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Sex offenders will get a review – after 15 years


@ Franklin

"If you really think that we're talking about "peadophiles and rapists," you're not paying attention."

No, it is you who hasn't paid attention.

"There is no centrally held register of sex offenders in the UK, but the Home Office says the system of notifying the police is commonly known as the sex offenders register." (source: BBC news - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-12476979).

There is no official sex offenders register in the UK. What we are referring to here are people who have served 30+ months in prison for serious sex crimes, and have to register with the police every day for the rest of their lives. There will obviously be failings in the system and people will have to be on the 'sex offenders register' when they don't deserve to be, but Mr. bicycle shagger, and people who 'take a whiz' in the middle of the night are unlikely to have served 30+ months in prison for their crimes, are they?


Re: Why...

"...people who were convicted of a very wide range of things they may not actually have done..."

To have to register for life with the police in the first place, they have to have served 30 months in prison (or more) for their crime. Obviously there are people on the 'register' who have done nothing wrong, but that can be said about thousands of people who have served prison sentences for various crimes. This was not my point. If someone has served 30 months or more in prison for a sex crime, it is not likely to be because they are a 'curtain-twitcher'



...don't the government just tell the Supreme Court to go and fuck themselves with a large stick on this occasion?

These are peadophiles and rapists we're talking about here, the worst kind of criminal in my book. Even if it is possible to rehabilitate someone of this persuasion (something that is very difficult to prove), the fact they have committed a crime of this nature in the past should be reason enough to at least keep tabs on them.

Radiohead goes out on a limb with 'newspaper album'


I Suspect

They will probably do this a few months after the digital/ mail order release (they did it with InRainbows).

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Newspaper Album

May be a reference to a joke made by Jimmy Carr, something along the lines of Radiohead planning to give away their next album with the Mail on Sunday (I think this was a twatter comment).

£30 may sound a lot, but as it's been over 3 years since the last one, and considering all you get (2 clear vinyl records, CD, digital download, large artwork and 625 pieces of 'tiny' artwork), I think it's well worth it.



Looks like...

...another case of the top execs of an inferior publisher/ dev studio looking at a successful masterpiece of a game such as Motorstorm: Pacific Rift and saying "make me one of those" (which still, 3 years on, is excellent online and has no shortage of players).

I agree with Drunk Junkie: wait for the next Motorstorm. Thanks for the review.

O2 to raise broadband prices by up to 27%



Good job they cut me off a couple of months ago for 'exceeding their fair use policy' on their supposedly 'unlimited' package

Dodged a bullet there...



They reserve the right to change their terms and impose a 40Gb a month limit, even on old 'unlimited' packages as I had for 3 years. Going over this limit 3 times (53Gb for me on the third occasion) results in termination.

Sony Ericsson confirms PlayStation phone

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If only...

I wasn't just 8 months into my 2 year bloody phone contract. Whatever happened to the 12 month contracts of yesteryear?


BBC apologises for Top Gear outrage

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Ha ha

"jet car pilot par excellence Richard Hammond"

Love it

Mexico demands apology for Top Gear outrage

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The Mash did this better


"...Hammond should have said a Mexican car would be full of cocaine and you would eventually find bits of it hanging from a bridge"


Google founder sinks $45m in toy boat


I could have bought two of those boats...

...I just didn't want to. So nur nur.


iPAD, KINDLE, all tablets and slablets MADE OBSOLETE



"This is one of those classic bits of tech (like flying cars and wristwatch phones) that are regularly announced as going to change the world in a few years.... yet never actually materialize."

Wristwatch phones have been around for several years.... :


£180 7in Android tablet launched



Here's a similar model for under £110. 1GB storage and 800MHz CPU as opposed to 2GB and 1GHz, but a hell of a lot cheaper:


Virgin Media set-top box modder gets 5 years


@oh dear

Think that's bad? This guy got LESS time than the Virgin employee for stabbing and killing someone:


Gotta love our judicial system eh?

Naked German women evade Swedish chopper


@pics or it didn't happen

"...The naturist trio, aged 40, 50 and 56..."

Really? You still want pics..?

Virgin Media to trial filesharing monitoring system


Dark times indeed...

On top of this news, I just wandered over to Mininova. It seems someone has 'got to' them, as they are now only hosting "content distribution" torrents. Browsing the music section brings back a grand total of just 5253 torrents!

Dark days....

Theatre draws veil over naked Anna Friel

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For those too lazy....

...to do a bit of worthwhile research:


Big thumbs up from me!

Pirate Bay judge cleared of bias by Swedish appeal court



"The court has come to the conclusion that none of these circumstances, neither alone nor together, means there is doubt on whether the judge was objective," the court said in a statement.."

WHAT? Exactly how did they come to that conclusion? This can be likened to world cup football matches. There is a reason the referees are chosen from a neutral country to both teams playing; someone NON-BIASED is presiding over the event.

The affiliation with the pro copyright group added to the fact of the mickey mouse prosecution case and all the mistakes that were made early on, it's hard to believe there is still a case here at all. There's something very odd about all of this...

NASA licences rat-wee based astronaut sports drink


Just wondering....

How exactly do they extract the piss from the rats....?

Competition Commission scuppers Capita takeover



"This would allow the company to hike prices unfairly or reduce service levels."

How can Crapita's service levels be reduced any further? What a fucking joke

Google to fund 'video Street View' for Central London


The Google machine

"Basically, it shouldn't be about surveillance at all, it should be about sharing. That's when we got the call from Google - it was almost as if they'd been listening to our meetings."

