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Google patent: THROAT TATTOO with lie-detecting mobe microphone built-in

Tom Westheimer

This has to have come from The Onion or was registered on April 1st ?


Rabid skunks attack US

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Re: "Thought this was a story about our elections"

My first thought it was about our politicians!

Metro breakdown! Windows 8 UI is little gain for lots of pain

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Thanks for a sane review

I was downloading the preview and then I read your article and I realized the echo chamber was in action and cancelled it. That kind if interface for a PC is a step in the wrong direction for sure. I do hope they will strip out the fluff and call it Windows 7.5?

Facebook's new comms: 'our largest ever engineering project'

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FB database

FB is such a slow and awkward interface I can't imagine what 15 engineers can accomplish in a WHOLE year. Since when did a WHOLE year become a long time ?

Logitech V550 Nano wireless laptop mouse

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A better Mouse (trap) for notebooks

I have found that batteries always go dead when you need them so I wanted a small mouse that could be recharged with Bluetooth if possible.

There are desktop mice that have a cradle for recharging but that is too big and clumsy for portability. What I found is a MOGO mouse. It charges in the PC Card slot, has builtin Bluetooth (or comes with a very small BT adapter) and stores in the slot! (I don't work for them but it is an elegant solution)


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