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Hold onto your pants it's iPad pre-order day

Yasser Nabi
Paris Hilton

Pants! Pants! Pants!

Being in the underwear business around new Apple launches would be pretty profitable..

Paris... Cos she doesn't need underwear.

G20 Summit: All the action caught on camera

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That has to be the best review of the week i have read today :o)

Manuelgate's goth vampire stripper fades from MySpace

Yasser Nabi

RE: RE: missing the point By AC


I salute you... My sentiments exactly. FFS Yesterdays front page on news.bbc.co.uk was all bransrossgate affair, when thousands have been displaced and massacres are occurring in DR Congo. I fed up too my back teeth with the growing celebutard news reporting (and that includes the celebutards in the American election).

At least I have the elReg too fall back on :o)

Dell launches Inspiron 9 mini laptop

Yasser Nabi

Pricing Error?

Looks like dell website has it for £299 without Linux option :( Oh well i was thinking of getting this instead of the eeepc901. No Linux and not cheaper than eeepc901. I think i know what i will be getting now.

Tux all the way!