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India plants flag on Moon

Dick Lovewell


Congratulations India. It's also, according to the ever-accurate(?) Wikipedia the 2nd lightest manmade object on the moon (discounting various individual items left by the Apollo missions), so whilst it is undoubtedly an impressive achievement, their 35Kg probe is a long way short of a 15,000Kg Apollo LM.

A case of one small step for mankind, one giant leap for India, perhaps?

Mine's the one with the ALSEP in the pocket.

US stocks up on semi-automatic rifles

Dick Lovewell
Paris Hilton

@ B

"I guess my point is the high and mighty comments about the barbarians in the States sound a bit ridiculous from a populace who has rolled over and spread their ass cheeks for their government to f' them?"

Sure, the Uk government would LIKE us to spread our ass/arse cheeks to f' us, but so far we have not let them, and at the next General Elextion they are likely to be voted out of power so they cannot introduce those utterly scandalous proposals.

As for your suggestion that all those guns in the US are being used to stop their politicians ganging up on them, whilst that might have been the original intent in the 2nd amenedment, do you seriously believe that is the reason most US guns owners have them today? And is it really worth around 3000 children & teenagers lives?

Why not try going without your "essential" weaponry for a year, and see how many children die, and how many times you get raped and pillaged by your local mayor?

Paris...because even she wouldn't let Gordon Brown spread her arse cheeks and....oh well.

Dick Lovewell

How many people...

...are killed by guns each year in the US? I wonder if just maybe, just maybe, the number of guns in circulation is somehow related to the number of gunshot victims?

"My kid has got as much right to die of a gunshot wound as the next child" seems to be the absurd mantra. Then again, lengthy research into the subject carried out in south Wales concluded that: 'guns don't kill people, rappers do', so maybe they're right?

Mines the one with the white flag in the pocket.

MoD miracle-armoured-vehicle scheme still struggling

Dick Lovewell

"Real long shot"?

"Real long shot"?

"Really long shot", surely. We let our friends across the pond lop "ly" off various words that require one, whilst sniggering politely behind them. In the name of tolerance let's not be pedantic enough to correct them every time, but that doesn't mean it's acceptable for us to repeat the same errors, surely?

Mine's the one with the pedant's guide in the pocket, whilst I wait for somebody to point out a few errors of my own.

Spanish cities surrender to Street View

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Paris Hilton

El Google?

It's great to see El Reg's principled stand against Google sticking innocent members of the public's mugs onto internet by, er, sticking an innocent member of the public's mug up on the internet.

That said, given the apparent narcotic preferences of this woman, and the fact she is in fact just 18 years of age, perhaps the Reg has unwittingly been revealed as being at the forfront of Britain (and Spain's) war on naughty substances?

Paris....because she's not afraid to let her flesh go public.

Blundering workmen cut major Docklands fibre

Dick Lovewell
Paris Hilton

Blundering workmen?

Or blundering planners? The workmen might have been digging exactly where they were told as far as I can tell. Not that I'm a shovels & bum-cracks fan, but it seemed a tad presumptious to blame them just yet.

Paris, because when her hole's being dug she's happy to show everybody the evidence.

Peruvian football team has really bad day

Dick Lovewell
IT Angle


Not sure of the IT angle - or do the brakes constitute "technology"?

Just seems like quite a sad story really.

Canada sex shop heist shafts proprietress

Dick Lovewell

The link for

the 12-page analysis of the Icelandic bank crisis?: www.theyrefucked-werefucked-everybodysfucked.com.

(Or was that the sex shop's url?)

US satellite returns first hi-res snap

Dick Lovewell

@ Anonymous Coward

So, just to clarify: Australia is the country where you can get skin cancer as soon as you step out the door, and Blighty is the place where we can wander between buildings without requiring a large, brimmed, hat, preferably one with cork appendages, in order to avoid having chunks of our skin removed?

Mine's the one with all the gold medals in the pocket, cheers.

Dick Lovewell


Higher res than most satellite images. The higher res images you see on Google Earth/Maps are grom aerial photographs.

Net-stock fraudster Moller offers flying saucer on eBay

Dick Lovewell

British military might bid...

It doesn't look a great deal less airworth than a Nimrod.

Hosting biz-queenpin parachutes Everest

Dick Lovewell
Thumb Up

Apologies for the puerile comment, but...

...that is quite an impressive "rack" s/he's paid for there - none of this size B nonsense.

Anonymous plans zombie Scientology protest

Dick Lovewell

Why the Scientologists?

What have the Scientologists done worse than any other religion? Surely they're all based on mysticism over rationalism so I can't see that one is any less insidious than another.

Mine's the one with the 'Personality Test" equipment" in the pocket.

Right: Which one of you lot invented 'tw*tdangle', eh?

Dick Lovewell
Paris Hilton

Now Show related?

Marcus Brigstocke on Radio 4's the Now Show has long referred to the attention-seeking twat as the "Git Wizard", so I wonder if Twat Dangle has been developed from that idea?

I'm not sure if I want Blaine simply ignored so we don't have to put up with his 8-year-old style showy-offy "look at me!" antics, or if he should be continued to be publicised in order to remind the world what an utter utter twat he is.

And if he's such a tough guy, how comes he's so scared of getting a little pee over himself?

Paris...because she's not scared of making her juices public.

My name really is Ivan O'Toole, admits Ivan O'Toole

Dick Lovewell
Paris Hilton

Real names

I've always been quite happy with mine. None of this 'name of pet and road" rubbish for some of us to come up with their pr0n star name for some of us...

Paris, because her name is more than a name too.


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