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Nokia flogged 4m Lumias, still bled €826m this quarter

Martin Harnevie

Despite zero promotion, Symbian still outselling Windows Phone

The important news is: Despite zero promotion, Symbian still outselling Windows Phone one and a half year after Symbian was pronounced *dead*.

Speed of execution doesn't matter when the strategy is suicidal.


Dumb salesmen are hurting us – Nokia CEO

Martin Harnevie

Symbian Belle grows 4 times faster than Windows Phone 7.5

Contrary to Elop's claims, Nokia's recent sales figures tell quite clearly that Symbian Belle grows at least 4 times faster than Windows Phone 7.5.

As so many people suggest, he seems to have vested interest in badmouthing Symbian no matter what.

Does the recent claims mean that Nokia's distribution network are 4 times smarter when it comes to Symbian Belle than with WP 7.5?

I clear sighted and *OS-neutral* CEO would invest in more Symbian Belle devices since that's where Nokia's growth is.

Martin Harnevie

Belle is growing 4 times faster than WP

You're perfectly correct.

Furthermore, take a look at Elop's sales figures. Belle is growing 4 times faster than WP.

Old guard storms boardroom at ailing Lenovo

Martin Harnevie

The button swappers will all fold

Those notebook manufacturers which have swapped the 'Fn' and 'Ctrl' buttons, i.e. 'Fn' in the left corner, will, like Lenovo, rapidly lose market share the coming years. As the average typing skills of the world's population are increasing, the need to reduce typos grows, and hence the need for consistent keyboards grows.

Likewise, those notebook manufacturers that have employed the intuitive 'Fn'+'Arrow' for 'Pg Up', 'Pg Dn', 'Home' and 'End' will be the most successful over time.

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic touchphone

Martin Harnevie
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Wise move to continue with S60 on Symbian for touch screen phones

Contrary to the above commentator, I think it's the wisest move by Nokia to base the new touch screen phones (5800, N97 etc) on the S60. This will make it familiar to the largest phone user community in the world. It's far better than, for the sake of 'innovation', come up with something different.

I would think it's far more a concern for Nokia to be compatible with its large user base, than being worried about binary compatibility, which is really a non-issue.

Some other factual errors of the above commentator should also be pointed out. Symbian was designed for touch-screen from the outset, it's not something bolted on. The first Symbian device ever, back in 1996, was a touch screen device and the very first Symbian phone, the Ericsson R380, was a touch screen device.

I would also argue that far more innovations have been first launched on a Symbian phone than any other OS in the market.

Windows Mobile 6 blamed for Xperia X1 woes

Martin Harnevie

go back to Symbian

If this device had been on Symbian it would be in the shops by now. That's not saying Symbian doesn't have bugs, but at least it's a proven powerful OS for similar devices, e.g. Nokia's E90, 9300 etc.


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