Did anyone else experience a chill running up their spine and some very loud ringing alarm bells in their head when they read this...?

Irish boffins tackle cow-fart ecopocalypse with fish oil

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ha ha ha ha ha

"She and her team of top Irish guff boffins....."

Bloody brilliant...

German Mickey Mouse radio snoops on cops


Icelandic two-headed sheep?

That sounds like a much better story. I want to see that....

Dragons' Den winner infringed own patent, IPO rules

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@ Heff

"Give it a fucking rest, you're showing your age"

Would be a valid point. Except I am only 23.....

While there never was a 'standard' English language, there were always rules and syllabuses in place in order to guide people in the teaching and use of it. Nothing wrong with griping over a personal pet hate of how these rules are now being ignored our language is dwindling and dumbing down ever closer to that of the Orwellian 'newspeak' now is there...?

You could have saved yourself some physical exertion in the way of typing and a fairly large rant, had you not made the assumption that I was an oldie.


@Colin Millar

It only appears in dictionaries as it is has unfortunately become an over-used slang word. Dictionaries can't be trusted nowadays, as they contain many slang words and phrases just because they are widely used in our ever-declining pop culture. They don't have to be real words to appear in there any more. A prime example of this is 'meh', which was added to the Collins English dictionary after featuring in 'The Simpsons' and being adopted by text-happy scrotes and scallywags across the nation.

So nur nur

(note: 'nur nur' does not currently feature in any of the major dictionaries)



Irregardless is a double negative and not a goddamn word!

Consider yourself bitchslapped and sent to the corner to think about what you have done.


Daily Telegraph hit by SQL hack attack



Surely one of the best names in the nistory of the world...?

Etailer flogs signed Jade Goody biog for £1,000

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Just hurry up and get on with it

I have known many people (several in my family) who have suffered and died of various forms of cancer. They have all lived as dignified a life as possible, right up to the end. What jade is doing is terrible - frowning into every camera for every magazine and every newspaper that will listen and saying 'feel sorry for me, give me money'. Walking into my local newsagents nowadays is horrible - you can't get away from her. Exactly how will this help her boys? Teaching them that you don't have to work, get an education or try to earn a respectable living in any way, shape or form to get by - just sell your soul, dignity and every shred of respect you ever had and you can coast through life without giving a shit.

How much money can she be making? Whatever it is, the governement will take 40% up front in super tax while she's alive. Then after she pops it (assuming she actually does and that she doesn't make a 'miracle recovery' and this all turns out to be a media stunt) the government will take 40% of whatever's left in their ingenious 'inheritance tax'. So those kids will have maybe a few hundred grand to squander on booze and drugs when they reach 18, and won't have the instilled appreciation for the value of money or morals to spend it wisely. Nice one.

Jade should go and visit a Christies ward to learn how to behave. There are young kids in there with more dignity and self respect than her. And good on the etailer selling her book - give her a taste of what she's doing to the nation

Debt collection can be harassment, rules court

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Up yours, Bastard Gas.

They did exactly the same thing to me - sent me a string of nasty letters and even bailiffs for a previous tennants' bill. I called them several times, each time being reassured by some useless, foreign call centre drone, barely able to form a coherent sentence, that the letters would stop. Instead they put my name on the previous tennants' bill, in effect creating 2 accounts under my name for the same address. And then sent round the bailiffs when I refused to pay.

Good on you Lisa Ferguson! May there be many more people who take a leaf from your book and bring this robbing behemoth of a corporation to its knees.

Fugitive VOIP hacker cuffed in Mexico


There's a piece missing from this story

"Pena routed the calls through the hacked networks to prevent the telecommunications companies from detecting the true source of the traffic"

How the hell did they find out?

Birmingham drops the possessive apostrophe


Tense Grammatical Debate

"tense grammatical debate"......? In Birmingham.......?!

Surely, a prerequisitie of being able to conduct a tense grammatical debate would be possessing the power to speak coherently in the first place....

Microsoft's Automatic Update - the way to browser competition?


Blah blah blah

We could go over the old "Microsft have been very naughty by bundling IE with Windows" crap once again, but what would be the point? Look where it got Netscape.....

Microsoft have the legal representation one would expect from a loviathan company of 100 000 employees and the scruples of a candy-from-baby-stealing, murderous rapist, and no amount of court battles will stop them from doing what they do best.

So stop bitching Opera, and beat them at what they aren't capable of doing: INNOVATING. Having used opera I can safely say this will be an alien concept to you, but it's got to be worth a shot.....

Backup firm sues Intel, Microsoft, HP, Dell, Acer...

Paris Hilton

Sorry, it's Friday....

Ha ha, 'Wang'.....

My apologies. I've already checked out for the weekend.

Paris because I STILL can't get over or believe her 'only two guys' comments....

Now Hollywood is chasing UK downloaders


Woah, TV Show....?

In the UK, it is legal to record a TV show and keep it for up to 30 days. Indeed, Sky+ (I believe the American equivalent is TiVo) allows you to do just that. It is also legal to go round to a friend's house, record a TV show and take it back home to watch at your leisure.

Why, then, is it illegal to download a TV show onto your PC? What proof do they have that the show was indeed the file it claimed to be, and that it was still on the PC in question after the 30 day limit?

Does this mean that anyone in America who recorded the show on their TiVo box will be getting a nasty letter as well?

And yes, I concurr: Tiscali are a complete bag of shite who could not organise a piss-up in a brewery