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Feds tell court: Apple 'deliberately raised technological barriers' to thwart iPhone warrant

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Re: We've seen that already

Except as far as I can recall at the Moscow Theatre most of the deaths where due to a 'chemical' weapon based on a narcotic which the special forces released into the theatre which dulled the senses. except the concentration got to high and people died of it, partially because it was secret so the SF didn't tell the medics what was going on.

Playboy fined £100k by Blighty watchdog for FLASHING SMUT at kids

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Re: Its never the parents fault eh?

so basically thats saying its ok to punish someone for not knowing the age of the person - which always seemed wrong to me and at the same time not punish the underage person who knows full well he's commitining an offense - its got so bad here that my wife who is 34 years of age needs to carry her passport to buy alcohole etc.

Take a number, says new social network

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Re: I am not a number. I am a free man!

you beat me to it - only went into the article to say it.

That new 'Microsoft GCSE': We reveal what's in it

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For what its worth i think it really does not matter what langauge they get taught at this level of education just as long as they are taught one - which currently they are not. When i did my computer qualifications at O level i did it on Pet basic after that i used BBC basic Ada and even a bit of cobal. however i have never used any of these commercially but am still working as a programmer.

Irish national telco gets 100 days to escape €4bn debt hell

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Re: The sheer wealth of hate I feel for Thatcherism knows no bounds

and exactly what has this to do with Thatcherism? this is a southern Irish company in southern ireland! its there equivalent of BT

Chinese military contractor hits back at hacktivist Hardcore Charlie

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Re: OK, so lemme get this straight...

Except just perhaps they are thinking in terms of slander or lible in which case they can insist that there is no hack - and take legal action.

London Transport plans Oyster bypass

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Re Oyster

maybe great from your perspective, but i have an oyster card that i havnt used for two years for myself and my wife, both of which probably had a balance on them. the system is not designed for the likes of myself who dont go into london that often.

Whitman accused of hypocrisy over servants

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Sounds familier

Strangely enough a minister of the last labour goverment who announced new measures in the house for cracking down on employers who had not checked the immigration status of employees was also caught with an illegal maid. Even worse she claimed it was a mistake, even though she had not got photo copies of the relevant documents, which was the main requirement of the law that she had introduced. Somehow she got off whic is even worse.

Advertisers set iPad pester-standards

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of course

you opt in by buying it.

Samsung warns over malwarey Wave smartphones in Germany

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Are you sure

i think you mean by an infected machine, unless we can now get virus's from uninfected machines?

Stephen Hawking both British and not dead

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people over the border

My Dad used to work for Irish shipping, and tells me the back in the day women would come into Britain on ship to take advantage of our health service to have there baby as they would have had to pay at home. So its a problem we have always had over here.

ironically the women concerned where fairly wealthy American's coming over on cruise ships.

Royal Navy warship almost fires on UFOs

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Dont know where you get the idea that the Kryten gun is a WWII design. its actually based on the abbot from the 60's. but only called the Kryten after a redesign in the 80's.

after all WWII guns had manned turrets, this ones automated.

Expenses row MPs warned to change cash card PINs

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Re Breach of Data protection act

Well if it is a breach then it was also a breach when the inland Revenue sent all that data on a CD, and lost it. Strange how the Goverment seems so upset when its there details isn't it.

UK.gov delays new data breach powers

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I wonder if that means they have a few other data breeches to tell us about, and where scared about getting clobbered by there own new rules.

NHS study produces ejector-seat ambulance design

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i think what they forgot to mention is the next stage.

after the person has been ejected from the ambalance, they have to send 2 more out to deal with him, and the original accident. not sure what the point of asking art students to design something like this was, unless it was to prove that they should stick to art?

Pirate Bay prosecutor argues for one year prison terms

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Sauce for the goose

umm, perhaps in the interest of fairness, if a firm of solicotors make an incorrect claim of file sharing piracy, they should also face a year in jail? seems a bit rich that they can make unsubstatiated allegations and effectively demand money with menaces, and get away with it.

Microsoft disables automatic IE 8 downloads

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Microsoft helping developers?

@ nobby

umm lets see, Microsoft could either do some work and save developers a load of grief, or expect developers to fix the problem. Standard Microsoft attitude seems to be to let the developers deal with it.

Google's Austro-Hungarian ambitions laid bare

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I think the V3 was a super gun