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Intel touts NAND-killer breakthrough

Gregg Cooke

stop kvetching...

Look, you whiners out there that want the vendors to "just show me the money, sonny" obviously have never worked at the coal face. I have, for virtually my entire career (22 years and counting). It takes time and timing to shepherd a new technology from the lab all the way to the retail store. And big companies and governments share the common trait that they move like snails when it comes to change, so its a good thing the bleeding edge takes time to advance -- it gives folks like me time to prepare the culture and infra to accept the new technology. I rely on El Reg (among many others) to bring me the news of where all these advances are -- good job, Reg!

So quit yer yapping, kick back, soak in the future-looking buzz, and imagine what YOU would do with PCM memory. THEN, TELL INTEL!! How do you think they know which technologies to get behind, which to put on a back burner to cook a bit longer, and which to shelve? Yeah, partly the technology itself tells them...but in great part, its *US*, their potential customers, that tell them. [And for the record, I've been telling them we need PCM memory for a few years now.] Its up to us to look over the technology, understand how it works, see if we can find any potential flaws or drawbacks, imagine how we'd use it, and tell the vendors who are trying to bring these technologies to market.

If you don't -- if you just sit back and kvetch about the news -- then you really can't complain about the speed or capacity of your technology, now can you?

History shaped Google's Trojan Horse

Gregg Cooke

is Chrome early?

The offending EULA language (and its fast correction)...the demo-grade quality of the app...the old security bug left in WebKit....Chrome has all the hallmarks of a product released a little bit ahead of its time. And, yeah, I know Google releases a lot of new stuff via Google Labs thats not fully cooked -- but didn't I see that this all started because someone at Google leaked word of Chrome earlier in the week? I suspect this is a case of a product being just about ready for launch and getting caught with its pants down, so they decided just to go ahead with the launch early. It will be interesting to see if this hurts or helps Chrome.