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US raygun jumbo jet now firing live blasts in flight


is it good or evil?

there's one sure fire way of telling, what colour are the lazer beams?

Gordon 'to sacky' Wacky Jacqui


good riddence!

lets hope she loses her pension as well!

Chinese screw sex theme park


come again?

sorry, I'll get me (trench) coat

Viral web infection siphons ad dollars from Google

Black Helicopters

is it me or does anyone else see the hand of...

..Kvnt Eurtgruel in this?

Canonical parks cloud on Jackalope



that had me in stitches! I think someone may have thought a little too much bluesky out of the box!

Phorm director advises UK.gov broadband minister

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cash for prying

oh look, sleaze has just 2.0!!

a nice easy angle for the tabloids then, "phaid to spy on you"

Brussels to sue UK over Phorm failures


I was approached by a senior member of BT at the birth of this greed fueled idiocy...

as I told Mr I.D. of BT at the start of all this:

"I would step away from this it'll ether make someone else very rich or land people in prison for the largest breach of privacy ever recorded"


"the concept of a third party manipulating your internet feed goes against what the Internet is about, the thought of someone "editing" my web browsing is not a good one, have you ever tried to watch Sky? too many adverts"

and I asked:

"what about this part (RIPA) where BT has a right to monitor the communications of its customers to provide a service, could that be deemed consent?"

he replied:

"no that is purely there for the engineers on the street to test the lines, otherwise they'd need gov permission to tap into every phone line on the exchange just to find one fault, BT used to be a gov department and although we still have very close ties we can't be seen to abuse that"

Interestingly a couple of months ago I tracked down my old colleague Mr I.D. and tried to talk to him about this, lets just say he was "a bit busy".

All of the above is true, I've no reason to lie, I was asked to give an honest assumption of what is now BT's biggest hot potato, I gave it. Just a shame they didn't listen eh?

seems there was no such thing as a "smart place" in BT after all.

Nevermind as it looks like chichens are all coming home to roost now.

Google chief lectures newspapers


ah, I get it

the Internet is a series of Bradfords all joined up by a series of tubes, now if only those tubes could know everything there is to know about me then it could limit the things I see to the things that it thinks I want to see. wow

Phorm moves beyond privacy - except when slating rivals

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feature creep?

no mention of the creation of "Internet Editors" or "Direct Stream Injection" Advertising then?


Privacy watchdog barks for federal Gmail probe


safer than storing on your own hdd???

whahahahahah ha hah ahha hah ah hah ahhhhah ahah ah hah hah ah

oh and Chronos, I think "Firefox still periodically attempts to connect to www.l.google.com for no reason when sitting idle." may be that nice little browser search box?

I'd be interested to learn more about your methods of hobbling the googlebeast, it drives me bananas!

Google in Chrome rebetafication



you can get hold of the pre beta beta release via torrent, but as with other browsers functionality that you would typically take for granted is broken but it is to feature a "reach around browsing" feature which will offer a minor distraction from the horrors your PI is getting exposed to behind the scenes. GREAT!

Mathematica man brews 'AI' Google Killer™


forty two?

so given that the internet is just a fad,. will never catch on and is only used for Porn, I also note that Wolfram doesn't really, slide off the tongue, I sense a rebranding! Deep Thought? nah! too "thinky" I kknow, deep throat! perfect, now to was this google outta my hair!

Google clones search ad machine on photo sharer


oh my gawd

"At Google, we're great supporters of experimentation because it's only by trying new things that you discover better, more creative ways to operate,"

three/four words:




UK's privacy watchdog not very bitey

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first the financial institutions

and their patheticly regulated shithouse of cards collapsed leaving everyone to stand around handheld exclaiming "oh shit, our money, why did we trust them?"

next will be our idiot government, standing around going "X thousands of highly sensitive personal profiles have possibly been remotely compromised at a secure BT North London Telecom data aggregation facility, government sources advised that the breached data segment may only be affecting Northern Irish catholic and non-catholic browser segments", No one organisation has yet come forward claiming ownership of the data incursion.

Its good to know the ones holding the keys to pandoras box are gutless, toothless bunch more likely to listen to corporate lobbying than they would savvy members of the public!

