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Half Life 2 used for firefight fire drill

Paul Norton

Leaving them to burn

Nice to see in the demo vid that whenever a fire is encountered, the door is left wide open to allow the fire to spread.

Facilitating the deaths of coworkers is one way of getting a promotion, I guess?

Motorola unplugs Cambridge TTPCom unit

Paul Norton

Dei Gratia Regina Fidei defensor

Our Cambridge was here first, hence there's no need to specify.

And learn to speak and write English properly. Bloody revolting Yanks.

Cup o'tea?

LEDs replace hands in bonkers Japanese watches

Paul Norton

Geek toys

Not wanting to upset the good folks at "Cash n Carrion"


but my favorite place for such kit is ThinkGeek.com

Particularly stuff like their clock that shows the time on LEDs in binary coded decimal:


Barclays' chip and PIN readers will work for other banks

Paul Norton

platform independence?

Hopefully this means that we'll be able to use the system from any operating system. If it was a usb plug-in module with only windows drivers available, I'd be trying to avoid it for as long as possible because I'd rather use internet banking from my linux PC than from the family windows PC even with a PINsentry.


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