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3D TV: Avatar or Ishtar?

Matthew Ellison
Paris Hilton

Not true...

If that was the case we'd have had HD-DVD and not Blu-Ray. The vast majority of porn studios sided with HD-DVD due to cheaper production costs. The consumers however sided with Blu-Ray, largely due to the PS3. Gaming did indeed drive the adoption of the last format war, porn did not.

On topic, I went HD for my xbox over 4 years ago, only a few months ago finally signing up with Sky's HD service because my TV region will be last to get Freeview HD in 2 years time. It's the same for the majority of my gaming friends and colleagues. I envisage it will be a very similar approach for 3D games, especially as my PS3 will only require a firmware upgrade, although Sony will probably require payment for it by the time they release it.

Paris because, well it's obvious surely.

Apple Store pillaged in 31 seconds

Matthew Ellison

uncrowded, casual experience??

I have stopped going in to Apple stores due to the fact the staff can't be arsed and every single machine has got some freetard using it as their own personal web access point.

O2 does Apple-flavour customer service

Matthew Ellison

My Ar*e

"We identified the cause of the issue quickly and service was restored"

Yeah so how come I was stuck in San Francisco with no phone service for 36 hours with repeated emails from customer service extending the 'anticipated time of resolution'. It wasn't until a further 48 hours at least before service was apparently restored, I was back in the UK by then.

Absolutely shocking service, they really don't give a toss.

El Reg celebrates 10th birthday

Matthew Ellison

Who cares...

about this crap - where's the Playmobil?

Vista SP1 customers get free support

Matthew Ellison

Worked fine for me

I have an OEM version of Vista Home Premium and SP1 worked fine, although it seems fairly pointless. I did a reinstall of Vista assuming that Windows Update would apply the service pack and then any subsequent fixes. However I had to install all the same fixes and patches that I had installed previously before it would let me apply SP1.

No end in sight for Vista's Long Goodbye

Matthew Ellison

Very Disappointed

I use Vista purely as a media center and I am horrified at the number of bugs in the OS. Applications that don't window when I click the button, but do it the second time. The inability of Vista to reconnect to a network when brought out of suspend. Utterly appalling driver support, admittedly not MS's fault, but directly related to them allowing XP drivers to be used for the RC releases. My performance has halved since moving to Vista, my machine runs 6C hotter...

I could go on.

I will just single out nVidia though as be so far off the mark with their driver support it is untrue. I actually removed my nVidia graphics card and went to the onboard graphics chip to get basic things like a monitor functioning correctly. I now get better performing media center, my monitor doesn't turn off randomly, I can suspend my machine without wondering whether I'll get a monitor when it comes back on. It really isn't good enough at all. (Oh and I ought to point out, these are WHQL certified drivers where nothing works).

Google snubs St George - again

Matthew Ellison

Except you're not...

Because the fancy St George banner you've created is swiftly overwritten by a SUN sponsored one that's all in blue.


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