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Big Blue urged to open Notes and Domino

Jose Luis Perez
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Let it die

Let me and my 5000 workmates be freed from using the worst piece of software ever created.

Not a single good word across the organization. That surely means something. Sure that IT people are very happy about the server/client capabilities, but it is the end users who actually waste tons of time because of the crap.


How to stop worrying and enjoy paying for incoming calls

Jose Luis Perez
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The analogy with VoIP termination is ridiculous

So if I have an ADSL line and I get VoIP I already pay for termination ? I also pay for e-mail termination then. And I pay for web site termination as web sites are displayed on my PC ...

The journalist has actually blindly followed what some illuminated guy from a mobile operator told him without even questioning what termination fees really mean ...

The next to come with such journalism: SMS termination fees. Because we haven't noticed that even if may not block incoming SMSs we are actually getting them, so it should be considered fair that we pay for incoming SMSs.

Or maybe a radio link termination fee, because we get signaling from the network ...

To Paris, because even she would understand why termination fees are not any good