

Now we know who probably leaked the merger information and damaged Sun and its shareholders.

Schwarzenegger rescues Ellison keynote from jaws of banality

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Folding Solaris into Linux? Do you think they will also fold Oracle DB into Mysql ?

What are you smoking?

It is quite simple what Oracle will do with Solaris, it will position it as the high end, reliable, highperformance UNIX. They will charge more for Solaris than for Unbreakable Linux, Unbreakable Linux will be kept to undercut Redhat pricing, lure customers. This is preety much how IBM positions AIX or HP positions HPUX.

What Oracle will also do is gradually decomission and replace all their internal Dell, HP, IBM kit with Sun kit.(See how HP is gone from DB Machine)

Oracle is a bussiness, it is not a charitable organization.

Dell pitches x86 in Oracle's Sun court


All those Dell servers that oracle is running...

I see 20000 Dell servers that will be changed with Sun servers, redirect $ from left pocket to right pocket, istead of Dell's pocket, I wonder how many HP servers do they run...

there is quite a few savings and synergies that can be exploited by a merger....

Oracle to 'out-Sun' Sun on hardware and software

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BTRFS does a better job than ZFS ?

Can you name one thing it does better? (besides crashing and loosing data)

BTRFS is not production ready and Oracle's future interest in developing it is highly questionable.

If Redhat wants to avoid being replaced by Solaris, it needs to throw in some money at BTRFS development. Oh wait but then Unbreakable Linux gets it too, and Suse Linux too.

So what is left is to create the "Aliance of the willing" and we will get something similar to systemtap.

Oracle, Sun speed-launch Exadata V2


Solaris is better than Linux

Fact: Memory management in Linux sucks

Implementation is reminiscent of solaris 8. (see linux hugepages, and try to find something like ppgsz on Linux)

False statement: Linux is cheaper.

Solaris ZFS compression allows you tu build faster solutions with half the number of disk drives. reducing initial and operating expenses.

Linux's lack of binarry compatibility will cost you dearly, adding a lot of aditional work and complexity to your upgrades. Saving a few pennies will cost you dearly.

Oracle should relax Sun's Java Community control grip


Trust is good control is better

Apache Harmony was IBM's attempt to gain control of Java from Sun

Oracle owns now 2 jvm implementations (JRockit),

I don't see any reason for them to do anything to help any IBM backed effort.

Let the fight begin:


Sun sales plummet 30.6% in Q4

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Oracle on Sun is faster than anything IBM has to offer


What IBM, HP should be scared of is not Sun's technology, it is Oracle's sales force ....

Sun cranks clocks on Sparc T2 and T2+


10 petaflop computer will use sparc:

10 petaflop computer will use sparc also known as the world fastest cpu:

The system will adopt Fujitsu's SPARC64™ VIIIfx CPU (8 cores, 128 gigaflops), which is manufactured using the company's 45-nm process technology. As the world's highest-performance general-purpose CPU, the processor offers both performance and energy efficiency, achieving a computational speed of 128 gigaflops per CPU. The inclusion of an error-recovery function(7) also enhances its operability.


Will see:

if they can deliver,

if IBM can keep up.

In case of HP, all it can do is just watch ...

OpenSolaris ported to ARM chips


@TeeCee, back to the kindergarten!

In case you ever bought a "thing" from a store, after you buy it you refer to it as "The Store's thing" or "My thing"?

Virtual BOX is a Sun product and every Sun shareholder owns a piece of it! Get over it!

Microsoft’s Silverlight 3 delivers decent alternative to Adobe


@Matt Bryant

Well the 4GB I freed by uninstalling Silverlight is significantly more than all the JRE's combined on my system ....

Sort installed apps by size, observed Silverlight on top, uninstalled ....

4 GB is significantly more than the 90Mb JRE... or even the 135Mb Acrobat Reader....


Silverlight = Bloatware Vista style

Only need to take a look on how much disc space you can reclaim by uninstalling silverlight :-)

Early Sun middleware fans seek Oracle refuge


Classic BS

Most companies have better things to do than unnecessary migrations....

Oracle hiking licensing prices is as likely as Redhat hiking prices...

The reality is that Oracle is well known to undercut Redhat prices by 50%...

Itanium: 'A special cause for optimism'

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Nobody can stop the X86 train :-)

not even Intel ....

Big Blue shipped Power6+ last fall


@FUD spreaders

Funny how people here like to dis-inform...

Everybody calls the Rock CPU from sun, dead, shelved or whatever .... meanwhile opensolaris got support for this dead processor in snv_100, gets bug fixes for it (http://dlc.sun.com/osol/on/downloads/b111a/on-changelog-b111a.html). Pretty good for a dead processor...

the facts are: as of last week Rock is NOT dead.

@Matt Bryant: get your head out your a**, you might notice that there is other options than HP ...

Oracle brass coax Sun troops with tough love


@Matt Bryant

Matt you showed again that you have no clue whatsoever what you are talking about.