Google plugs your surf history into ad money machine

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/close eyes

"I'm fine, I run adblock"

no you're not, you just don't see them!

consider peer guardian.

this is all getting too much too quick, I'm looking forwards to the tabloid press realising that all this Deep Profiling is gonna screw their advertising revenue as greedy company's blow their wad on tracking Jo, John and Diane because they need incontinence pads.

if there is hope it lays with the paroles.

Boffin unveils facial expression-controlled iPod

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agh! my eyes!

what the hell is going on with the "dick tongue"

wrong, so very wrong!

ICO raids and shuts builder blacklist firm


school boy error

they should have "anonymised" the data by changing the spaces between the names to hashes, then to commas then to dashes!

that way they could have built up a profile and kept it for as long as they like!

Last day for anti-snooping petition

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it will make any difference!

UK gov to fund Virgin mothership micro-sat launcher



they should be made to put their old toys away first? how long until metal firms get into the "harvesting" space debris?

Hacker pokes new hole in secure sockets layer


and so a new t-shirt was born

and its legend bore: "encrypt everything"

the warm, fuzzy and open days of the internet are now over, we are standing on the precipice gazing down into a future where wars will be fought, knowledge will truly become power and ignorance will be no defence.

Routing instability causes net traffic chaos

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by some strange co-incidence

certain carriers are playing with methods of wiretapping the entire net!

Satellite-hacking boffin sees the unseeable


A resident in the UK, Laurie says he's careful to obey the country's privacy laws.

While he is able to identify certain traffic as email, for instance, he doesn't actually read the contents of the message. Still, he says it isn't always easy to follow the letter of such laws because they prohibit people from receiving a message if they aren't the intended recipient.

"It's a bit of a quandary," Laurie says. "You can't tell you're not supposed to see that data until after you see it. I can't unsee what I'm not supposed to have seen."

...well as for the privacy laws, I don't think anyone really cares about them anymore, I think its more of a case of "make hay whilst everyone's sat in the dark"

and as for the quandary, that would be the pandoras box that is privacy!

goes to show the utter lack of responsibility involved with corporates and personally sensitive information though doesn't it.

Keep up the good work Laurie!

Mobile operators combine to flog customer data

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I'll stand by and do nothing whilst...

...my privacy gets spitraped by BT & T-mobile then!

It seems the concept of privacy is an unnecessary hindrance to all but the few, what has happened here?

Someone said that the UK was "sleepwalking into a surveillance society" well fuck me, it seems like we've developed a liking for the taste of sugar coated Rohyphnol!

If there's hope it lays with...

..nah bugger it, we're screwed!

Brit, French nuke subs collide - fail to 'see' each other


this would never have happened...

...if they'd all been carrying RFID cards!

UK.gov to tap BT as data harvester

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sealand here we come!!

Police drop investigation into 'rent-a-Lords'



"unclear state of the law on bribery", oh unclear! oh why didn't you say! as you were!


diddly squat?

"Smith claimed her primary residence was a rented room in her sister's London house."

I wonder if her sister has been declaring the tax on that income?

EU threatens 'formal action' against UK.gov on Phorm

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BT, Phorm & The ICO

I sincerely hope that:

BT gets clobbered with a serious fine, the managers & directors are individually prosecuted


Kent Endwhistle gets bankrupted and blacklisted


the ICO resigns without pension.

Jacqui Smith cracks down on gangs via computers, closets

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somebody please

section Jacqui "the fucking deranged sociopath/megalomaniac" Smith before... ..well before any more of this shit is produced! this is our taxes being jizzed out all over this rubbish!

Swindon embraces 4th generation



also currently residing within the Peoples Republic Of Swindon, may I allude that it is being trailed at the Science Museum (Wroughton) as this was the test bed for Intels WiMax trial?

American Stereotype™ walks Google's mean Street View


may I be the first to say


that is all.

Dutch search engine ignores IP addresses

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a step in the right direction

I see that you can also use ssl, more of this please!

now all they need is to offer a descent webmail and I'll migrate (along with my family & friends) over from the googlebeast!

Google G1 successor spied in video?



