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Google to NASA: Open source will not kill you

Martyn Ranyard

Practice what you preach?

Being an opensource advocate is one thing, I applaud the stance, but on the heels of the "not open, yet!" announcement, is extremely bad form.

There are small tablet manufacturers out there who won't get android 3.0 because their tablets have 2.2 and because they are not in "the gang" - and teams of experts over on xda who want to get working on it too but can't.

So really, if I were NASA I'd be saying to google "sort your own backyard out before telling us ours is a mess."

T-Mobile imposes swingeing cuts on fair use data limits

Martyn Ranyard


So, this is in response to 3 throwing fair use away? Makes me wonder if they're trying to kill T-mobile and stick only with the Orange brand.

Oz bottle shop falls for 'double your money' scam

Martyn Ranyard
IT Angle

The Real Hustle

Sounds like a variation of the "blacked banknotes" that was demonstrated on the bbc show "the real hustle" - getting people to buy wads of black paper that when washed in a certain solution would revert to full banknotes!

It's amazing how much greed can blind people.

Have to point out the lack of IT angle though.

Senator saves YouTube from al Qaeda

Martyn Ranyard

Hang on, tautology?

So you can't educate potential terrorists... unless ..."Any depictions like these should be educational or documentary"... Well, sounds like google's TOS team are as clever as the people who claimed ownership of content posted via their browser.... oh.... wait, that was google again wasn't it?

NASA mulls nuclear Moon reactor

Martyn Ranyard

This has already will happen(ed)

Temporal mechanics makes my head hurt, but H.G.Wells said they blew up the moon....

Burned by Chrome - Fire put out

Martyn Ranyard
Dead Vulture

Interesting scenario

(IANAL) Even though the wording isn't watertight, that doesn't really matter, because then it's down to interpretation, that said, if you interpret Chrome as a google service, here's an interesting one :

Purchase something online via an ssl link, well google now has the right to copy your card details and CCV, address, all that good stuff...

...scared yet?

Oh and yeah, thanks to that commenter the other day, I too am scroogling :-)


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