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Samsung's bantam SSD makes WD's 'passport' drive look passé

Mark Lewis

$200 for a blue case?

So an extra $200 for a blue brushed finished case? really?

Uneasy rest the buttocks on the iron throne. Profits plunge 14% at Sky UK and Ireland

Mark Lewis

I left them a while ago, far too expensive for a lot of channels that never get watched. A la Carte is what's needed, but not at F1 prices!

Microsoft wants to lock everyone into its store via universal Windows apps, says game kingpin

Mark Lewis


UWP does not support multiple GPU's, games don't run full screen and your new 100hz monitor? Forget it, your limited to 60hz.

UWP is only for the lowest common denominator.

iGoogle personalises personal pages on other people's behalf

Mark Lewis
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It looked great on my 24" monitor, the only problem is I mainly use a laptop with a 15" screen. The changes made it pretty much unusable


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