Sun's revenue is not negative you monkey! (http://finance.yahoo.com/q/ks?s=JAVA) (earnings != revenue)

Are you taking analyst reports seriously you monkey? I certainly wish you listened to "star analyst" David Bailey from Goldman Sachs and shorted java in february.

Get your head out of your a**! (you might notice that there are better options than HP! )


Interesting info

Oracle cannot sell the hardware business if they want to reach what they promised their investors.... the hardware business is revenue is significant...

now oracle said:

"When we were considering the acquisition we studied the processor lines and benchmarked things"

I am curious if they benchmarked the Rock CPU, opensolaris gets fixes for those systems, so those systems seem to be alive ....

this quarter must look really bad if sun had to sell itself...

Oracle stares into Sun for storage future


@Steven Jones

As things are right now they are attempting to become another IBM, with better products than IBM though...

Oracle will have no interest in putting ZFS into Linux. They will have a differentiating killer feature, they don't want it to share it with their competition(for free). I What I actually expect to happen is stopping contributions to projects like BTRFS and SystemTAP. As things are right now they will own the original thing ZFS and DTrace, will not make sense anymore to subsidize Linux development.

Oracle is a profitable company, it has no problem shutting off unprofitable projects even if they are their own.

King Larry launches Oracle-Sun combo at Big Blue, Cisco

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@AC Solaris is part of the reason why Oracle acquires Sun

Solaris already has what Oracle tried to add to Linux (BTRFS, SystemTAP).

Oracle will probably start promoting Unbreakable Solaris instead of Linux.

Oracle will continue to contribute to Linux to make sure their applications run well, but I am not sure about their commitment to generic projects like btrfs and systemtap .... since these projects benefit their competition too...

about big blue: "they're much more attuned to the requirements of open source users"? GIVE ME A F*****G BREAK, their only attuned to make PROFITS!!!! As it should be!

Oracle will have a better product than IBM on every layer:

OS: Solaris > Linux +AIX

Platform: JAVA + JRockit > ?

App Server: Weblogic > Websphere

Database: Mysql +InnoDB +Oracle > DB2


This is a big shift in the tech world...

Oracle reels in Sun Microsystems with $7.4bn buy


Oracle vs IBM

Oracle is now like IBM, with better products than IBM though...

on the Linux vs Solaris front:

Oracle was investing in SystemTap and BTRFS that tried to mimic DTrace and ZFS.

Now with ZFS and DTrace in its portfolio that does not make sense anymore...

however adding Dtrace probes to Oracle will make more sense, or optimizing oracle to use zvols for storage might make more sense too....

it will always come down to $ ... oracle will shut down every product that is not making money ...

Jobs Horns

RIP Unbreakable Linux

Long Live Unbreakable Solaris...

@Matt prepare to migrate your Linux boxes to Solaris :-).

Sun begs IBM to come back and talk


More rumors...

just like this one in 1998:


It would be more interesting to know who the heck spreads the rumors, and see maybe he has a grandma in Eastern Europe who traded Sun stock recently ...

Dell chases Sparc shops with migration offer


Migration services... old news

back in time to 2002:


it makes less sense now than it did in 2002...

If you are a solaris shop you have no reason to migrate to Linux.

Linux is technologically inferior, less stable and it is not cheaper.

Solaris is more reliable than Linux even on cheap hardware (thanks to ZFS's end to end CRC)...

Sun software - Does it make diddly?


A few things to Add about Solaris profitability

A key difference between Redhat and Solaris is: DTrace. Dtrace allows support engineers to resolve customer production issues a lot faster than Redhat, there is no need to send the customer debug kernels... This results in better customer satisfaction and reduced servicing costs for Sun.

Another difference is ZFS that architecturally is also more reliable by architecture with end to end checksums and the fact that ZFS is always consistent on disk and thus not requiring FS repairs after a system crash. ZFS clone and snapshot support allows for safe upgrades that can be rolled back safely... This also reduces Sun's support costs.

My point is that at least theoretically Solaris support business can be more profitable then the Linux business...

Solaris still has some catching up to do with the user interface in some areas, but still manages to out-innovate Linux with features like Time Slider ...

The future for sun and its shareholders is not that bleak, if redhat can have a market valuation of 3.5B $ with 0.5B in revenue, Sun with 13B of revenue can certainly do better than its current 5B valuation..

IBM fingered over early Linux mistakes


Anybody thought IBM was in it for another reason?

Of course they are in there to further their interests, however HP and Dell benefit more out of it without contributing much ...

Every vendor contributes drivers, and code that makes Linux run best on their hardware, there is not much interest in contributing something that will benefit everybody (like your competitors).

You only have to look at the "alliance of the willing" developing System TAP where HP and DELL are not present.

Technologies like DTrace and System TAP are amazing profit making technologies. How? they allow the support engineers to resolve customer issues faster. Before these technologies, custom debug kernels needed to be shipped to resolve issues, and that could take days ...

