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Apple pilfers rips off student's rejected iPhone app

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The idea is obvious

And anyone could have told the developer that Apple was working on something like this. There is no legal case here, and I'd argue there is no moral case either.

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Unlikely the logo was stolen

Apple has hundreds of thousands of apps in its store. And its graphic design team is totally separate from the app review team. The fact that the app was rejected means it is LESS likely that the icon design people saw it (and could therefore copy it).

My guess: its sheer coincidence they are the same. The wifi symbol and the sync symbol are both ubiquitous. And combining them is highly generic.

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Big difference

The concept of a touchscreen-only, grid of icons OS did not exist in any meaningful way before Apple created it. Android ripped it off wholesale in 2008, and Samsung skinned it into a blatant ripoff.

Wifi sync was a well known and ubiquitous concept for years before this developer put out his app. At Apple's scale, it takes years of planning to implement big things like cloud syncing -- so just because they had not implemented it YET does not mean it was not in the works (Android already had it after all).

What sealed Nokia's fate?

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Qt pipedream

There is a lot of fantasy behind the Qt migration story. The UI for a multitouch, capacitative touchsceen is very different from an old-school resistive Symbian smartphone screen (just as it is very different from a mouse/keyboard app on a traditional PC). The idea that you could code once and run elegantly on both without major rework was wishful thinking. (Another reason Elop was right to finally call time of death on Symbian.)

Google mocks Jobs with Flash on Android

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Several steps behind?

Android device sales are now around 100,000 per day. iPhone sales are at around 95,000 per day ( they sold 8.75m in the most recent quarter). So which one is 'several steps behind'..? Android used to be behind but now it is ahead, and accelerating away. This is looking like Windows vs Mac in the 1980s all over again.

Vodafone says termination rate clampdown would hit the poor

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US is now better than UK for mobile

I'm a Brit living in New York, and can confirm that the US system is now much better than the British one. Even though you have to "pay for incoming calls", you get so many minutes (often 1000s of them) for such a cheap price that you never need worry about the number of minutes you have left. And the US now has unlimited 3G data packages for a good price too.

You can get a cheap plan (like Sprint's 'SERO' plan) for $35, with 500 minutes and unlimited 3G data -- far less than a UK minutes + data plan. There are now 'unlimited minutes' plans for $99 -- and the Sprint one also includes unlimited data, SMS and ringtones etc.

Can you get a truly unlimited plan in England for 55 pounds?


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