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Senators urge US trade watchdog to look into whether Tesla may just be over-egging its Autopilot, FSD pudding


Common sense and responsibility

I drive a Tesla myself and use the autopilot a lot. And it is nothing more than traffic-aware cruise control and lane assist. And yes it is called Autopilot. If I want to be able to engage it, I have to activate the option, which clearly states 'beta'.

Each time I engage this function I am reminded to keep my hands on the wheel at all times. If I do not have my hands on the wheel, after 15 seconds I get a visual warning, which will increase in frequency and change from blue to red, before screaming warnings, and eventually, the car will slow down and get to a complete stop (I have tested this to see what happens).

So you have to actively bypass the system, hanging something on the steering wheel or put weight on your seat, or whatever some morons put on Youtube to get yourself into serious trouble. But hey, people put hamsters in their microwave until it was added to the manual they shouldn't..........

This issue is about advertising the system as Autopilot. But since when can we trust advertising?? ABS braking systems do not prevent accidents but are boasted as a safety feature nonetheless.

Thief hands back at least a third of $600m in crypto-coins stolen from Poly Network



How come they are able to track this 'heist' and cannot track bitcoins that are paid for ransomware?

Dutch cheesed off with Russians, expel four suspects over chemical weapons Wi-Fi spying



Is it just a coincidence that Gru is an evil villain in a movie with a lot of stupid minions

Dell forgot to renew PC data recovery domain, so a squatter bought it


How do domain names expire?

How is it possible to let a domain name expire (unnoticed). I administer a lot of domain names for customers and they NEVER expire. They are automatically renewed (for .com domains I receive a notification of renewal) and I have to actively terminate them. This is the second time this week I read about this:



Commonwealth Bank: Buggy software made us miss money laundering


All checks failed, why cry now

It is one thing that within the bank controls failed. Buy the regulator also took 3 years to spot the issue? They also should have been surprised that (only) one bank had no large deposits. So they have to review their own checks and in my opinion have no ground to put up a fine at all.

EU U-turns on mobile roaming fees: No 90-day cap after all


Bying the cheapest SIM is exaclty the point!

Of course we are all going to buy our SIM at the provider in the country where it is the cheapest. In my opinion this is exactly the purpose of the 'one market'. This will force providers to adjust their pricing, that's how the market should work. This is already the case for so many other products. So in my mind it is ludicrous that : "In the latest proposals telcos operators will be allowed to question customers whom they suspect are buying a cheap sim card in one country and using it in another country with higher phone bills."

Microsoft tests HALF-INCH second screen to spur workplace play


April fools?

I hope this is all about April fools (either too early or too late.....)

VPN security - if you want it, come and get it


simple way to set up VPN server

The client side is free, for the server side there is a cheap solution. Buy an old linksys broadband router an flash it DDwrt firmware. Upload the encryption keys and of you go. I admit, it is not simple but is worth the effort for secure (inter)networking.


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