As Sun unravels, it's time for a new suit


@Kevin Hutchinson

RedHat market valuation can change fast (as it did for Sun), remember they have only 0.5 B in revenue, last quarter they managed to grow revenues, however their earnings dropped... they have significant competition from Oracle Unbreakable Linux, CentOS, Solaris who undercut Redhat on price... and Solaris who with ZFS and DTrace is also superior in functionality.... With JBoss they compete at middle ware level with IBM, Oracle, Sun... not a easy task...

Sun biggest problem right now is this takeover uncertainty, they need to do something soon to restore confidence...

Jobs Halo

@Chris, disagree about Open Storage

Just Ask Dave Hitz from Netapp...

Did Sun's total package kill the IBM deal?

Jobs Horns

the Board unanimously rejected the buyout offer

SEM bought the Sun shares for 12+$ a share, they have 2 board members...

Sun has 12B revenues / year and IBM thinks its worth 7B? The market thinks Redhat is worth $4.5B with revenue of 0.5B...

Linux is facing significant presure from opensolaris, it's "loosing mind share" as stated on: http://lkml.org/lkml/2008/10/8/240 and these is from the guys who develop it, and not fanboys...they know more that Matt Bryan :-)

The SEC is looking to reintroduce the uptick rule, that impacts Suns share price and whatever the shareholders will accept from a suitor...

This is not the first time IBM tries to purchase Sun....

This is not over...

IBM-Sun deal breaking down, report says

Paris Hilton

Who knows, maybe somebody else will make a better offer

I would have been quite surprised if somebody else would have not made a bid at least to make things more expensive to IBM. (like Garmin did to Tom Tom). IBM and Sun merging would have changed the market significantly ....

SEM bought Sun in average for more than 12$ a share.. I doubt they would like a 9.5$ a share unless Suns last quarter numbers are horrible(quite likely) ...

I would like an official statement ... all this rumors are definitely not good for Sun..or maybe they were done on purpose to attract another bid? ....

Massive Sun cuts planned as IBM focuses on software trio

Jobs Halo

It's all about HP...

HP's after EDS acquisition is a threat to IBM. And IBM's Open Source "love" will be tested.

With Sun in IBM's hands the competitive landscape changes significantly...

IBM's Linux support does not make so much sense anymore since it strengthens it's competitors HP and Dell, even Red Hat (Jboss vs Websphere).... One example: IBM has engineers in the System TAP team, while HP and Dell have none, does this make sense for IBM? HP and Dell kill IBM in the X86 server market, selling Linux servers without spending money on developing Linux... also Linux will not be needed to undermine Sun anymore...

Apache Harmony will have some problems, it will be hard to justify those IBM headcounts working on that project...(project that beside providing the java libs to Android will become useless to IBM). Apache Harmony will not be needed anymore to undermine Sun, IBM will have everything they need and it will not make sense for them to share it with their competitors...(unless they pay for it)

Sun's products that are not profitable and have no future will be shut down as they should.

Sun Industry influence was a lot larger than its revenue, IBM will benefit tremendously if they are doing the acquisition right. If I would be Cisco,EMC, Oracle or HP I would be worried about a Sun + IBM combo...

These leaks to the press are probably done to bring in another bid ... and frankly they should at least bring one to make the acquisition more expensive for IBM (like Garmin did to Tom Tom's Tele Atlas acquisition...). IBM + Sun is serious competitor...

Gnome answers Linux critics with 'big' vision plan

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Gnome is the UI in opensolaris too

in opensolaris you have a neat Time Slider plugin for nautilus that puts the power of ZFS in the "normal" user's hand.

this one feature is quite inovative and is not present in windows or linux, only mac has something similar called time machine, but it requires a extra harddrive...

What if IBM doesn't buy Sun?

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@David Halko, right on...

Nice to read a comment that makes sense...

Pink slips at Big Blue

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IBM outsourcing Idea

I heard the IBM US workers are offered jobs in India...

Now I have a Idea, Since 2/3 of IBMs revenue comes from overseas, why not relocate IBM management and headquarters to a lower wage country, This way the savings on CEO, VP salaries can be significant, and improve overall margins... Also the added benefit is that the leadership can be closer to the "front" and be able to better do their jobs...

Leadership by example is the only way to lead!

Michael Dell licks chops over Bigger Indigo

Jobs Halo

Who listens to Michael Dell ?

I remember Michael Dell saying about Apple:

"What would I do? I'd shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders,"

Who listens to him? If you do the opposite he recommends you will probably win big...

All Dell needs is something more serious than: http://techreport.com/discussions.x/16606

and you will see people taking another look at sparc...

Indian call centre credit card 'scam' exposed


banks are responsible for all loss

at least in the US:

According to US law, once you have reported the loss or theft of your credit card, you have no more responsibility for unauthorized charges. Further, your maximum liability under federal US law is $50 per credit card -- and many credit card issuers will even waive that fee for good customers.

buying with a credit card is the safest way