Is it just me or are people sleepwalking into the arms of the google beast?

google's not a member of your family.

nor is it a personal friend of yours.

their products are not "free" everything costs and with google its your personality profile that your pay with.

Google are already adding face & voice recognition to youtube and its not going to be long until those same processes are added to your calls.

don't believe the hype, remember what the price of this gadget is.

Online advertisers team up on privacy principles

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I've got a great idea...

Lets put the fox in charge of the hen house!

...after all what have you got to lose? well apart from your personal privacy, and its not like these business would be take advantage of the opportunity to build a concise profile of your personality, if it meant that they could charge more eh?

yep the hen house is fucked unless the animals take over.

'Interfering' BT Vision attracts campaigner glares

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its all a bit "Keith Harris & Busby"

I can't help but think that BT seem to have their hands up the backside of too many gov depts.

National Safety Council seeks total* cell-phone driving ban

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don't worry

soon new cars will be fitted with CARHART(tm) this is a small GPS unit which features a cell local proximity cellphone jamming device which engages once the engine be running, this unit also operates as a RFID V5 Tax + MOT certificate as well as carrying details of your insurance payments.

This functionality is to be extended to cover congestion charging & road tolls.

Should your vehicle be stolen its location can be pinpointed immediately by the DVLA who will be operating the OVERLOOK(tm) system.

don't worry, its all for your protection.

Peter Mandelson exerts party discipline in cyberspace

Paris Hilton

I have blogged before...

...it made me feel alone, dirty and used.

Forget Google rationing: Only lighting farts can save the planet

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I'm betting a tenner that both Lewis and Ted have listed giving up smoking as their new years resolutions! :D

Web 2.0rhea hack mistaken for end of universe


I can't help but think..

Ted sounds like he could do with a good poo.

CPS denies support for überdatabase


sounds like a great idea

record every form of communication people have! then store it in:

a safe place(tm)

after all its not like it could ever be hacked or left on a train now is it.

but what a way to undermine peoples trust during a time of war, hack the countries CitizenTap(tm) but then send all that info back to the subjects, then tell them that if they let you take over the country they will destroy all this spyware for good, the new governments gift to the people?


Google Chocolate Factory now building routers?

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all of your internets belongs to us?

the rise of the googlebeast is a genuinely worrying trend, I have absolutely no confidence in their (perhaps ironic) motto and would personally prefer to see a global initiative to "keep advertisers out of the infrastructure" both local and global.

This isn't progress, this is infection. It needs a cure.

A crack in the madness of clouds


If you listen very carefully you can hear the actual clouds:


Nikon D90 digital SLR with HD video recording

Paris Hilton

could some one please tell me...

is the Casio EX-F1 a DSLR?

BT to be freed from service obligations


so cut the cords...

and make BT behave like any other private company, no more fingers in the pockets of ministers?? eh??

I wonder where Lord Carter stands on the Phorm debacle?

Swoopo - eBay's (more) evil twin

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Free Money!

just call this number now 0898 505050*

*calls charged at $400,000.00 per .5 of a second, ensure you get bill payers permission.

Google disguises capitalism as civil rights

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localise and die

edge caching

DPI profiling

a personalised internet experience

improved speeds through our services

Content deemed relevant by ether our algorithms or mechanical turk editors

segmentation & regionalism of the internet

the battle of the backhaul

blah blah blah, abandon the internet, all is lost!

lets make a new one, this ones f**ked!

Mac OS 10.5.6 problems? Apple suggests shampoo


2008 MBP

Wireless has gone back to dropping and scanning ever three minutes, it GETS RIGHT ON MY TITS!

Ohio prof develops CCTV people-tracker 'ware


where do these idiots come from?

James W Davis you are a sick man, here's hoping you get hit by a bus

Jacqui calls Vodafone man to run massive snoop database

Paris Hilton

its for your own safety...

if you've nothing to hide then you've nothing to fear.

Yahoo! mocks Google Privacy Theatre


BTYahoo! By! Any! Means!

they "give" with one hand

and "knock your back doors in" with the (ph)other

mines the one with a link to:


no cookies | no search-term records | access log deleted within 48 hours

on the back!