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Google snubs St George - again

Alex Kinch

Re: Learn from the Irish

So the only reason St. Patrick's Day is popular worldwide is because it's an excuse for a piss-up?

Damn.. and there was me thinking it was something deeper than that. Oh well.. pass the beers, I may be 24 hours late but I have some serious catching up to do in the name of St. George.

Alex Kinch

Well Gavin Morgan..

.. apparently you Welsh folk get announcements in English *and* Welsh at Paddington station on St. David's Day. Not that anyone would notice the difference as you usually can't hear what they're announcing anyway.

But yes. Jolly bad show chaps re: . St. 'Sun is having a big sale cos they're 25 years old' -'s Day hasn't got the same ring to it..

Milton Keynes: world centre of porn and sex

Alex Kinch

Eugene, Oregon: world centre of El Reg?

Try searching for 'The Register' instead. Apparently Eugene in Oregon is the world centre for El Reg. London comes a lowly fourth, and there's a shock entry at number 9 from Thames Ditton.


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