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How the HTTPS-snooping, email addy and SSN-raiding HEIST JavaScript code works


Re: As a client, there is not much you can do.

Rather than that, why not just add some random strings to each page in HTML comments? If they are varying lengths, the page will be a different size each request.

UK.gov to unveil reborn, renamed net-snoop plans in Queen's Speech



Is it time for everyone to start sending emails with trigger words to MPs to try and flood the system?

I'm always interested when government tells us to be open and not to fear if we have nothing to hide - but then puts walls, barriers and laws up to make sure we can't read their documents, even though we the people paid for them...

Steve Jobs' death clears way for Apple-Android peace talks


Was I the only one...

...to read the sub-head as "iPad maker and rivals to patent negotiation table"?

North Wales Police institute new happiness law



Armed Response Vehicles are advised by ACPO to display a retro-reflective yellow dot on them (sides, rear, roof) so they can be distinguished from normal traffic cars by other plods.

Seems strange to identify them, and then claim that identifying them could be dangerous to security...

Too-tall terror snapper stopped by cops again


Photograph a copper

Anyone on the face book interwebs thing might be interested in this group encouraging people to photograph the police as a fsck you to them:


Big Brother


There was a phrase I once heard that I was told was the founding block of English law:

_something_ until proven guilty

I've forgotten what the first bit is though* - can anyone remind me?

*it sounds like Kent Police have forgotten it too...

Kent Police clamp down on tall photographers


How about...

We all start taking pictures of every police officer we see? If enough people do it, they are likely to get bored arresting everyone. If they do arrest everyone, all those complaints to the IPCC are likely to get something happening.

Microsoft guns down 13 unlucky products



So business is bad enough to ditch these products, yet they can still waste millions on re-branding Live search into Bing Decides (or whatever it is). Maybe it would be a good idea for them to forget online (they haven't been good at any of it - IE, HoTMaiL, Live, etc. is all crap), and work on getting Windows good. But I get the feeling egos are involved...

Bee Gees belter may help cheat death



The NHS has been using 'Nellie the Elephant' for years for exactly the same purpose (you just have to remember to do it twice now each time)...

Google releases open source browser



Is this not just Opera with a Google sticker on it?